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Cherry Blossom Baby Room

cherry blossom baby room

    cherry blossom
  • (Cherry Blossoms (Forever Knight)) Forever Knight is a Canadian television series about Nick Knight, an 800-year old vampire working as a police detective in modern day Toronto.

  • (Cherry Blossoms) Cherry Blossoms is one of the oldest and largest international marriage agencies still in operation today. It was established in 1974 as a picture catalog, but has now switched entirely to a web-based format.

  • Cherry Blossom is a type of chocolate bar produced by Hershey Canada Inc at their Canadian manufacturing facility in Smiths Falls, Ontario. The candy was originally manufactured by The Walter M. Lowney Company of Canada which was taken over by Hershey as a subsidiary brand.

    baby room
  • nursery: a child's room for a baby

  • Powdery lilac blend.

cherry blossom baby room - Skip Hop

Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Diaper Bag, Cherry Bloom

Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Diaper Bag, Cherry Bloom

Skip Hop Dash Deluxe - Cherry BloomWhere form and function meet.The Skip Hop DASH sports a hip, urban style with great functionality. With eleven roomy pockets, there is space for everything a baby needs, and a zippered compartment protects mom and dad's personal items. The Deluxe Edition includes the new Shuttle Clips; a unique strap and fastening system that allows the DASH to attach neatly and conveniently to the handlebars of any stroller and then convert into a cool, hip messenger-style diaper bag. When attached to the stroller, you can leave the shoulder strap attached or remove it for a cleaner look. The Dash now includes new magnetic closures throughout and a comfy shoulder pad.Diaper bag includes changing pad.Measurements- 12.25 L x 11.5 W x 4.25 H

87% (15)

Our cameras.

We had been spending our cash slow but by the afternoon, my wallet was empty. We were lucky to find a book and so I took out a few hundred dollars. It felt good having a stack in my back pocket again.

I've always been a giver. With Sam, I paid for all our plane tickets and travel. I must have been thinking that our relationship would last forever when I did. Or I wasn’t thinking at all. Friends why I would do that. I have nothing to say; sometimes there just isn’t a reason.

In the end, when we talked about the money, she said, “There is no fairness between a man and a woman. So be man.” I thought about how I had grind through two jobs before that summer in order to afford it. Be a man. Before Sam, another one told “You can’t take back what you give freely.”

This is true I guess.

A year and a half ago: I pause to think about the time that’s passed. It feels as old as a second childhood. I try my best not to be bitter and wish for some equitable peace. Someday.

Anne and I thought there would be a storm today. Even though the wind blew all night while we slept, nothing came. By morning, the winds were gone and the sky was clear of all low hanging clouds. I told Anne that this is how it would feel if she were to come see me in the States; we could drive along the coast to Monterrey maybe.

“We’re rich now. Let’s indulge ourselves,” I said.

The front window of the barbecue place the innkeeper told us about was cluttered with roast meats suspended from hooks. Low round wooden stools were used for chairs and the tabletops had a had a slight sticky surface. At one corner, a single fan rotated back and forth at the center of the restaurant. It blew the edge of Anne’s hair forward, just enough to graze her cheeks, during its return arc.

“This is the first time we’ve had so much meat on this trip,” I said.
“I can tell. I feel like you’ve become skinnier day after day. I’m worried what your mom will think about me when you go back.”
I laughed.
“It was worse when I got back from Hong Kong after that summer. I lost 25 pounds.”
“Did your mom say anything?”
“She said she felt like I was tortured.”
“Where you though?”
“No. They treated me very good, like I was their son. Must be the water over there. All the guy’s are damn skinny.”

We ate and watched the news on TV. They’d have the cherry blossom festival in the mountains.

Anne carried her camera with her. It was a nice Mamiya RB67. Like all the things she carried, it was in impeccable condition. It was also large and heavy and I couldn’t imagine how she got around with it in her bag. Now, I knew why she complained about her shoulders at night.

This was also the first day we consciously tried to take pictures.

“Let me check it out,” I said. I held it in the nest of my arm and tried to pop open the viewfinder. One of the metal flaps stuck. “How do you get this up?”
She took the camera back. “I’m worried you’re going to break it,” she said.
“I won’t. I baby all of my cameras.”

When I lived in my old flat, I brought almost all of my cameras. I felt that if I didn’t, who knew many years it would be before I would be able to use them again. It turned out, it would be sooner than I thought.

In the morning after I arrived, the first thing I did was take them out of my lage and line them up on the shelf in the living room. A SRT, a X-700, two Hi-Matic rangefinders, a broken XG-7 that had a light leak on the film back but which I kept decked with black electrical tape. Some other cameras too. I put all of them there.

The first camera that my father was a Minolta Maxxum. I suppose this is why I’m attached to my Minolta cameras. He got it with his first real pay check after coming to America and had used it to take pictures of my mom. The Maxxum was the first auto-focus camera in existence. “It was expensive, but your mom required auto-focus,” he said. When my siblings and I entered, the camera was then focused on us. After the first separation, he gave it up until I took it out of the storage rental unit he had.

When I noticed the etchings and crackings that the fungus made on the inside of my lens, I moved the cameras into the bedroom drawers, away from the humidity. Sam and I were always buying packs of silicone dehumidifier bags from the Japan Home Centre down the street. We put them in with the cameras and hoped to keep them dry. She was always annoyed by how much I care about them.

I regret being so absorbed by photography when I was there. There were hardly any pictures of our relationship. I told myself I wouldn’t have any regrets this time.

“There you go,” Anne said, “Don’t try to force it next time.”
She handed me her camera again, this time with the viewfinder already open. I leaned over it.

It was much brighter than I expected. With the black dust specks on the glass, I felt witness to an old Japanese film as I shifted her in and out of focus against the backdrop of fences and ivies. I knew I was in contr

it's pretty bad when even i'm at a loss for words

it's pretty bad when even i'm at a loss for words

so, the fact that these photos even exist is due to a few super cool people...

first off, aimee, b/c if she hadn't asked repeatedly... i'd never have bothered...

and, then to leslie and ross for moral support and camera help :)

ugh. i am so exhausted. and, i officially have 4 hours in which to put all of these dolls back where they came from before my sister gets home from a 12 hr hospital shift and beats me to death for doing this to the staircase which leads up to her room...

cherry blossom baby room

cherry blossom baby room

Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag, Cherry Bloom

Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag A versatile bag you'll want to keep long after your child is out of their stroller, the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag is a stylish tote with all the storage you need. The patent-pending Shuttle Clips allow you to attach the Skip Hop Diaper Bag to any stroller, and when your leaving the stroller behind, just attach the shoulder straps with removable shoulder pad. With a cushioned changing pad and side bottle pocket, this is the only bag you'll need for your litt

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