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Kentucky car accident lawyer : Can a lawyer represent a family member : Law of personal injury

Kentucky Car Accident Lawyer

kentucky car accident lawyer

Kentucky fan

Kentucky fan

Cornell vs. Kentucky
Sweet 16 NCAA tournament, East Regional
Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY

kentucky car accident lawyer

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Hawaii family law attorney. Family lawyers for low income

Hawaii Family Law Attorney

hawaii family law attorney

Hawaii illustrated 02

Hawaii illustrated 02

There's some pretty consistent branding going in in Hawaii in the form of 'vintage' illustration revival.

Hawaii illustrated 05

Hawaii illustrated 05

There's some pretty consistent branding in Hawaii in the form of 'vintage' illustration revival.

hawaii family law attorney

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Attorney mediator - Lawyer work environment.

Attorney Mediator

attorney mediator

Kathleen Frederick Willow, AK, USA

Kathleen Frederick Willow, AK, USA

Kathleen Frederick
Willow, AK, USA

Kathleen Frederick was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and spent fifty years in southeastern Pennsylvania before relocating to Juneau, Alaska in 2002 to pursue her passion for outdoors activities. In Pennsylvania, Kathy was a teacher and a librarian before becoming an attorney. Since moving to Alaska, Kathleen has practiced law in Juneau and in the Mat-Su Borough, has served as a mediator for the Alaska Court system, gives lectures about sled dogs for Alaska Excursions in Juneau during the summer, has been a member of Rotary, has served on the Board of United Way of Southeast Alaska and the Juneau Chamber of Commerce, and currently serves as a Commissioner for the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC).

Kathy first learned about sled dogs and the Iditarod on her first trip to Alaska in 1995 and was hooked on dog sledding after she first stepped on the sled runners during a family trip to Maine in 1996. The Iditarod fascinated her because it was a journey across Alaska by dog sled. In 2000, Kathy acquired her first sled dog, Kenai, and did some skijor racing before moving to Alaska. However, being a single mom meant postponing her Iditarod dreams until her two children finished high school. In 2006, Kathy began building her Iditarod team and in 2009 completed her Iditarod qualifiers and took part in the Serum Run. Kathy operates Shameless Huskies Kennel; there are 21 racing huskies in the kennel, in addition to Kenai, who is now retired.

According to Kathy, the past three years of running dogs have been absolutely magical. Kathy, who will be 58 by the start of the Iditarod, hopes to take a happy, healthy dog team to Nome and to see remote parts of Alaska with 16 or her best friends. Her mentors who have given generously of their time and knowledge, have included Chuck Weiss, Frank Turner, Deborah Bicknell, Frank Sihler and Jeff Deeter. Kathy dedicates this race to: Kenai and Chena, her first two sled dogs who are now retired; to Nome, her first leader, who is still a member of the racing team; and to her children, Christopher and Laura. Kathy lists her hobbies and interests as hiking, cross-country skiing, kayaking, canoeing, reading, snowshoeing, running, traveling and skijoring.

Jim Haszard

Jim Haszard

Cool, calm and collected, Jim Haszard makes you feel safe when traversing over life’s humps and bumps. With over 30 years of wide-ranging experience as an attorney and certified mediator, Jim brings stability and direction to those he represents.

attorney mediator

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Find california attorney. San diego tenant lawyer.

Find California Attorney

find california attorney

Constable Fred M. Bristol, Chino Ca. USA

Constable Fred M. Bristol, Chino Ca. USA

Fred M. Bristol was the first officer to be killed in the Line of Duty in the West End area of SB County.......

Community shocked by death of a lawman
Joe Blackstock, Columnist

The word spread rapidly in downtown Chino more than a century ago.
The constable and his deputy were breaking up a knife fight among drunken men in front of a saloon when tragedy struck.

Special Section: Our Past

As the lawmen tried to quell the row, one of the bad guys ran off. The constable gave chase into the darkness - moments later, shots rang out and he was dead.
It happened the night of May 5, 1904, during the annual Cinco de Mayo festival in town.
The death of Constable Frederick M. Bristol - the first police officer to be killed in the line of duty in the Inland Valley - shocked the little community of Chino.
The "festival with its music, dance and song, its speech-making and merry-doing, bespangled processions and gala attired revelers came to an abrupt end in the neighborhood of midnight, (with) black tragedy stepping in and calling off the dance and festival," reported the Pomona Daily Review the next day.
Bristol and his deputy, John W. Turner, had taken their wives to some of the evening's events and had just returned to Turner's home when they learned of trouble brewing at Hammer's saloon at Sixth and D street, according to newspaper accounts.
They rushed over and managed to break up the fight, but when one of the men involved ran off down Sixth, the 32-year-old Bristol gave chase.
Moments later, the lawman's body was found lying on Sixth, just north of the railroad tracks, with multiple stab wounds. On the ground was the pistol he had fired during the pursuit and a pair of handcuffs.
Not knowing that Bristol was dead, Turner ran for medical help and was passed, according to reports, by a man running through downtown. Turner later identified the man as Francisco Ortiz, one of those involved in the fight outside the saloon.
Early the next morning, the sheriff and district attorney arrived from San Bernardino and Constable Frank Slanker came from Pomona to help with the investigation.
A group of lawmen went to the sugar-beet labor camp outside of Chino and arrested Ortiz at 11 a.m. They also found remains of a partially burned pile of clothes with blood stains.
Ortiz was rushed by train to San Bernardino for his own protection.
"If he had been left in Chino very long there would have been great danger of lynching, as Constable Bristol was esteemed so highly and the murder was so brutal," noted the Pomona Progress on May 6.
In addition to being constable for six years, Bristol had a successful livery business. He had lived in Chino for 18 years and left a wife and two small children.
His services drew a huge crowd in Chino followed by burial at Pomona Cemetery.
Bristol was highly respected in the Hispanic community of Chino, and many made the long walk to the cemetery in Pomona.
"Horror was on the faces of the Mexicans as well as the Americans," wrote the Progress on May 14. "They received permission to drape a Mexican flag in mourning and place it at half-mast under the American flag."
Salvador Medrano, speaking for Chino's Hispanic community, offered further condolences to Bristol's family.
"We feel with all our heart this unexpected tragedy, and give to the American people our sympathy and our hearts."
Ortiz was tried for murder in October in San Bernardino. All of the evidence was circumstantial - no witness saw the killing - but Turner's identification of him running through the town and the bloody clothes proved enough for the jury.
He was sentenced to a life sentence at Folsom Prison where he died of tuberculosis at the age of 30 in 1913.
Sometimes I'm asked how I get ideas for history columns, and often they aren't very scientific, like this one, for instance.
It grew out of inquiries from former Chino resident Richard Ortiz of Valley Center, Kan., who believed that Francisco Ortiz, whom I had briefly written about several years ago, was his family's long-lost relative.
After inquiries of me, Lola Lowe of Upland's Cooper Museum, and Allen McCombs of the Chino Champion, he determined the convicted murderer of Frederick Bristol was no relation - which for the family's history is probably just as well.
Joe Blackstock writes on Inland Valley history every other Saturday. He can be reached by e-mail at or by calling (909) 483-9382.

Teapot Dome (279/365)

Teapot Dome (279/365)

The geological formation known as "Teapot Dome" is in Wyoming. It also refers to an infamous corporate scandal, not unlike those of today, which brought down Warren Harding's presidency in 1922. Teapot Dome was one of three Naval strategic oil reserves. The other two were Elk Hills and Buena Vista in California.

Harding's Secretary of the Interior, Albert Fall, was appointed with the support of oil companies, including that of L.A. oil baron Edward Doheny. That's as in Doheny Drive, Doheny State Beach, Doheny Library at USC, and the Greystone oil mansion used as a location for character Plainview's final psychological disintegration in There Will Be Blood. Like oilman Dick Cheney, oilman Doheny was considered for vice president at one point.

Fall, Doheny, and Sinclair (as in Sinclair Oil) faced criminal charges relating to back room deals made for oil leases in the reserves. Doheny was found innocent of wrongdoing. Sinclair was too, but later went to jail for hiring detectives to tail his jury.

Fall took the fall, doing a year in the pokey for accepting bribes. Harding died in office before Congress could impeach him. One of Harding's assistant Attorney Generals committed suicide. Doheny's son, who took over the family business, was murdered at Greystone, probably as part of the suicide of a mentally ill associate. Lurid conspiracy theories persist to this day.

Fall also contributed the line about drinking the milk shake. As the story goes, he liked to say that the oil reserves were useless anyway, due to slant drilling. He asked people to imagine that he had a very long straw, with which he could drink your milk shake from clear across the room.

Interesting stuff, oil.

find california attorney

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Greek Law Firms

greek law firms

Bartow-Pell Mansion

Bartow-Pell Mansion

Bartow-Pelham Mansion, Pelham Bay Park, Bronx

This large dignified country house of local stone with cast iron balconies is one of the finest Greek Revival Period houses in this region. This excellently proportioned mansion with its handsome interiors and fine garden, with a small family burial ground, is one of the pleasantest country seats in New York City. The house is owned by the City and is under the jurisdiction of the Parks Department. It is leased to the International Garden Club which has restored it and now maintains it. In 1946 it was opened to the public as a house museum.

The importance of this building lies in its expression of great Classical dignity. Spaciousness, simplicity of line, symmetrically balanced elements and good construction typical of the Greek Revival Style are but a few of the details which make the Bartow-Pell Mansion one of the best examples of this architecture in the City,

The Bartow-Pell Mansion, an elegant country seat in the Federal style, stands on land which was once part of the Manor of Pelham. Surrounding the mansion -- the exterior was designated a New York City Landmark in 1966 and the first floor interiors were designated in 1975 — are a number of significant features which are closely linked to the distinguished history of this impressive estate.

In 1654 Thomas Pell (1613-1669) purchased over 9,000 acres of land, later known as Pelham, from the Indians. Today the site of this historic transaction is commemorated by an elm tree, planted on the spot where the event took place. This tree stands northwest of the mansion and is now surrounded by an iron fence. Pell became the first Lord of the Manor of Pelham, which was named after him and confirmed by a Patent granted by Governor Nicolls on October 6, 1666. After Pell's death, the property passed through successive generations of Pells until 1790, when John Bartow, the son of Bathsheba Pell and Theophilus Bartow, purchased part of the land from the Pell family.

From 1794 on, Herman LeRoy (1758-1841), who had served as the first Consul General from Holland to the newly formed United States, began to purchase land in Pelham. In 1791 LeRoy, with his brother-in-law William Bayard, founded a shipping firm, LeRoy, Bayard & Co., which soon became one of the most respected and successful firms in the city. LeRoy also served as the president of the Bank of New York and was a director of the Bank of the United States. In 1813, he purchased 200 additional acres from John Bartow; the transaction was witnessed by Aaron Burr, who at that time was married to a Bartow. It was probably during the period of the LeRoy ownership of the land that the present Bartow-Pell mansion was erected. Designed in the Federal style and built of local stone, the mansion is an elegant and characteristically restrained example of the architecture of the period. In 1836 Herman LeRoy sold the 200 acres he had purchased from John Bartow to Robert Bartow (d.1868), the grandson of John and the husband of Maria Rosina Lorillard. It was the well-to-do Bartow family who updated the interiors of the mansion to the then fashionable Greek Revival style.

Among the features which are to be found on the expanded Landmark Site are a stone stable, the walled gardens and a small family memorial plot. The stone stable, which stands to the northeast of the mansion may date from the period of the LeRoy ownership. Like the mansion, the stable is built of local stone. However, if a permanent stable structure were not part of the estate which Bartow purchased from LeRoy in 1836, Bartow certainly had the structure erected, perhaps in conjunction with the remodeling of the interior of the mansion. The stable, which is now in the process of being restored, is entered through an elliptical-arched doorway surmounted by a triple brick arch. At either side of the doorway is a square-headed window with stone lintel and brick enframements keyed to the stonework. The openings at the other sides of the stable vary in size and also have keyed brick enframements which create an effective contrast in color and texture with the stonework. Hue to the irregular terrain of the site, the stable is two stories high on the southern side and three stories on the northern side.

The rear of the mansion opens on to a handsome terraced garden which was created during the restoration, begun in 1914 under the sponsorship of the International Garden Club. The garden is said to have been designed to resemble that which may have once been part of the original estate. It is enclosed on two sides by a seven-foot "high stone wall. From the mansion, wide steps lead down the hill to a small square pool which is surrounded by flower beds. This central sunken area opens up on either side to a shorter flight of steps flanked by tall hedges. A tall wrought-iron fence -- with the completion date of the garden, 1916, above the center gate — extends along the eastern end and closes off the garden fr

melanie and michael at white wolf cafe

melanie and michael at white wolf cafe

Melanie with owner of the White Wolf Cafe, Michael. VERY good food and atmosphere at this Village favorite!

greek law firms

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Good lawyer quotes : Construction law firms

Good Lawyer Quotes

good lawyer quotes

My "Person of the Year"


“When you do dance, I wish you
A wave o’ th’ sea, that you might ever do
Nothing but that; move still, still so,
And own no other function. Each your doing,
So singular in each particular,
Crowns what you are doing in the present deeds,
That all your acts are queens.” ~Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale, Act IV, Scene iv.

“The courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of a final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy.” ~John F. Kennedy

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there within me lay an invincible summer." ~Albert Camus

For my 407th and final upload of 2007, I have decided to inaugurate an annual tradition, which I have borrowed from Time magazine and adapted for my own purposes. Henceforth, my last Flickr upload of a given year will be a tribute to the person who has made the greatest contribution to my life during that particular year. And even though several other individuals, named below, have contributed their own special luster to this season of my life, the designation of my honoree for 2007 was really a no-brainer, and will come as no surprise to anyone who has followed my photostream lately. She is Miss Angie, beloved dance instructor, friend, comedian, confidante, therapist without portfolio, and Renaissance woman, whose impact on my life has been as unique as it has been powerful. Few individuals -- probably no more than ten or twelve, if that many -- have done as much as she has to earn my gratitude, respect, and appreciation.

I met her for the first time about 11 months ago as I write this tribute to her. I appeared one evening at the local Fred Astaire studio to sign up for the promotional introductory classes I planned to take while my wife was out of state for a few weeks, and Angie showed me around the place and explained the program to me. My first impression of her was more or less neutral, neither particularly good nor particularly bad. She was businesslike without being unfriendly, and during this brief encounter I committed my first faux-pas in her presence, which in turn drew my first rebuke from her. (Both were very mild, and nobody's feelings were hurt.) I explained to her that I wanted to do this as a romantic surprise for my wife, and she began putting me through the most elementary dance steps. I am not agile or well-coordinated, and this was something that did not come naturally to me; but gradually, after patient instruction and plenty of practice and effort, the results started to appear. And my opinion of Angie herself soared as I came to know her better, and to appreciate more and more what she was doing for me.

At the time, I was probably at the nadir of my life; and while I had absolutely no idea what she was about to unleash, I rather suspect that Angie did, as she is smart and insightful and, over time, would come to know me quite well. Dance proved to be the best therapy I could have envisioned for myself. I recently told Angie that while I did not realize it at the time, in a very real sense I put my life into her hands when I enrolled at that studio. Angie took a very sensitive, grievously wounded, and dangerously vulnerable man as her raw material; and then, like the skilled professional she is, set out to work her peculiar magic with him, partly through teaching the rumba, Argentine tango, and West Coast swing, and partly by providing him with an example of courage and fortitude, and of embracing life and joy in spite of serious hardship and misfortune. I have since shared these thoughts with her, adding also that in my view, she had proven herself to be entirely worthy of the trust I had placed in her. It is largely because of her ministrations that my year is ending on a far more positive note than when it began. And with regard to what she has taught me about how to face life and its challenges, it would somehow be appropriate today if she were to place her hands on my shoulders and look me directly in the eye, as she habitually does when she really wants to emphasize a point -- and then say, quoting scripture, "Go, and do thou likewise."

I also told her recently that even though 2007 has probably been the worst year of my life, I can't deny that two of the very best things that EVER happened to me also happened this year. One was my involvement with the studio; the other, quite honestly, was to end up having her as my instructor, which was a magnificent stroke of good fortune all by itself. A friend recently sested to me that Angie had been my "guardian angel," but I respectfully disagreed with her; in fact, I continued, I had had many guardian angels and angels of comfort during my life, but Angie had been something more: she had proven to be my angel of deliverance. And I smile now as I ponder that. It made perfect sense to me that when my "angel of deliverance" appeared, she would be a woman, and a strong and courageous one at that; but how on

The Very Model of a Modern Unitarian

The Very Model of a Modern Unitarian

by Christopher Gist Raible
Sung to " I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General" from " Pirates of Penzance". [Borrowed from First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa]

I am the very model of a modern Unitarian,
Far broader than a Catholic, Hindu, Jew or Presbyterian.
I know the world's religions and can trace their roots historical
From Moses up to Channing, all in order categorical.
I'm very well acquainted, too, with theories theological,
On existential questions I am always wholly logical,
About most any problem I am teeming with a lot of views,
I'm full of fine ideas that should fill our church's empty pews.

Chorus members:
We're full of fine ideas that should fill our church's empty pews.
We're full of fine ideas that should fill our church's empty pews.
We're full of fine ideas that should fill our church's empty empty pews.

I quote from Freud and Jung and all the experts psychological.
I'm anti nuke, I don't pollute I'm chastely ecological.
In short, in matters spiritual, ethical, material,
I am the very model of a modern Unitarian.

Chorus members:
In short, in matters spiritual, ethical, material,
We are the very model of a modern Unitarian.

I use the latest language; God is never Father or the Lord,
But Ground of Being, Source of Life or almost any other word.
I never pray, I meditate, I'm leary about worshipping.
I serve on 10 committees none of which accomplish anything.
I give to worthy causes and I drive a gas conserving car,
I have good UU principles (although I'm not sure what they are).
I'm open to opinions of profound or broad variety,
Unless they're too conservative or smack of righteous piety.

Chorus members:
Unless they're too conservative or smack of righteous piety.
Unless they're too conservative or smack of righteous piety.
Unless they're too conservative or smack of righteous pie-piety.

I formulate agendas and discuss them with the best of 'em,
But don't ask me to implement, we leave that to the rest of 'em.In short in matters spiritual, ethical, material,
I am the very model of today's religious liberal.

Chorus members:
In short, in matters spiritual, ethical, material,
We are the very model of today's religious liberal.

good lawyer quotes

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Legal rights for unmarried couples : Law firm letterheads : San francisco bankruptcy lawyer

Legal Rights For Unmarried Couples

legal rights for unmarried couples

Lush Cosmetics supports marriage equality

Lush Cosmetics supports marriage equality

The British soap and bath solution company Lush runs many retail stores in the US, including this one on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

I am seeing a political statement here - and I am pleased. Lush has come out in support of Respect for Marriage Act, a proposed legislation in the US Congress to enable federal recognition of same-sex unions; it would repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriages Act, which banned federal recognition of same-sex unions and also allowed individual states to deny recognition to other states' same-sex unions. (No other marriages are subject to such denial of recognition; for example, while marrying one's first cousin is illegal in half the states, such a marriage, if done in a state where legal, is valid in every state.) Under US federal law, marriage has 1,138 specific benefits that are not available at all to unmarried couples, or married same-sex couples for that matter.

Allowing states to deny marriage recognition, combined with the ability to put up civil rights for popular vote (pretty bad idea, regardless of whose rights), resulted in a flurry of ballot initiatives enabling states to deny recognition of gay marriages. California had Proposition 22 in 2000 to do just that, and while it was declared unconstitutional in 2008 and gay marriages were legally started that year, they were stopped in just 4 1/2 months with a state constitutional amendment, Proposition 8, which is now, in turn, declared in violation of the US federal constitution. In California, a huge influx of theocratic immigrants thanks to partisan conservative immigration policies, and the inability of white liberals to put together messages that resonate with immigrant and ethnic communities (in a state that is nearing Latino majority), ensured passage of both 22 and 8.

Despite these trends, five states (Massachusetts, Iowa, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island) and the District of Columbia do allow gay marriages, and New York State would join that list a week after this photo was taken. Additionally, even though California and Maine had revoked their legalization of gay marriages (the only two jurisdictions in the world to ever do so), gay marriages performed in those states during the window of legality remain legal. But thanks to Defense of Marriage Act, these marriages only get state-level benefits, no federal benefits, on matters such as taxation and immigration.

Look, and you shall find/ ??????????

Look, and you shall find/ ??????????

About this shot:
A staged shot at Mengkuang Dam. Desparate for a couple silhouette shot, I actually approached and requested this young couple to pose for this shot

...and a long description about Chinese Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day!?

15th day of Chinese New Year marks the end of Chinese New Year celebration. A big day, with a lot of celebrations. Traditionally, unmarried Chinese girls are only allowed to get out of home to 'be seen' and many found their soulmate from this annual outing. It's since become Chinese Valentine's day...

Today, many unmarried Malaysian Chinese continue the tradition by gathering by the river/ sea/ lake for some activities e.g. solving riddle on the lanterns, but the main focus has to be throwing mandarin orange to the river, as it's believed that would bring luck to find their soulmate

According to the tradition, girls throw mandarin orange, and guys throw apple/ drum, as 'mandarin orange' rhymes with 'husband', and 'apple'/ 'drum' rhymes with 'wife' in Hokkian dialect. I only see madanrin orange being thrown nowadays, regardless of gender! hehe

legal rights for unmarried couples

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Law firms in charlotte - Lawyer definitions - Cincinnati lawyers referral.

Law Firms In Charlotte

law firms in charlotte



Charlotte was my low light guinea pig for my new lens :)

law firms in charlotte

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What is personal injury law. Family lawyers in miami.

What Is Personal Injury Law

what is personal injury law

despite what the look on my face in this photo might sest, today has been a really big deal

despite what the look on my face in this photo might sest, today has been a really big deal

My dad has a son, so I have a half brother. For all of our lives, we lived in different countries, and we never met. Oh, I'd seen pictures of him and heard things about him from my dad, and I helped my dad get through some of the paperwork involved in getting a passport and visa for my brother to come here, but in a way, I guess he always seemed more like a concept than a real person. Well, I met him for the very first time today. (If I'd known before I left the house today that this would be the day when I'd meet my brother for the very first time, I probably would've brought my camera with me, but I didn't know that today was going to be the day when I'd meet my brother for the very first time, because... well, let's just say that sometimes my dad is less than stellar at sharing information, so anyway, I have no photos at present to share with you so I could say "Hey! Look at that guy! He's my BROTHER!")

So anyway, it's a little weird and overwhelming and I'm sure I don't really get it yet, but... I've been waiting for this day for years, and I don't really know what to say. Today, January 16, 2010, I, at age 30, became a big sister.

What is it?

What is it?

I have been walking by this space in downtown San Antonio, Texas for two months and finally got a picture. The location is blocked off with a high chain link fence. It is located between two hotels on St. Mary's Street and the windows in the background overlook the riverwalk.

While taking the picture many passersby asked me what the ornamental booth is. I had to tell them I didn't know. Any ideas what it could be?

what is personal injury law

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List of law firms in washington dc - Traffic lawyer - Everything about lawyers.

List Of Law Firms In Washington Dc

list of law firms in washington dc

Tis Pity cast list

Tis Pity cast list

This is the cast list of the highly praised production by New Theatre-founded by Angelique Rockas - of Ford`s Jacobean tragedy
`T`is Pity she`s a Whore`, directed by Declan Donnellan and designed by
Nicholas Ormerod. Performed at Theatre Space and the Half Moon Theatre London in November 1980

Washington DC apartment, Willis "Pat" Patterson and Nina Lois Ray with first born Patricia (close up)

Washington DC apartment, Willis

Washington DC apartment, Willis "Pat" Patterson and Nina Lois Ray with first born Patricia. (close up)

list of law firms in washington dc

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Oil And Gas Attorney Houston Texas

oil and gas attorney houston texas

Houston Texas Old Sign 2009 Obama 2009 P5120725

Houston Texas Old  Sign 2009  Obama  2009 P5120725

Houston Texas Old Sign 2009 Obama

Houston Texas Old Road Sign P2192512

Houston Texas Old Road Sign P2192512

Houston Texas Old Road Sign

oil and gas attorney houston texas

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South Florida Personal Injury Attorney - Divorce Attorney In Illinois

South Florida Personal Injury Attorney

south florida personal injury attorney

Farewell to South Florida

Farewell to South Florida

I just realized I had not posted my photo from April 12th.

This was our last day in South Florida and we got up early to witness the sunrise over Hallandale Beach.

Durga Pujo 2006, South Florida (Miami-FortLauderdale-PalmBeach)

Durga Pujo 2006, South Florida (Miami-FortLauderdale-PalmBeach)

From one Durga Puja in Orlando to three in Florida now - Orlando, Tampa and South Florida (Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beach)! It's come a long way.

south florida personal injury attorney

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Studeni 2011 (12)


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