nedjelja, 17.12.2006.


sophie.. knowledge is your name
it's not what i do but what i am
that you go straight to
as if it was.. as if it was... you

maybe "a soulmate" i sto excessive,
madness is dominant or is it recessive?
i really don't want a definition..
..just play by ear if you're a musician
..just improvise to this if yo're a musician

Sophie.. you see...
... the weakest part of me
...who let you see through?
it wasn't me, you simply do...

so free.. mentally we're intertwined
you know this words before the song begins
corpulate the feeling of mind-reading
revealing inner stiches still somewhat bleeding..

it is your look that makes me feel so afraid
reading all that's sad and sick and frayed
i still don't know should I and how to take it
..but before you i always stand naked..
..for some reason i am out here naked

Sophie.. you see...
... the deepest part of me
...who gave you the key?
it wasn't me, it wasn't me...'s just your own skill
..upon my own skin...

@ by Arianna 2006

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