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Asha maharaj cookbook - Slow cooked bbq ribs - Cook county illinois cemeteries.

Asha Maharaj Cookbook

asha maharaj cookbook

HH Chatrappati Sambhaji Maharaj

HH Chatrappati  Sambhaji Maharaj

I met the erstwhile scion of Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj at Raigad Fort where he was the chief guest to a Rapelling event, the royal figure is the most endearing humble and a charming human personality, he shook my hands and I told him that it wasmy tryst wth destiny to shake hands that had the blood of our great Warrior King Chattrapati Shivaji running through him..
Such a huge distinguished heritage and lineage..
He invited me to his New Palace in Kolhapur but somehow I could never make it..
I have till date never forgotten him, the true spirit of Maharashtra...the state to which I belong..
Without seeing my pictures and I was not colofully dressed he said I know you shoot from the Heart..
Yes I did shoot him from the soul of my Heart..
Hearty Greetings Noble Sir.

Vaman Dattatreya Shri Gulwani Maharaj

Vaman Dattatreya Shri Gulwani Maharaj

Paramhans Prabhu Baa was blessed with diksha by Vaman Dattatreya Shri Gulwani Maharaj of Pune (Mah.). In his lifetime Prabhu Baa has seen his Sadguru only once at the time of receiving Diksha Patra from Sadguru.

asha maharaj cookbook

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