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Beer can solar heater - Fan heater supplier.

Beer Can Solar Heater

beer can solar heater

    solar heater
  • a heater that makes direct use of solar energy

  • Solar water heating (SWH) systems are a mature renewable energy technology which have been accepted in most countries for many years. SWH has been widely used in Israel, Australia, Japan, Austria and China.

    beer can
  • "A cylindrical inflatable bunker standing on one end, usually taller than a player. Also called a stand-up."

  • a can that holds beer

  • aviation slang for a small winged simulator, being a Bomb Dummy Unit (BDU-48), that's used as a safety and economy measure when practicing aerial bombardment, as in a "beer can toss" bombing run; also known as a "flying juice can". See DIVETOSS, SKIP BOMBING; compare SOUP CAN.

Iceland Everest Update: Onwards and upwards

Iceland Everest Update: Onwards and upwards

As Britain kicks back for eleven days of unofficial holiday, Iceland’s Everest Expedition sets off for the final leg of their journey to Everest’s North Col.

While we spend yet another day enjoying the unprecedented heat, spare a thought for Malcolm Walker and the team of explorers accompanying him on a mission to climb Mount Everest to raise ?1 million for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

A world away from the jam packed beer gardens in England, Malcolm described “snow and biting cold winds” hitting Base Camp, as the team prepare to journey to their Interim camp, at 5,800 metres above sea level, before reaching Advanced Base Camp, 6,400 metres above sea level.

Already the group's generators, gas heaters and ovens have begin to shut down or are broken thanks to a lorry crash earlier in the expedition, and the sheer altitude of Base Camp. The team must now rely on solar power to fuel their mission to the top.

As Malcolm described in his most recent blog post, even with ten days to acclimatise at Base Camp, the journey isn’t about to get any easier:

“During the last stages of yesterday’s climb I was taking three or four small steps and then having to rest for a few seconds to recover my breath. Even getting dressed in the morning leaves me short of breath.”

Even the locals can fall subject to the extreme environment they have grown up around. The group’s head Sherpa Nga Temba was forced to rescue a Sherpa from Intermediate camp on Wednesday night, due to lack of oxygen.

As generators and power are scarce at such heights it is unclear when Malcolm will next be able to update his blog, but he closed his latest post by stating: “Onwards and upwards. The trick is to go slowly I'm told. A great phrase being bandied about now is "the inevitability of gradualness". I know exactly what it means.”

The My Retail Media blog will be posting on the Iceland Everest Expedition’s progress as their journey to the North Col comes to a head.

You can donate directly to the Expedition’s Alzheimer’s Research UK cause here.

Beer Can Turkey

Beer Can Turkey

That's right. My first Thanksgiving, and 30th birthday, turkey = Beer Can Turkey. Only that's not a beer can; it's a 52 oz can. Originally it contained black beans, but I emptied it and replaced it with beer and other aromatics. The turkey is 15 lbs and was purchased fresh, which is better for the beer-can style cookin' cuz thawed turkey skin rips easily.

beer can solar heater

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