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Benge trumpet serial number. Guitar sheet music tablature.

Benge Trumpet Serial Number

benge trumpet serial number

    serial number
  • the unique code that identifies your bicycle, also referred to as a frame number.

  • A number showing the position of an item in a series, esp. one printed on paper currency or on a manufactured article for the purposes of identification

  • A serial number is a unique number assigned for identification which varies from its successor or predecessor by a fixed discrete integer value.

  • (SERIAL NUMBERING) The numbering of a printed product in sequential order. Usually for tracking and accountability.

  • proclaim on, or as if on, a trumpet; "Liberals like to trumpet their opposition to the death penalty"

  • play or blow on the trumpet

  • An organ reed stop with a quality resembling that of a trumpet

  • cornet: a brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone; has a narrow tube and a flared bell and is played by means of valves

  • Something shaped like a trumpet, esp. the tubular corona of a daffodil flower

  • A brass musical instrument with a flared bell and a bright, penetrating tone. The modern instrument has the tubing looped to form a straight-sided coil, with three valves

  • Benge is the 'Poison Oracle' used by the Azande of Central Africa, mainly in Southern Sudan, in which a decision is determined by whether or not a fowl survives being administered a poison. The outcome of the oracle can be taken as law in certain circumstances when a Zande Chief is present.

Harvey Benge - 'Victory of the Trivial' @ Satellite Gallery

Harvey Benge - 'Victory of the Trivial' @ Satellite Gallery

Micheal Craig at the opening of Harvey Benge's exhibition 'Victory of the Trivial' @ Satellite Gallery, August 26th - September 7th 2008

benge trumpet serial number

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