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Baby in the corner t shirt - Made in the usa t shirts - Vintage journey concert t shirt.

Baby In The Corner T Shirt

baby in the corner t shirt

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wet seat

wet seat

I was wooed by the shpiel of the rep on the first day in Zante this summer. She told us that Laganas had the most beautiful sandy beach where every evening flocks of turtles would visit to lay their eggs. From the way she spoke of this glorious event I imagined them to be piling up with every wave that reached the shore, that when I reached the beach the sun would have been partially blocked out by their shells. My suspicions should have been raised when she continued her introduction to the island and told us how great it is to watch the sunset rising.

First opportunity I got I set off on my mission to become ‘one’ with the turtles. I reached the beach after a harrowing walk down ‘the strip’ where I was now too old to be encouraged inside for ten free shots and a wet t-shirt. In Laganas the beach appears to be made of cement powder and is multi purpose, used as a coach park and also as a place for al-fresco fornication. Where were my turtles going to be in all this?

It reaches it’s widest point at about a metre deep from the edge of the sea to your first watered down shot and every few metres a cluster of umbrella poles have been thrust deep into the sand. Apparently every hole dug, every disturbed bit of sand could be where a turtle has laid her eggs. Every hole I came to was filled with beer cans. I was convinced that I was just missing them, just a mile more along this trickle of cement and I shall round the headland to be dazzled by the sight of a glistening aquamarine coloured cove with mountains of eggs just hatching. Blonde Adonis-like conservationists would be talking gently to each hatchling, encouraging it to make the most of it’s life and not to get mixed up with drugs. Holding its flipper they would lead it to the water’s edge and and kiss it goodbye, then turn, muscles rippling and look for another baby to nurture whilst they had no shirt on and were twitching their pecs.
Around each corner the sand became slightly more like rubble, there came a point where I didn’t think that even a turtle with a turtle’s head would have the determination to dig through 6ft of concrete.
As I stumbled back over craggy boulders and oil barrels I replayed in my head the words of the rep, I wondered if I had misunderstood; were turtles some kind of slang term for the pairs of teenagers at waist height in the water gyrating and moaning? Were they some kind of man who hangs out in the bars in the evening ‘laying eggs’ – is that a term for dealing drugs? I decide that it has all been some elaborate prank to humiliate gullible tourists and that I shall return home to jeers of, “Oh you didn’t fall for that turtle nonsense did you?” I would forever resent turtles and feel ridiculed by them and each time one was mentioned in conversation (which happens often when you are around men) My face would seize up on one side and tick slightly. I couldn’t face the embarrassment if it wasn’t in fact a joke and I was the only person in the whole of Zante to have missed the tidal wave of shelled creatures. So I stumped up the cash to go on a turtle spotting boat trip. I didn’t see a single turtle but we seemed to hit a lot of floating rocks with our propellers.

Baby Ben. 2/365.

Baby Ben. 2/365.

Inspiration: Regina Spektor- "Lady"

Corner street societies
But they believe her
They never leave her
While she sings she make them feel things
She says, i can sing this song so blue
That you will cry in spite of you
Little wet tears on your baby's shoulder
Little wet tears on your baby's shoulder

And I have walked these streets so long
There ain't nothing right, there ain't nothing wrong
But the little wet tears on my baby's shoulder
The little wet tears on your baby's shoulder

i'm not sure why, but out of all the ones I took of this "shoot" this one stood out to me. Maybe it was my collarbones. Hah.

I'm wearing my strapless American Eagle shirt. This is probably the first times I have ever worn it!

So, I had this idea in my head (you know, these pictures always look way cooler in my mind than when I actually take them. I need to learn how to use photoshop.) all day! But just to follow these rules of 365, I made sure I took this at midnight. It actually was around 12:10 or so when I finally got set up, but it's technically day 2. =] I think I'm doing pretty good.
I have a bunch of ideas for the next few days...let's just hope they turn out okay and I can actually get them done. After these ideas run out....I think I'm screwed. hah. I'm not so creative when it comes to photography just yet.

baby in the corner t shirt

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