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Tire Racks For Trailers - Canadian Tire Jobs In Toronto - Caravan Tyre Pressure.

Tire Racks For Trailers

tire racks for trailers

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Montague Paratrooper w trailer

Montague Paratrooper w trailer

My Montague Paratrooper with a Nashbar trailer for Zoe. The bike has a few upgrades: Bottom bracket/TruVativ Hussefelt crank, longer Bontrager seatpost, wheels/tires (Kenda Krisp), and some racks, the rear being a quick-release Topeak. As you can see, I've skipped the SPD pedals for flats with toe-clips, as it's more a no-prep get out and ride bike.

DSC 0022

DSC 0022

Car in trailer from door. Note storage cabinets in top right of photo, tire rack for rains.

tire racks for trailers

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