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Brake Repairs Shops

brake repairs shops

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This is why I want disc brakes

This is why I want disc brakes

I'd felt the rims were going a bit concave, but what really made me stop riding this wheel was when the rim suddenly started rubbing on the brake pad without the wheel really seeming to go massively out of true. Some bikegeek OS flag went from 'you need to get that sorted out sometime' to 'stop riding that. Now'.

Thank f*ck I listened to that and changed to a spare wheel (Look, master, I have conquered the way of the chain whip, what next?) because when I had a good look at the rim there was a crack in the braking surface (bigscarycrack1) and the underneath (bigscarycrack2). [Sorry, I guess I should know the technical terms for these parts. Mea culpae, cycloinquistadores)] The crack in the underneath seemed to show signs of corrosion/oxidation on the cracked surfaces so it had probably been there for a while.

The wheel has done about 6,000 miles through several winters, and V brakes are well known for rim wear so this isn't really a shock. It is a reminder to have a peek underneath the rim tape once in a while, and check rims for wear too.

So, that's 2008 cyclescheme bike budget settled then.

Brake Van Interior

Brake Van Interior

This nearly recreates one of my favourite illustrations from a Thomas book. The implied cosiness of a brake van in winter, with the stove going and cocoa simmering away! Reality would be somewhat different checking on the train, swaying from side to side, noisy etc.

Brake Vans were needed to assist the locomotive in braking force for trains composing of stock that was either unbraked or had limited braking. A skilled job requiring knowledge of the route being travelled.

brake repairs shops

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