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Free download carnatic instrumental music - Nylon string classical guitar.

Free Download Carnatic Instrumental Music

free download carnatic instrumental music

    instrumental music
  • Most of the scores of these works are deposited in the University of Laval archives and /or in the library of the Semaire du Quebec.

  • music intended to be performed by a musical instrument or group of instruments

    free download
  • Chamaerops No. 42 can be downloaded for free to intruduce the new layout and size to our visitors

  • No cost to download, but may cost to use, details

  • (Free downloads) In computer networks, to download means to receive data to a local system from a remote system, or to initiate such a data transfer. Examples of a remote system from which a download might be performed include a webserver, FTP server, email server, or other similar systems.

  • Of or denoting the main style of classical music in southern India, as distinct from the Hindustani music of the north

  • The Carnatic coast is the region of South India lying between the Eastern Ghats and the Coromandel Coast, in the modern Indian states of Tamil Nadu, south eastern Karnataka and southern Andhra Pradesh.

  • Of, or from the region/state of Karnataka in southern India

  • The SS Carnatic was a British steamship built by Samuda Brothers at Cubitt Town on the Isle of Dogs, London in 1862 for the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company.

The Carnatic

The Carnatic

This is a beautiful wreck and I loved the light coming into the water

The Carnatic is one of the older wrecks in the Red Sea and after her sinking in September 1869 she lay alone on the reef of Abu Nuhas for over 100 years before being joined by several others wrecks in the 1970’s and 1980’s. She is of iron framed planked construction and was a P&O passenger sail & steam ship, 90m in length with a beam of 12 metres.

On September 12th 1869 she began what ended up being her last voyage from Suez with an intended destination of Bombay under the command of Captain P.B Jones (who had taken command of the Carnatic in 1867). With 176 crew, 34 passengers she had a cargo of wine, cotton bails and ?40,000 of royal mint gold. It is thought and widely reported that Captain Jones did most of the navigation and course plotting and with the inevitable lack of sleep certain bearings were not taken during watch changes. Whatever the reasons, the Carnatic struck the reef of Abu Nuhas just after midnight where she did not sink immediately but became stuck on the shallow reef top. It was a clear night and the decision was made not to abandon ship, but for crew and passengers alike to remain on board. Captain Jones knew that another P&O vessel, the Sumatra was due to pass them in the opposite direction on route to Suez, and intended to seek her assistance. After a perilous night on the reef top the Sumatra had still not arrived on Sept 13th. The Carnatic appeared to be in fair condition and as nightfall approached for the second time, Captain Jones made the fateful decision to ride out another night on the floundering vessel. After some 36 hours on the reef the Carnatic finally gave up her hopeless battle against the elements and broke in half, late morning on Tuesday Sept 14th 1869. The passengers and crew abandoned ship, using the lifeboats which were not damaged and could still be launched. They allegedly used some of the previously jettisoned, tightly packed cotton bails as flotation devices, and the remaining 7 lifeboats then made for Shadwan (or Shaker) island, approx 2 miles to the south. The cotton bails were also used to keep them warm during the cold night experienced in this area in contrast to the heat of the day and to make a fire. The lives of 26 crew and 5 passengers were lost.

Carnatic's Radiator

Carnatic's Radiator

Carnatic's Radiator, Giovanni Trezzi

free download carnatic instrumental music

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