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Delta Single Handle Shower Faucet Repair

delta single handle shower faucet repair

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Delta Queen cleat

Delta Queen cleat

This was shot on the steamboat Delta Queen in the fall of 1973 on a trip from Saint Louis to Saint Paul. We are in a lock. There are moorings in the lock which rise in tracks as the water comes in to lift the boat. This crewman had the task of attaching the line to this sliding mooring and the massive cleat on the side of the boat's bow.

When the Delta King and the Delta Queen were built for the San Francisco to Sacramento service, the foredecks were clear and open to the sky. The refitting of the Delta Queen after WWII made it look more like a Mississippi boat with decks projecting to the bow, covering the foredeck. This shot thus has light coming down the narrow slot between the boat and the lock wall.

Yashica-Mat G.

single study part 1 001

single study part 1 001

Singles study part 1 On the plastic are singles spun to be stretched, and over spun singles to be stretched. The bobbin is regularly spun singles (as if to ply) The swatch is of over spun single.

delta single handle shower faucet repair

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