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27.10.2011., četvrtak


Best Diets To Lose Weight Quickly - Calories Of Fruits And Vegetables.

Best Diets To Lose Weight Quickly

best diets to lose weight quickly

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European Starling (panography)

European Starling  (panography)

European Starling
Sturnus vulgaris Order PASSERIFORMES - Family STURNIDAE
Beginning with 100 individuals introduced into Central Park in New York City in the early 1890s, the European Starling has become one of the most numerous birds on the North American continent. Its successful spread is believed to have come at the expense of many native birds that compete with the starling for nest holes.
Cool Facts
All the European Starlings in North America descended from 100 birds released in New York's Central Park in the early 1890s. A group dedicated to introducing America to all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare's works set the birds free. Today, European Starlings range from Alaska to Florida and northern Mexico, and their population is estimated at over 200 million birds.
Although the sexes look very similar, they do show some subtle differences. The male tends to be larger, more iridescent, and have longer throat feathers, but some females can be larger, more glossy, and have longer feathers than some males. During breeding when they have yellow bills, the base of a male's lower mandible is blue-gray, while the female's is pinkish. The male's eyes are a uniform deep brown, but the female has a narrow, lighter colored ring around the outer edge. In confusing cases, some males four years old or older can develop a faint ring in the eye, and some older females can lose it.
A female European Starling may try to lay an egg in the nest of another female. A female that tries this parasitic tactic often is one that could not get a mate early in the breeding season. The best females find mates and start laying early. The longer it takes to get started, the lower the probability of a nest's success. Those parasitic females may be trying to enhance their own breeding efforts during the time that they cannot breed on their own.
topSize: 20-23 cm (8-9 in)
Wingspan: 31-40 cm (12-16 in)
Weight: 60-96 g (2.12-3.39 ounces)
Stocky, black bird.
Short, square-tipped tail.
Pointed, triangular wings.
Long pointed bill, yellow in breeding season.
Shimmering green and purple feathers in spring.
Wings black with brown edges.
Body feathers long, thin, and pointed.
Undertail feathers broadly edged in white.
Eyes dark brown.
Legs reddish brown.
Breeding (Alternate) Plumage:Head and body black with purple and green sheen. Some buff spotting on back and undersides. Bill yellow.
Winter (Basic) Plumage: Feathers glossy black heavily spotted with cream or white spots on tips. Bill dark gray-brown or black.
Sex Differences
Sexes similar.
Juvenile drab gray-brown all over, shaped like adult. In the fall, molting birds may have patches of gray and black.
Similar Species
Blackbirds have slimmer bodies, longer tails, and shorter, thicker bills. No blackbird has a yellow bill or pale legs.
Juvenile and female Brown-headed Cowbirds are colored very similarly to a juvenile starling. The cowbird has a longer tail, a slimmer body, and a much stouter and shorter bill.
Song is a rather quiet series of rattles and whistled notes, often containing mimicry of other bird species. Flight call a purring "prurrp."
Resident from eastern Alaska to Newfoundland and throughout the United States into northern Mexico. Native to northern half of Eurasia. Introduced into South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, and some of the West Indies.
Winter Range
Winters throughout breeding range, but also southward into central Mexico and the Caribbean.
Uses a variety of habitats with open country, fields, and trees for nesting; especially near people in agricultural and urban areas.
Broad diet of many kinds of invertebrates, fruits, grains, seeds, and garbage.
Forages in open, grassy areas. Feeds in large flocks, often with blackbird species.
Nest Type
Nests in cavity; cavity filled with grass or pine needles and other things, such as feathers, paper, plastic, string, and rootlets. Nests located 2-60 feet above ground, average 10-25 feet.
Egg Description
Color: Bluish or greenish white, unmarked.
Size: 26.9-31.8 mm x 19.1-22.9 mm.
(1.06-1.25 in x 0.75-0.90 in)
Incubation period: 12 days.
Clutch Size
3-6 eggs.
Condition at Hatching
Helpless, with sparse grayish down.
Chicks fledge in 21-23 days.
Conservation Status
Introduced into North America in the 1890s, the European Starling quickly spread across the continent. It is a fierce competitor for nest cavities, and frequently expels native bird species. It is believed to be responsible for a decline in native cavity-nesting bird populations, but a study in 2003 found few actual effects on populations of 27 native species. Only sapsuckers showed declines because of starlings, and other species appeared to be holding their own against the invaders. You can help scientists learn more about this species by participating in the Celebrate Urban Birds! project.
Other Names
L'etourneau sansonnet (French)
Estornino pinto (Spanish)



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best diets to lose weight quickly

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