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Over Range Microwave Fan - Microwave Oven Frequencies - Microwave Installation

Over Range Microwave Fan

over range microwave fan

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over range microwave fan - Panasonic NN-SD277BR

Panasonic NN-SD277BR 2.0cuft, 1200 Watt Over the Range Microwave Oven, Black, Inverter Technology

Panasonic NN-SD277BR 2.0cuft, 1200 Watt Over the Range Microwave Oven, Black, Inverter Technology

Panasonic 2-cubic foot Black Oven-The-Range Microwave, one-touch sensor cook and reheat, 1200-watt of high power, inverter technology, inverter turbo defrost, pop-out programming dial for easy programming, blue/green led readout, 12-inch turntable, 6-digit readout, 10 level power settings, menu sensor settings, interactive multi-lingual screen, more/less control feature, turntable on/off, keep warm feature, popcorn key, quick minute, delay start and timer, 120V, 4-Speed 420CFM, louvers, 2-level lighting, black front.

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fixing gaping hole in brick

fixing gaping hole in brick

remodeling kitchen. new tile, appliances, UC lights, etc.
after taking trim off of chimney and over range microwave down I noticed why the trim was there to begin with and also what the micro was hiding. since i no longer want a microwave there (only a hood fan), patching the hole becomes necessary. So I thought about it and decided to try patching it with crete. If it wouldn't have wrked I suppose the next option would have been to replace the 10 or so damaged bricks. that would have sucked. I think it's gonna work! see next few pics.



I thought mounting the microwave was going to be simple, but no........
If you used to have a fan hood and you've decided to have an over-the-range microwave installed, be prepared to move your outlet into the cupboard.

over range microwave fan

over range microwave fan

General Electric JVM1540DPWW 1.5 cu. ft. white GE Spacemaker over-the-range microwave

More cooking versatility. More rangetop visibility. More counter space. With the 1.5 cu. ft., 950W stainless steel JVM1540DNWW microwave installed cleanly above your range, not only do you gain an extra cooking appliance for quick cooking or reheating jobs right before the big meal, but you also free up counter space for chopping, dicing, mincing, whisking, kneading, or what ever you do. A two-speed, 300 CFM exhaust fan built into the JVM1540DNWW wisps bothersome steam and smoke away from your rangetop.

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