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Songs For Trumpet

songs for trumpet

  • A brass musical instrument with a flared bell and a bright, penetrating tone. The modern instrument has the tubing looped to form a straight-sided coil, with three valves

  • An organ reed stop with a quality resembling that of a trumpet

  • proclaim on, or as if on, a trumpet; "Liberals like to trumpet their opposition to the death penalty"

  • cornet: a brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone; has a narrow tube and a flared bell and is played by means of valves

  • play or blow on the trumpet

  • Something shaped like a trumpet, esp. the tubular corona of a daffodil flower

  • A musical composition sestive of a song

  • (song) a distinctive or characteristic sound; "the song of bullets was in the air"; "the song of the wind"; "the wheels sang their song as the train rocketed ahead"

  • A short poem or other set of words set to music or meant to be sung

  • Singing or vocal music

  • (song) a short musical composition with words; "a successful musical must have at least three good songs"

  • (song) the act of singing; "with a shout and a song they marched up to the gates"

Trumpets of solarity

Trumpets of solarity

But listen—those famous poets
everyone studied in school—they got stirred up
among plants we don’t know here: box privet or acanthus.
As for me, I love the roads that shrivel
into parched, weed-cluttered
ditches where boys
catch a skinny eel or two in a puddle;
the paths that follow the banks and sidle
down between clumps of cane
and put you down in the lemon groves, among the trees.

Better that the clamor of the birds
should exhaust itself, be swallowed
into the blue hole overhead;
then one can hear the private
whisper of branch to branch
while the air hardly moves,
and the meanings of that odor
which is just the earth and nothing else
as a mildness enters the heart in gusts like rain.
Here by a miracle the striving
of frustrate passions is stilled,
here even we, the poorest, find a fortune—
and it is the scent of the lemons.

Understand—in the silence in which each thing
puts off its guard and seems ready
to give itself away altogether,
one hopes to detect a lapse of Nature,
the blind spot of the world, the gap in the chain,
the tangled thread which, if followed, leads
into the innermost cell of a truth.
In the fragrance that blooms
as the day languishes further,
your eyes rummage the dark
and the mind searches combines distinguishes.
These are the silences in which one sees
in each retreating human shade
some surprised Divinity.

But the dream fails and time returns
us to the raucous towns where the sky
shows only in broken pieces pinched high
between the cornices of buildings.
Now rain tires the earth, winter dullness
heaps upon the houses,
the daylight grows grudging, the soul is grim.
When one day through a gate left open
there appears among the trees in a courtyard
the yellow light of lemons;
and the icy heart melts
as in the breast roar
their songs,
the gold trumpets of solarity.

Eugenio Montale, The lemons.

February 24th 2007

Trumpets & Percussion

Trumpets & Percussion

The TWHS Highlander Marching Band plays the school fight song as the football team takes the field. Opening game for the 2009 season.

songs for trumpet

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