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Best Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers - Attorney Malpractice Insurance Rates - Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Best Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers

best texas criminal defense lawyers

Tiger on the porch

Tiger on the porch

...Mom's finger on the lens.

If you will notice the freshly mowed lawn then I will tell you the story. It was game day. I was eight. Metal cleats were not allowed in our baseball league. Oh, the humiliation of it all. How can you break up a double play wearing ballerina slippers? I had no baseball shoes without metal cleats. Why would anyone?

The cost of new shoes amounted to three dollars more than I had on hand from mowing lawns in the neighborhood. Mom said those shoes must be made of gold. Not only did Mom make me mow the lawn for the three dollars, she made me stand there for a totally public humiliation so she could take my photo in my new ballerina slippers. I might as well stand outside in my underpants. It was over 100 degrees out there and I had to pitch. Mow the lawn on game day? Does Sandy Koufax's Mom make him mow the lawn on game day? I am not saying that I actually asked her that question, but... maybe. Okay...probably I did. I would be totally exhausted before we even warmed up. She was a crazy woman.

Then, as usual, she put her finger over the lens to take the photo. Arghhhhh! Nevermind that we probably wouldn't have any photographs at all unless she had been there.

Now I only wish to sit at the kitchen table, drink iced tea with her and laugh at what a boob I was and still am. As for making me mow the lawn for those three dollars, that is exactly what I would have made my own son do too. Of course, I would sest that we should take the photo with my son out there actually in his underpants. The lawn looks pretty good.

PS - In 1963, who made the decisions providing wool uniforms for eight year olds? Every game had a field filled with two teams of kids scratching themselves in conniption fits worthy of long-term mental patients. When was polyester invented? These are the important questions that keep old men up at night.

Old Farmhouse

Old Farmhouse

I have discovered textures, and I love working with them! I've avoided them for a long time, thinking they were complicated, when in fact, they are so easy to do.

Thanks to princess_of_dark_shadows at for the texture used in this picture.

best texas criminal defense lawyers

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