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Le Chene Hotel Guernsey 13-19 May

Le Chene  Hotel Guernsey 13-19 May

Le Chene Hotel - every morning and evening Goldie and I walked to the traffic lights, turmed left and went down to the woods exploring - it eventually leads to beach and cliff path. One morning Goldie caught a rabbit and we had a long discussion and chase - she wanted to keep it to take it back to hotel - I wanted it to run in the woods. Finally she dropped the rabbit and it scampered off, physically unhurt but mentally and emotionally scarred.

Friday 15 May
6am up and walk thro woods.
After breakfast we walked to get No 6 bus at crossroads - Chris driver, met Micky on bus.
Went into Tourist Info Office to use computer to try to work out how to get from Weymouth to Bristol. Rang Radio Jersey spoke to Lisa.
10.30am Sarah Walker rang from Radio Berkshire pre-recorded interview - good.
10.45 we got No 7 bus to Pleinmont - driver Ivor. We planned to walk round point but the sky was glowering at us so Goldie and I went on the beach for a run. Then the sky split open and, whether we wanted it or not, we got a shower with full pressure on. We managed to get back to the bus shelter before we were completely soaked.
Chris pulled up in his bus and we jumped on. Chris gave a running commentary of what we might see as he drove along the coast - I managed to discern the Camel and Lion Rocks he pointed out. I chatted to Mavis and Ron from Kent.
We got off bus in town and we set off to find the Elim Church for a coffee. We found it in Union Street and had a lovely chat with Ministers Malcolm and Sandy.
3.30pm we got the 6N bus to Bray Road to look for Guernsey Press I got off at the wrong end and had a long walk to find it. (NB it is next to Alliance which I have since found is a cut price grocery store)
Inside the press offices everyone was warmly welcoming. I was interviewed by Amy and Jules.
Chris Raynor rang from Radio Jersey to make an appointment for 5.30pm Mon. Sorry Goldie - it's only a short journey!
From the press offices we walked to The Road near the sea to get a bus from Halfway to the Ferry Terminal. Arrived there 5.30pm and booked ferry for Monday - Matt was really kind and helpful.
We walked into town and we were starving. Dix Neuf restaurant said I could sit outside with Goldie and eat. I talked to Karen who has a clothes shop in town. The meal was excellent - lamb shank mash and veg ?17
7.15pm we got the No 7 bus - driver Helen with trainee.
back to Le Chene - a walk in the woods and then bed.

Saturday 16 March
Went to St Martins on bus to find dog food and bed and see vet to help Goldie overcome trauma of ferry travel.
Outside M&S met Judy and Sue who offered to look after Goldie whilst I went into shop. When I asked them where Charity Shops were they asked what i wanted and when i said I needed something for dog cage they offered me a dog bed!
Vet could not give me anything for Goldie so sested milk before ferry trip.
Sue drove me back to Le Chene.
12.25 bus 7 to Town - driver Craig. Met Tom photographer from press - photos in bus station.
13.35 No 3 bus to Varazon Kiosk. Walked along beach up to Mont Saint and Kings Mill (met Nicole and Rick marathon walkers who put donation in box)and so to Saumarez Park. Salvatore in cafe - steak and salad and chips.
Went for bus - Judy pulled up in car and drove us back to le Chene.

Sunday 17 May
Rained heavily all night.
7am went for walk. Sue and Judy came at 8am with dog bed and milk (they have a milk round)
After breakfats we walked to Petit Bot and on to Le Gouffre. A beautiful sunny day with clear views from cliffs over sea. We met John and Margaret from Nottingham. Walked up to Occupation Museum - Dorothy let Goldie sit outside whilst I had a quick look round.
Went to forest Church met minister Linda - invited for coffee - lovely friendly people.
Walked to bus stop - raining. Pam and Kelvin gave us a lift to Longfire (Kelvin will show me walks round island when we come again)
Longfire hotel had roast beef and veg - ?7.95. We sat outdied and only half way through the sky ripped open again - so Goldie got the meat and I rammed the vegetables down.
As soon as the rain abated we set off to walk to St peter's Church - the aisle slopes upwards! From there we followed the winding lanes to The Road to get a bus. The rain was driving down. At the road I decided to walk to the bus shelter at The Imperial Hotel. There we were rescued by Steve driving the No 7 bus. We met Lorraine from Wiltshire.
Steve told me where to get off bus to find ATM machine and then it was to the bus station for the 4.15pm No 7 bus, driver Ivor, to Le Chene.
We stripped off and I tried to dry us both and all our wet things - I had to have a dry rucksack and our PCUK T shirts for the trip to Jersey the day after.
The sun came out and we had a walk with Susan and Alison who were staying in the hotel. - they gave a donation of ?5
And so to bed.

hotel price bot

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