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Flowers physical therapy - Table flower decorations - Drawings of flowers in a vase

Flowers Physical Therapy

flowers physical therapy

flowers physical therapy - Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates - 5/pack - Flower on Red

Gift Certificates - 5/pack - Flower on Red

Let those who are familiar with your wonderful services spread the word for you and offer their friends, loved ones or employees an extraordinary gift at the same time. A small investment in an elegant gift certificate can result in years of repeat visits from a new client.
Gift Certificates measure 8.25" x 3.25" folded.
All Gift Certificates come with record-keeping stubs,1" gold seals, and matching envelopes!
Gift Certificates are sold in packs of 5.
Front: A Gift
Inside: Restore your healthy glow Replenish your spirit
Orchids Gift Certificate
Whole You Collage
Front: A Gift...for the whole you
Inside: Blank
Whole You Collage Gift Certificate
Flower on Red
Front: Nurture Body Mind & Soul
Inside: A Gift
Flower on Red Gift Certificate
Front: A gift
Inside: Relax and Revitalize: A gift for your good health and well-being.
Celestial Gift Certificate
Birthday Leaves
Front: Happy Birthday!
Inside: On your birthday -- a one-of-a-kind gift just for you!
Birthday Leaves Gift Certificate
Front: Yoga!
Inside: A Gift to Balance Body and Mind
Yoga Gift Certificate

86% (5)

23.365 - "And in my dreams I was a child. Flowers in my mouth and in my eyes. And I was floating through the colours of a sky. Up to the stars and angels." - The Cure

23.365 -

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve grown increasingly frustrated by a flare in my chronic back pain. I was diagnosed around 2002 with Degenerative Disc Disease, which is actually a very common disorder, but while most people never show symptoms of disc degeneration, I was symptomatic at a pretty young age. I had tests run by a neurosurgeon who showed me the lack of oxygen in the discs in my lower spine in the MRI. Fortunately he was the type of doctor that didn’t want to do surgery on someone so young and instead sent me to Physical Therapy and sested a life of yoga, swimming, and not lifting refrigerators under any circumstances.

While I’m able to do most day-to-day things without pain, after washing my car a couple of Sundays ago, I started having pain. While most of the time I feel fortunate that I don’t experience pain very often, I was depressed by it yesterday because it was day 14 of consistent pain, and frankly, it was frustrating that it hurts to do simple stuff like laundry and folding clothes. It also hurts to sit for too long, and when I rise from sitting, I can’t straighten my back for at least ten paces.

Yesterday evening, some relief came in the form of my biweekly massage (best benefit ever!). And even though it didn’t fix all the pain, I felt optimistic that it would go away soon with just a little more rest and care.

In regards to the photo of the day, every two weeks, I drive to massage therapy through part of the countryside (Jonesville, which is outside of Gainesville), and this is the view (assuming it’s not raining) I have on the way home most of the time.

I felt a lot more optimistic about things and convinced the HB to meet me for ice cream (although, it didn’t take much convincing!). I had my favorite from Baskin Robbins — a 1/2 scoop of rocky road and a 1/2 scoop of mint chocolate chip (= one scoop).

So, all in all, my day balanced out. My frustration from the day was met with very good things; things that remind you to have patience and that it will all be okay.

Morbidity and Mortality

Morbidity and Mortality

This was alive when my friend gave it to me in April, a couple of days was the super chili plant I also neglected. Whoops. I've gotten kind of bad about taking care of my plants. I blame the knee, but it is probably more because I am lazy and mentally preoccupied, since it should not be that difficult to water plants once or twice a week.

An exchange I had with a friend the morning of June 30th, the day of my almost-three-month post-op appointment with JML3, two weeks after my return from Boston in mid-June where my knee swelled up and I was convinced I was screwed despite the reassurances of my physical therapist. I was hopped on COX inhibitors:

Me: Fear and angst consume me. My appointment is at one-thirty.....
Friend: You're too paranoid. You should ask for medical marijuana to calm your nerves

At this dreaded appointment, JML3 said I could begin jogging the following week (after July 4th). Ha. I don't think robo-doctor was paying attention to my then exploding non-functional knee.

A while back, I read this in a paper somewhere and found it rather disturbing:

Clinical knee joint biomechanics are impaired after ACL injury, in terms of kinematics and neuromuscular control. Current ACL reconstruction techniques do not seem to fully restore normal physiology of the movement. Excessive tibial rotation is still present in high-demanding activities and impairment of neuromuscular control may persist even though muscle strength is reinstated. These abnormal biomechanical patterns may lead to loading of cartilage areas which are not commonly loaded in the healthy knee and longitudinally can lead to osteoarthritis.

I'm going to eat a spoonful of Jacques Torres's Wicked Hot Chocolate, because that stuff is sick--orally orgiastic, I mean.

flowers physical therapy

flowers physical therapy

3 in1 Flower Gel Mat

Sitting pretty: Help your child blossom socially with the 3in1 Flower Gel Mat. When used as a floor seat, this comfy, fun and functional gel-filled flower mat helps children grasp the concept of personal space - pretty petals provides the perfect resting spot. Can also be used on the table for sensory and tactile activities; or try it as a comfy, soothing lap pad that will keep them calm and engaged. The cool feel of the gel is stimulating and can provide hours of tactile and visual sensory fun while improving finger strength, dexterity and eye-to-hand coordination.

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