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Attorneys in mo : Automobile accidents attorney.

Attorneys In Mo

attorneys in mo

Eugene Fields House, St. Louis, MO

Eugene Fields House, St. Louis, MO

The Eugene Field House & St. Louis Toy Museum was the boyhood home of Eugene Field, who is beloved to this day as the Children's Poet and widely known as the "Father of the Personal Newspaper Column".

Eugene Field was born in St. Louis at 634 South Broadway, on September 3, 1850. His father, Roswell Martin Field, was a well-known attorney. In 1853 he served as the attorney for the slaves Dred and Harriet Scott and their daughters, Eliza and Lizzy, when they brought action in federal court for their freedom. The Scotts were denied their freedom on the grounds that African-Americans were not citizens and therefore could not sue in federal court. The refusal of the United States Supreme Court to treat Dred and Harriet as citizens is believed by many to be a factor that precipitated the Civil War.

In November 1856, Frances Field, Eugene's mother, died and the next year Eugene and his brother, Roswell, were sent to Amherst, Massachusetts, to attend school and live with their paternal aunt, Mary, and their cousin, Mary Field French, until they entered college.

While a student at the University of Missouri, Eugene was co-founder and literary editor of The Mis-sourian, the campus newspaper. In May 1873, Mr. Field joined the staff of the St. Louis Journal and the following October married Julia Sutherland Comstock in St. Joseph, Missouri. His first published children's poem, "Christmas Treasures" was written in St. Louis. His career was to take him to St. Joseph, Missouri, back to St. Louis, and then to Kansas City and Denver, and finally to Chicago, where the Chicago Daily News hired him to write "exactly what I please on any subject I please".

Eugene Field died in his sleep on November 4, 1895, 62 days after his 45th birthday, a young man at the height of his career, famous for both his poetry and his column, and the father of five surviving children. He is buried in the churchyard of the Church of the Holy Comforter in Kenilworth, Illinois.

Memorial for Deputy US Marshal John Perry

Memorial for Deputy US Marshal John Perry

St. Louis, MO 13 March 2011-

Deputy US Marshal Kyle Shirley delivers remarks during a memorial service this morning for Deputy U.S. Marshal John B. Perry. The service, at Powell Symphony Hall in St. Louis, celebrated the life of Perry, 48, who died Tuesday from gunshot wounds received while serving an arrest warrant on a residence in St. Louis. Shirley was among a number of speakers at the service, which included U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, U.S. Marshals Service Director Stacia Hylton, U.S. Marshal for the District of Eastern Missouri William Sibert as well as St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay and Chief of Police Daniel Isom.

Deputy Perry had been assigned to the U.S. Marshals Eastern District of Missouri in St. Louis since July, 2005, where he served as a team leader on the fugitive task force and was the district’s firearms instructor. He had been with the U.S. Marshals Service since graduating from the U.S. Marshals Academy in 2001.

Photo by: Shane T. McCoy / US Marshals

attorneys in mo

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Best Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers - Attorney Malpractice Insurance Rates - Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Best Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers

best texas criminal defense lawyers

Tiger on the porch

Tiger on the porch

...Mom's finger on the lens.

If you will notice the freshly mowed lawn then I will tell you the story. It was game day. I was eight. Metal cleats were not allowed in our baseball league. Oh, the humiliation of it all. How can you break up a double play wearing ballerina slippers? I had no baseball shoes without metal cleats. Why would anyone?

The cost of new shoes amounted to three dollars more than I had on hand from mowing lawns in the neighborhood. Mom said those shoes must be made of gold. Not only did Mom make me mow the lawn for the three dollars, she made me stand there for a totally public humiliation so she could take my photo in my new ballerina slippers. I might as well stand outside in my underpants. It was over 100 degrees out there and I had to pitch. Mow the lawn on game day? Does Sandy Koufax's Mom make him mow the lawn on game day? I am not saying that I actually asked her that question, but... maybe. Okay...probably I did. I would be totally exhausted before we even warmed up. She was a crazy woman.

Then, as usual, she put her finger over the lens to take the photo. Arghhhhh! Nevermind that we probably wouldn't have any photographs at all unless she had been there.

Now I only wish to sit at the kitchen table, drink iced tea with her and laugh at what a boob I was and still am. As for making me mow the lawn for those three dollars, that is exactly what I would have made my own son do too. Of course, I would sest that we should take the photo with my son out there actually in his underpants. The lawn looks pretty good.

PS - In 1963, who made the decisions providing wool uniforms for eight year olds? Every game had a field filled with two teams of kids scratching themselves in conniption fits worthy of long-term mental patients. When was polyester invented? These are the important questions that keep old men up at night.

Old Farmhouse

Old Farmhouse

I have discovered textures, and I love working with them! I've avoided them for a long time, thinking they were complicated, when in fact, they are so easy to do.

Thanks to princess_of_dark_shadows at for the texture used in this picture.

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Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Domestic Assault. Chicago Birth Injury Lawyer. Family Law Paper Topics.

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Domestic Assault

houston criminal defense lawyer domestic assault



Petawawa, Ontario 02 June, 2011

Soldiers travel down the Petawawa River in assault boats.

Exercise Spartan Bear was conducted by 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group from 24 May to 03 June 2011 in order to improve the Brigade's coventional all-arms proficiency.
It incorporated waterborne, rafting, airmobile and parachute operations with units achieving a greater collective expertise in the conduct of dismounted war-fighting within a Battalion Group context.

Canadian Forces Image Number LT2011-127-56
By Sergeant Marco Comisso with Army News


Petawawa (Ontario), le 2 juin 2011

Des soldats naviguent sur la riviere Petawawa dans des bateaux d’assaut a Petawawa (Ontario), le 2 juin 2011.

L’exercice Spartan Bear a ete execute par le 2e Groupe-brigade mecanise du Canada du 24 mai au 3 juin 2011 afin d’ameliorer la competence professionnelle des membres de la brigade quant a l’utilisation de toutes les armes conventionnelles.
L’exercice Spartan Bear a inclus des operations dans l’eau, en radeau, en aeromobile et en parachute avec des unites, ce qui a leur a permis d’accroitre leur competence collective de la guerre a pied au sein d’un groupe-bataillon.

Images des Forces canadiennes, numero LT2011-127-56
Par le Sergent Marco Comisso des Nouvelles de l’Armee

Tena J. McDowell

Tena J. McDowell

Sheriff Page also announced that deputies from the Camden County Sheriff's Office responded to a residence on Easy St. in Montreal, Missouri at approximately 8:30pm on 10-29-08, in reference to a domestic assault. On arrival, deputies found that a female and male subject had been involved in a domestic argument that had escalated into a physical assault. The female suspect had obtained a knife from the kitchen and inflicted 2 wounds on the male. He sustained a laceration to the back of his right elbow, and a small stab wound on his abdomen. He sought treatment on his own.
Arrested was Tena J. McDowell, age 48, of Montreal, Missouri. She is being held on a misdemeanor warrant from Pulaski County for Failure to Appear, $1000.00 Bond. Charges of Domestic Assault and Armed Criminal Action are pending at this time.

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Cobb County District Attorneys Office

cobb county district attorneys office

Cobb County Honorary Commanders visit Clay National Guard Center

Cobb County Honorary Commanders visit Clay National Guard Center

Forty-four Cobb County civic, business, and military leaders pose together beside an Army National Guard CH-47 Chinook helicopter at Clay National Guard Center in Marietta, Ga., following an orientation flight over downtown Atlanta.

These leaders are part of the Honorary Commanders program sponsored by the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce. This unique program gathers together local leaders to create a greater understanding of the roles and missions the military fulfills within the community.

1963-12-05 Cobb County Times

1963-12-05 Cobb County Times

Hunt (Fort Valley) apparently cancels a semifinal game. No word appeared in the Fort Valley newspaper, but GIA teams tended to underplay any bad news.

Hopefully, I'll find a better explanation in the Marietta Daily Journal.

cobb county district attorneys office

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Landlord tenant lawers. Chicago injury attorney. Divorce attorneys milwaukee.

Landlord Tenant Lawers

landlord tenant lawers

The Landlord - Bangkok, city of angels

The Landlord - Bangkok, city of angels

The Landlord

When you see a small alleyway at the bottom of a set of stairs near a go down those stairs. There is a parallel world waiting.

On a walkabout. One of the many canal areas alongside which the poorer people tend to live. Some projects are trying to get these people out but there are so many, in so many places you wonder where they could go.

Nikon F6
Nikkor 50mm f1.2 ais
DD-X 1+4
8 minutes



...Bail Bonds Too!?!??!??! For Whom? The Landlord who needs BAILING OUT? Why would the landlord need a bail bondsman on call? Is it really that sketchy a business? Is it just me? Any Landlords out there? Please comment below if you have been arrested, and for god's sake, what for?...

landlord tenant lawers

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How To Find The Best Lawyer. Jobs For Lawyers.

How To Find The Best Lawyer

how to find the best lawyer

how to find the best lawyer - Toy Story

Toy Story 3 Look and Find

Toy Story 3 Look and Find

Look and Find: Toy Story 3 follows Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of the Toy Story gang as they set off on their newest adventure. Children ages four to seven will search through colorful, action-packed scenes for dozens of hidden Disney characters and objects. Children will have fun and develop their powers of observation with this beautifully illustrated picture book.

Children will delight in seeking out cleverly hidden characters and everyday items such as toys, school supplies, and household items in each vividly drawn scene. Look and Find: Toy Story 3 prompts children to:
Wade through Andy s room to find the items he needs for college, including his skateboard, cell phone, and laptop
Peruse the Sunnyside Daycare for playthings hidden among such favorite characters as Jessie, Rex, and Hamm
Search the daycare s toddler room for big plastic keys, bouncy balls, and wooden blocks
Locate the missing dishes from new friend Bonnie s kitchen set
Hunt for art supplies in the daycare s bins, where Slinky Dog, Bullseye, and other Toy Story friends are trapped
Track down Buzz, Woody, and Rex as they cross the playground during their escape
Look in the landfill for broken toys next to Buzz, Jessie, and the others
Find new pals like Chuckles the Clown, Dolly, and a unicorn named Buttercup in Bonnie s backyard

A section at the back of the book challenges children to find dozens of additional items, providing hours more of look-and-find fun. The sturdy hardcover binding stands up to repeated use, so children can enjoy searching these look-and-find pictures again and again.

76% (7)

Sunday Best

Sunday Best

Just got down from a weekend trip with some friends in Taal, despite Level 2 signals being raised on the matryoshka volcano. I would not go so far as to say that Filipinos monopolize the moniker of being thrill-seeking perverts, since I read that some National Geographic photographers of various descents cheerfully climb into the craters of about-to-erupt volcanoes just to get that perfect picture. I normally jump at any opportunity to get away for the weekend, but I think I’m going to have to lay off the two-day trips for awhile. Maybe until next week.

While leafing through a local magazine in the house we had rented for the weekend, I found out that the Taal Lake Yacht Club is offering hobie cat lessons for about two thousand pesos, or around $40. Too bad I read the magazine 4 a.m. Sunday and that no one else really wanted to drop that kind of money just to imitate Zac Efron from the first five minutes of Charlie St. Cloud. Besides, I have a feeling I could easily fall in love with sailing, and with the tight schedule we were running I didn’t have the heart to speed through a fantastic (and not-too-cheap) hour of hobie-sailing with just an ounce of sleep and five beers sloshing around my stomach. Let me know if you’re up for it and we’ll go up some time before the lava hits the lake.

Meanwhile, we settled for a quick trip to the small town of Taal and saw the houses of some famous historical figures such as that of Dona Marcela Agoncillo, where the first Philippine flag was sewn, and the house of Gen. Ananias Diokno, ancestor of the famous Jose Diokno, the lawyer-thorn on Marcos’ side during the Martial Law regime. I seriously think the town could give Vigan a run for its money, but I think the latter has the former beat due to one important thing: cobblestone streets. I’m a sucker for the clippity-clopping of horse hooves on stone. It is my sincerest belief that every town should hire the services of a proper marketing or PR consultancy firm to figure out how to get more weekend tourists. Online bloggers slash weekend-trip-warriors can only go so far in spreading the word, and are a highly volatile bunch at that.

I enjoyed the suman sa lihiya, a sticky rice cake with just a breath of sweetness, sold for six pesos a pop at the local market, and bought ten pieces for home. Sadly, as I write this, I realize I had forgotten the bag in the rented house inside a bag of food we had left for the caretaker. And my shoes. I’m trying to console myself saying that was how good the suman was, that I totally forgot everything else. I even bumped into some friends I hadn’t seen in a really long while, which is the same feeling as finding money in your freshly laundered jeans. You’re free to spend the good vibes any which way you want. Meanwhile, I sest the same thing as a previous post that you go out and visit a local town for the weekend. There are some really good things to see out in the countryside, and some really good times to be had with family and friends.

There were many lawyers present

There were many lawyers present

Milgaard lobbies for innocents
He presses politicians to resolve wrongful convictions in Quebec and Newfoundland


Tuesday, October 25, 2005 Page A13, Globe and Mail

With a report from Campbell Clark

SASKATOON -- David Milgaard returned yesterday to the city where he was robbed of 23 years of his life in an attempt to publicly press politicians to resolve two wrongful conviction cases that have been languishing for years.

"It saddens me to say today that I'm ashamed to be a Canadian," Mr. Milgaard, who has largely shunned the public spotlight since being released from a Manitoba prison in 1992, told reporters in Saskatoon.

But Mr. Milgaard, who was 17 when he was convicted in 1970 for the murder of Saskatoon nursing aide Gail Miller, made it clear he wasn't there to co-operate with a public inquiry that is currently probing how he was wrongfully sent to jail for 23 years.

"To be frank with you, it makes me physically sick . . . it's in my past and I want to leave it in the past," he said, adding he still wants to find out who was responsible for the miscarriage of justice.

It was a difficult decision for him to come forward yesterday, he said, but he felt compelled because "these people are still fighting" for justice.

"I try to stay away from these things. It keeps my head straight," said the Vancouver resident, who is writing a book of poetry and "real life stories."

Mr. Milgaard, who recently remarried, said he didn't like returning to Saskatoon -- Ms. Miller's body was found in an alley a short distance from where yesterday's news conference was held -- but he knew the location would receive the most media attention for Mr. Dumont and Mr. Dalton.

Mr. Milgaard's rare public plea yesterday, which he said would likely be a one-time event, did little to persuade governments to review their positions.

Joanne Marceau, a spokeswoman for the Quebec Justice Department, said Mr. Dumont isn't eligible for compensation because he hasn't "established his factual innocence." Newfoundland Justice Minister Tom Marshall said Mr. Dalton's case was still being reviewed.

In Ottawa, Justice Minister Irwin Cotler said that the Liberal government considered a British-style independent commission when it brought in reforms in 2002, but chose a different tack after a series of public consultations.

Mr. Cotler said that the Canadian conviction-review process is more appropriate for a federal system where provinces are in charge of prosecuting crime.

He said he is open to considering other systems, however: "If in the end of the day, it would be found that the best model would be an independent commission, we would not exclude that."

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Power Of Attorney For Healthcare Form

power of attorney for healthcare form

Healthcare Envelope with Colored Squares

Healthcare Envelope with Colored Squares

Healthcare Envelope with Colored Squares design template by Lisa Harris.Showcased on

This envelope would be appropriate for an organization striving to provide healthcare to all patients. The structured layout of the envelope conveys a sense of professionalism and expertise, which is appropriate for the medical industry.

Healthcare Blog Up Front. L...

Healthcare Blog Up Front. L...

Healthcare Blog Up Front. Like the sign says "You Pay Now, Your Credit No Good Here"

power of attorney for healthcare form

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Law Firm Jobs Los Angeles - Law Firm Partner Profits - National Association Women Lawyers.

Law Firm Jobs Los Angeles

law firm jobs los angeles

Day 311 Challenge - "Thanks For The Memories"

Day 311 Challenge -

California Plaza
Grand Avenue/Bunker Hill
Downtown Los Angeles

The building pictured above is where I worked as a legal assistant for the law firm of Lloyd, Bissell & Brook from 1993 to 2001. My primary role was to travel the country looking for "smoking gun" documents that could possibly assist the attorneys in their trial preparations. Truth be told, such documents are rarely found, and most of the time attorneys settle out of court regardless. My final assignment for the law firm took me to London, where our home office was based. Looking back, this was the best job I've ever had. And just the site of this building brings back the best of memories.



This is my roommate Candice. She’s moving out at the end of this week to take job in Los Angeles. I’m actually really sad about that. We’ve known each other since we were kids and by random luck of good timing, she moved into my house 5 months ago. I’m praying to the legal gods that a law firm finds her and brings her back to San Francisco.

Anyway, I asked if her she’d be willing to help me out with a few photos and she agreed. We took the house apart trying to find the right shot, light and setting only to realize that it was easier to just go out doors. There are a few more shots that I’ll post later this week.

Taken with a Nikon D300 w/ a 85mm f/1.4 Nikkor Lens

law firm jobs los angeles

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