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Legal rights for unmarried couples : Law firm letterheads : San francisco bankruptcy lawyer

Legal Rights For Unmarried Couples

legal rights for unmarried couples

Lush Cosmetics supports marriage equality

Lush Cosmetics supports marriage equality

The British soap and bath solution company Lush runs many retail stores in the US, including this one on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

I am seeing a political statement here - and I am pleased. Lush has come out in support of Respect for Marriage Act, a proposed legislation in the US Congress to enable federal recognition of same-sex unions; it would repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriages Act, which banned federal recognition of same-sex unions and also allowed individual states to deny recognition to other states' same-sex unions. (No other marriages are subject to such denial of recognition; for example, while marrying one's first cousin is illegal in half the states, such a marriage, if done in a state where legal, is valid in every state.) Under US federal law, marriage has 1,138 specific benefits that are not available at all to unmarried couples, or married same-sex couples for that matter.

Allowing states to deny marriage recognition, combined with the ability to put up civil rights for popular vote (pretty bad idea, regardless of whose rights), resulted in a flurry of ballot initiatives enabling states to deny recognition of gay marriages. California had Proposition 22 in 2000 to do just that, and while it was declared unconstitutional in 2008 and gay marriages were legally started that year, they were stopped in just 4 1/2 months with a state constitutional amendment, Proposition 8, which is now, in turn, declared in violation of the US federal constitution. In California, a huge influx of theocratic immigrants thanks to partisan conservative immigration policies, and the inability of white liberals to put together messages that resonate with immigrant and ethnic communities (in a state that is nearing Latino majority), ensured passage of both 22 and 8.

Despite these trends, five states (Massachusetts, Iowa, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island) and the District of Columbia do allow gay marriages, and New York State would join that list a week after this photo was taken. Additionally, even though California and Maine had revoked their legalization of gay marriages (the only two jurisdictions in the world to ever do so), gay marriages performed in those states during the window of legality remain legal. But thanks to Defense of Marriage Act, these marriages only get state-level benefits, no federal benefits, on matters such as taxation and immigration.

Look, and you shall find/ ??????????

Look, and you shall find/ ??????????

About this shot:
A staged shot at Mengkuang Dam. Desparate for a couple silhouette shot, I actually approached and requested this young couple to pose for this shot

...and a long description about Chinese Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day!?

15th day of Chinese New Year marks the end of Chinese New Year celebration. A big day, with a lot of celebrations. Traditionally, unmarried Chinese girls are only allowed to get out of home to 'be seen' and many found their soulmate from this annual outing. It's since become Chinese Valentine's day...

Today, many unmarried Malaysian Chinese continue the tradition by gathering by the river/ sea/ lake for some activities e.g. solving riddle on the lanterns, but the main focus has to be throwing mandarin orange to the river, as it's believed that would bring luck to find their soulmate

According to the tradition, girls throw mandarin orange, and guys throw apple/ drum, as 'mandarin orange' rhymes with 'husband', and 'apple'/ 'drum' rhymes with 'wife' in Hokkian dialect. I only see madanrin orange being thrown nowadays, regardless of gender! hehe

legal rights for unmarried couples

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