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Gold Dust Buyers

gold dust buyers

    gold dust
  • the particles and flakes (and sometimes small nets) of gold obtained in placer mining

  • Fine particles of gold

  • Aurinia saxatilis (Basket of Gold, Goldentuft alyssum, Golden Alyssum, Gold-dust, Golden-tuft alyssum, Golden-tuft madwort, Rock madwort; syn. Alyssum saxatile L., Alyssum saxatile L. var. compactum Hort.) is an ornamental plant native to Asia and Europe.

  • Gold Dust is a live album by English folk rock singer Sandy Denny released in 1997. It documents one of Denny's last public performances and was recorded at the Royalty Theatre, Portugal Street, London on 27 November 1977.

  • A buyer is any person who contracts to acquire an asset in return for some form of consideration.

  • A person who makes a purchase

  • A person employed to select and purchase stock or materials for a large retail or manufacturing business, etc

  • (buyer) a person who buys

  • (buying) the act of buying; "buying and selling fill their days"; "shrewd purchasing requires considerable knowledge"

gold dust buyers - UltraAudio Optical

UltraAudio Optical TosLink Cable

UltraAudio Optical TosLink Cable


24k gold-plated RCA connectors deliver enhanced contact pressure for improved signal transfer
Dual balanced high purity copper conductors for extremely accurate sound reproduction
Directional signal flow cable with markings for correct hook-up and optimum signal transfer
Heavy-duty silicone O-ring seal blocks moisture and dust
Ultra-pure fiber delivers distortion-free signals
Precision polished end-face for optimal coupling
CL2 rated cable for in-wall installation
Installer white box packaging

81% (10)

BIKE-ADVENTURE : This little residue - that's it ! / Dieser winzige Rückstand - das ist es !

BIKE-ADVENTURE : This little residue - that's it ! / Dieser winzige Rückstand - das ist es !

We were really surprised by this first attempt : In the conical center of the pan just a pinch of the precious gold dust had been left ! The guy explained that this is a positive sinal for a good gold area. Of course, they don't extract the gold by this primitive way anymore - the group has a big generator (driven by gasoline) which sucks and transports the river gravel to a construction of three screens - a wide-meshed one, a middle-sized one under it, and a fine-one at last - this way the gold-grains are seperated from gravel and earth. As the gold-buyer told me, his group of about 10 diggers assemble between 500 to 600 grams a month - sometimes more and sometimes less.

Wir waren erstaunt, dass dies gleich beim ersten Versuch klappte : Im vertieften Zentrum der Waschpfanne war tatsachlich etwa eine Messerspitze voll Gold zu sehen ! Der Mann erklarte uns, dass dies ein positives Signal fur eine goldhaltige Gegend sei. Naturlich arbeiten diese Manner nicht allein auf diese primitive Art und Weise, sondern sie haben einen mit Kerosin betriebenen Generator (bezahlt vom Aufkaufer), welcher durch ein Rohr das Bachbett absaugt und dieses Material auf eine Konstruktion transportiert, die im Wesentlichen aus drei Sieben besteht - einem groben, einem mittleren und einem feinmaschigen - auf diese Weise werden die Goldkornchen von Erde und Sand getrennt. Wie der Goldaufkaufer uns anvertraute, erarbeitet seine Gruppe von 10 Mannern zirka 500 - 600 Gramm pro Monat - manchmal mehr und manchmal weniger.

Gold Dust

Gold Dust

Sights and sounds pull me back down another year.
I was here....
Whipping past the reflecting pool, me and you skipping school, hmm.
And we make it up as we go along. We make it up as we go along.

How did it go so fast, you'll say,
As we are looking back, and then we'll understand,
We held gold dust in our hands.

gold dust buyers

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