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Best slow cooker stew - How to make cookies at home

Best Slow Cooker Stew

best slow cooker stew

Niki 67/365

Niki 67/365

Spent the first part of my morning out on the porch with Belle and PFC. It
was lovely, I caught up on my missed radio shows and did some knitting.
Belle was happy sitting in my lap it was lovely and very relaxing. I love
the quiet moments here, with the sun filtering through the tree, the cool
light breeze... it was wonderful.

I'm sad that I don't love this place like I thought I could. My dreams have
been filled with Oregon, fond memories, and I wake up and have to make the
best of life here. I don't want to sound ungrateful. I live in a beautiful
part of California. A big part of what's driving me to move are the
friendships that are up in Oregon. Two of my dearest friends live in the
Portland area. People who I have things in common with, who would go to the
coast, go to the mountains, go adventuring.

I am grateful for the two animals in my life, my sweet neighbor who today
shared her slow cooker stew with me... there are things I will miss here.
But I feel starting my life up there just makes more sense. For now, I
fight to get through every single week.

its ma bean crock eh !

its ma bean crock eh !

Bean crock (les pais au fou) can best be described as a sort of Norman cassoulet. It is a slow-cooked pork and bean stew, most authentically containing a pig's trotter water and onions. In the past the dish was so ubiquitous that English-speaking visitors, purporting to believe that the people of Jersey ate nothing else, dubbed the inhabitants Jersey beans

36 hours in my slow cooker......delicious !!

best slow cooker stew

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