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26.10.2011., srijeda



Getting Rid Of New Carpet Smell

getting rid of new carpet smell

    rid of
  • obviate: do away with

  • A floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric, typically shaped to fit a particular room

  • A large rug, typically an oriental one

  • form a carpet-like cover (over)

  • cover completely, as if with a carpet; "flowers carpeted the meadows"

  • rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)

  • A thick or soft expanse or layer of something

  • the sensation that results when olfactory receptors in the nose are stimulated by particular chemicals in gaseous form; "she loved the smell of roses"

  • emit an odor; "The soup smells good"

  • inhale the odor of; perceive by the olfactory sense

  • Perceive or detect the odor or scent of (something)

  • Sniff at (something) in order to perceive or detect its odor or scent

  • Have or use a sense of smell

getting rid of new carpet smell - Aromatique Reed

Aromatique Reed & Ceramic Diffuser Oil Refills - 4oz - THE SMELL OF CHRISTMAS

Aromatique Reed & Ceramic Diffuser Oil Refills - 4oz - THE SMELL OF CHRISTMAS

Find Aromatique Fragrance Diffuser Lamp REFILLS. Aromatique Diffusers Refills work great in both Reed Diffusers and Ceramic Diffusers. Works great in any brand of Reed Diffuser or Ceramic Diffuser. These Diffusers do not use any heat or fire. For Ceramic Diffusers, just pour the fragrance into the lamp with the enclosed funnel and put the decorative diffuser top on the lamp and let the fragrance slowly fill the room. For Reed Diffusers, pour the fragrance into the vessel and insert a new set of reeds (see below). Each bottle holds 4 ounces of fragrance. They have switched to a plastic bottle (INSET PICTURE) going forward. Both hold 4 oz of fragrance. CINNAMON CIDER - a delightful mix of fall colors and botanicals fragranced with the tantalizing scents of apples and cinnamon. CRANBERRY FROST - The tart fragrance of cranberries and citrus combined with frosty botanicals! FLOWERS OF THE FIELD - A delightful Floral Bouquet. GRAPEFRUIT - Grapefruit Fandango is a fragrant journey of lively citrus and creamy comfort that characterize this refreshingly sophisticated fragrance. ISLAND BREEZE -A fragrance that fills the air with sugar cane, ylang ylang and a hint of citrus! ORANGE AND EVERGREEN - filling the home with bold botanicals and an enticing natural orange fragrance touched with a hint of evergreen! PEPPERMINT - A wonderful long lasting rich mint with a hint of dark vanilla beans. PUMPKIN SPICE - A perfect mix for the Fall Season! THE SMELL OF SPRING - beautiful spring blossoms and fresh hyacinth fragrance. SMELL OF THE TREE - Scented with pine, this natural decorative fragrance features pinecones of all shapes and sizes, some frosted to resemble a light dusting of snow, sprigs of cedar with their natural blue berries, and hickory nuts. THE SMELL OF CHRISTMAS - This magical fragrance is an Aromatique tradition. It combines the delightful aromas of citrus and spice with naturally festive botanicals..

84% (16)

Pokrovsky (Intercession) Cathedral of Pokrovsky Convent. Suzdal. XVI AD.

Pokrovsky (Intercession) Cathedral of Pokrovsky Convent. Suzdal. XVI AD.

Should we mention the fact that thoughout the world people appreciate cities, towns (...and just places worth noticing) which have preserved for them archaic originality and singularity of those early days in the history of human societythat make them feel proud for their forefathers?!

The same situation is with Suzdal-this city is renown throughout Russia for its exceptionallybeautiful and fascinating view and,above all, for its rare,well-preserved atmosphere of old russian lifestyle ,expressed in numerous and diverse attributes and details,which can be found here.

Spirituality is,in the same way,should be noticed together with other numerous factors,because Suzdal is a perfect example for attentive studyingall old or relatively modern periods of Slav architecture.This sests a good deal of temples, churches, cathedrals and we must add to all this the affirmation that all religious monuments in Suzdal sometimes are so exceptional and peculiar, and also so different to one another that to takea task of characterizing them as a whole would be the mostvain and unreliable information you can get about Suzdal.

Too many variants,versions,examples of ecclesiastical architecture are represented here for your attention andtoo many details to say something at once. Every monumenthas its own sacred history and owns its own special character,myth,old fables or something which resembles this.Now before us is represented for scrutinizing - Pokrovsky convent that was created to give housing for women.Svyato-Pokrovsky monastery,belonging to one native diocise was constructed approximately in the year 1364( at leasthistorians tell us this, dating the fact of foundation).

In the XIV century,which is so distant to us, this convent was known as a place for exile where usually russian empresses and female representatives of noble families resided who were in disfavour to the central authority.Some authors affirm,at least, that the wife of Tsar Vasily III resided here (or should we say was imprisoned within the walls of the convent)and the same situation with the wife of the world-wide known famouscharacter of Russian history - Peter the First or rather Peter the Great as he is better known throughout the world.

Throughout all its history Pokrovsky convent was a place for women of noble origin, so the nunswho lived here were mostly the representatives of the native or Moscovian elite and very often they took the garments of monastic life without any kind of their own ardent religious impulse but only because of the fact that their husbands wished to get rid of them, expressing their monarchical will by ordaining orders or sentences,resulting in exiles and imprisonments.

So during those dark agesa convent in Suzdal looked like some sort of a female spiritual prison.Should we mention that today Pokrovsky convent is absolutely different place than it was in the Middle Ages? It has not preserved its original external view and likewise its inner life is a bit different than it was in1364.Its modern architecture is the reconstruction of the first half of the XVI century. Already in the XVII century the fence of Pokrovsky conventwas made of stone, not timber, though its modern fence is just parts offortifications of the XVII and XVIII centuries.

The composition of Pokrovsky convent is able to amaze you by its old hipped-roofed towers,which were perfectly preserved in good condition in the northern half of the structure, and also it is worth mentioning that the construction of the towers dates back to the XVII century.The design of the towers is deprive of any architectural embellishment -you will not find here nothing like patterned fences or like that.The towers of the XVIII century are far more exquisite and sophisticatedin decoration - their pillars with eight facets are divided in storeys byhorizontal rods.Not only the fence but also some serving premises were constructed of stone - brewery,cellar,ice-house.

This convent in Suzdal has preserved a chamber of the XVII century that apperantely was used as a hall ofcourt and underneath was situated a real dungen for nuns.The restoration of this chamber took place in 1957.

During the restorationof the convent special attention was payed in respect to the north-western part. No doubt now Pokrovsky convent is a masterpiece ofskilful work, the result of the endeavours that were made not only by the masters of the XIV-XV centuries but also by modern scientists in renovating its walls,chambers and auxiliary premises.Apart from the central edifice of the Pokrovsky architectural ensemble -the Pokrovsky cathedral, also you can see here a lot of other interestingstructures of the past.For example, a hipped-roofed belltower of the XVIII century.

This belltower is quite a significant monument in the history of old Slav architecture. The architecture of the belltower represents a two-storey part with wide corners, simple arch-type windows, and chinked,loophole-like small ambrasures

day 224 - the real me

day 224 - the real me

So today hasn't been super fabulous. I got a lot done and that is good. I did see my new apartment - it isn't great but it is doable and that is all I can ask for at this point. I want out of this hotel and back into my life.

I bought carpet powder destinky stuff and sprinkled that on. I think I almost broke my vacuum - maybe I am not supposed to use that with that vacuum...hrm. I got some plug in air freshener things and some spray and pled and sprayed like crazy. I hope it smells better in the morning.

The apartment is weird. It is lower for handicap accessibility which is fine - I am short so this is a new thing for me. I have fewer cabinets and smaller drawers and stuff but oh well. I have too much crap anyway so this will force me to not only shuffle and reorganize but get rid of some shit. This is good. I need to do this anyway. Now I just have to.

Not ideal, not perfect, not even great but it is acceptable and good enough and right now that is all I can ask for.


getting rid of new carpet smell

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