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Cool Eye Makeup Ideas

cool eye makeup ideas

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Week 19: Arnar Grant

Week 19: Arnar Grant

This is Arnar Grant. He is one of the or even THE fitness guys here in Iceland, has won the Icelandic championship several times over. Got this idea from a photo a friend of mine took where he superimposed the superman suit with photoshop on a guys naked torso.

Well I wanted to take that to the next step and body paint the costume on a guy and Arnar was thankfully up to the task. I basically didn?t know him at all when I called him up a few weeks before shooting this but he loved the concept. He is just wearing the shorts and the cape, the rest is body painted on by Henny of course and our friend Eva Hronn who is also a makeup artist. It was easier than we thought, the most difficult part was getting the superman mark to look authentic. After shooting this me and Henny have now decided to maybe do a series of superheroes, going to do at least Hulk, Spiderman and Batman as well and all body painted.

This was taken during the Reykjavik Arts Festival and there were smashed cars and stuff like that spread arount the city. Halfway through the shoot Arnar got the idea to go outdoors like this and pose around the city and if anyone is interested I might post a couple of those but I wanted a studio shot for this series.

Lit this with four lights and a white bounce reflector. One big softbox from his right, a smaller one from behind him to the right, a honeycomb also from behind him from the left and a snoot shooting at the black backround to just barely lift it. The reflector was then to the left of him.

Week 41: Marsý

Week 41: Marsý

This is Marsibil Perla Dagbjartardottir, 18 years old and lives in Reykjavik. I don?t know her at all unlike most of the people I have shot for this series. She is a friend of a friend so when I asked that friend to model this week and she couldn?t do it she reccomended her friend Marsy.

I didn?t really know what to expect but she turned out great, had lot?s of ideas and poses and was completely comfortable/natural in front of the camera, something I am not used to from people I have never met before.

This photo was her idea, she thought (and me and Henny of course agree) having the makeup smudged like she?d been crying and then gotten angry was cool. Henny did the makeup for this photo as usual.

Lighting is 4 lights, one big softbox from pretty much straight forward, two softboxes on either side behind for hair/rimlighting and a honeycomb at the backround for very slight separation.

Oh and for the record, I?ll echo the statement I made on Gummi?s picture. Trust me, there are probably few people who dislike smoking more than me so this is not some kind of statement, I wish people would stop smoking altogether BUT I do think smoke looks cool in a photograph and that is that.

cool eye makeup ideas

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