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The Fashion Model Directory - New 2011 Fashion Trends

The Fashion Model Directory

the fashion model directory

    fashion model
  • mannequin: a woman who wears clothes to display fashions; "she was too fat to be a mannequin"

  • A model (from Middle French modele), sometimes called a mannequin, is a person who is employed for the purpose of displaying and promoting fashion clothing or other products and for advertising or promotionall purposes or who poses for works of art.

  • (Fashion modeling) Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Allure.

  • (computer science) a listing of the files stored in memory (usually on a hard disk)

  • A file that consists solely of a set of other files (which may themselves be directories)

  • A book of directions for the conduct of Christian worship, esp. in Presbyterian and Roman Catholic Churches

  • A book listing individuals or organizations alphabetically or thematically with details such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers

  • Folder, directory, catalog, or drawer, in computing, is a virtual container within a digital file system, in which groups of computer files and other folders can be kept and organized.

  • an alphabetical list of names and addresses

the fashion model directory - The Model

The Model and Talent 2002 Directory, Volume 21 The International Directory of Model

The Model and Talent 2002 Directory, Volume 21 The International Directory of Model

The one professional resource that sits on the desk of almost every agency in the world. This is the book that aspiring talent looking for representation must have, and it's the only resource of its kind, listing over 2,000 agencies from around the world and the services that support the modeling industry, including * U.S. Modeling Agencies * International Modeling Agencies * Canadian Modeling Agencies * Talent Agencies * Personal Managers * Modeling Associations * Modeling Conventions * Modeling Schools * Scouting Companies * Casting Directors * Composite Card Printers. The Model & Talent Directory is the one resource you need to find the names, addresses and phone numbers to begin an amazing career in the modeling industry!

84% (11)

Casa Del Shai: Modavia Fashion Directory 16

Casa Del Shai:  Modavia Fashion Directory 16

Casa del Shai - Pula Pod Dress
Model : Miss Vixie Rayna
Photographer: Julie Hastings

Modavia Fashion Directory 16

I was so very honored to model Shai Delacroix' Pula Pod dress, it was inspired by Lee McQueen and it's truly genius. Thank you Julie for the wonderful work on this photo and the fun time on the shoot :)) Thank you to Poptart Lilliehook for all the amazing opportunities and fun I get to have as Modavia Super!

Modavia Fashion Directory XII

Modavia Fashion Directory XII

Pic courtesy Cherie Parker for Modavia Fashion Directory

The most amazing fashion directory is now available on the grid!Incredible designers, wonderful photographers and the most popular models on the grid "the Modavia Supermodels"

Mimmi and Poptart for *OC* : baci Elettra tesoro!!!!

Hair, outfit and skin by *OC* Orage creations
Mimmi jewels: "Mimmi set" white by Gems and kisses

the fashion model directory

the fashion model directory

The Truth On Modeling

Avoid the pitfalls and start your career on the right foot! Written candidly by a working model, THE TRUTH ON MODELING exposes the modeling industry and teaches beginner models (and their parents) how to reap the benefits of this exciting career without getting scammed or wasting time and money. Chock full of "inside" information as well as a listing of agencies by State. No one interested or involved in modeling should be without the information in this book.
THE TRUTH ON MODELING- Knowledge is power. With modeling, as with any profession, the more you know...the fewer mistakes you'll make and the more successful you'll be.

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