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Plastic To Cover Windows. Plantation Shutters Tampa. Ceiling Mounted Drapery Track.

Plastic To Cover Windows

plastic to cover windows

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My window!

My window!

I left work and got to my car and I tried to roll down my window. All I heard was a "bang" and now my window is broken. I had to rush to the service department at 4pm and they were nice enough to cover the repair and pull a loaner out of a hat. (Loaners are normally a month wait) And I got the last replacement window. The service guy said the window is held by plastic clips which if it breaks, you need a new window. So dumb! Re-Tint alone is gonna cost me big $$. :( Anyways... Becuase the dealer is one block from the Lego store, I got to go see what's up.

cat in a pot

cat in a pot

i made a new pot bed for oscar. this one he actually fits in comfortably. this is where he loves to sleep now that it's warm out. he won't lie in his plastic bin anymore - I guess it's too hot. he's only here right now because it was raining. he hates getting wet.

this pot is just below the base of the window. from my position right now at the dining table, all i can see is the tip of that ear. :-) I made sure to use a pot that was high enough for him to sit and stare in. he always has to check out what we're all doing in here.

plastic to cover windows

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