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Authorized Hp Repair Center : Repair Copper Pipe Pinhole

Authorized Hp Repair Center

authorized hp repair center

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The Authorised Graffiti Area - The Tunnel

The Authorised Graffiti Area - The Tunnel

"Authorised Graffiti Area" "The Tunnel" this is an amasing experience, as you go through and meet different people from the world, carrying out some amasing pieces of artwork which may last hours or days. It is about time Londoner's, visitors where able to express their feelings in art form. Unfortunately graffiti artists, tagger are still aware of problems; as I was questioned by some artists "Are you BTP?!" and they moved on? as I was not sure what they where talking about I asked and they said "British Transport Police!!" "No" I Said. "I am an abstract artist and think graffiti is great with color design and expression!" "thats alright mate you r one of us, then!!"

Authorised Graffiti Area

Authorised Graffiti Area

No authorised smile areas, however

authorized hp repair center

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