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Antique Furniture Manufacturer - Nc Home Office Furniture - Rachel's Wholesale Furniture.

Antique Furniture Manufacturer

antique furniture manufacturer

    furniture manufacturer
  • Indonesia furniture manufacturing modern and antique reproduction sofas, chairs, desks for r and furnishing projects,

  • A collectible object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age

  • made in or typical of earlier times and valued for its age; "the beautiful antique French furniture"

  • old-timer: an elderly man

  • shop for antiques; "We went antiquing on Saturday"

antique furniture manufacturer - 50 Gram

50 Gram Capacity Balance Scale in Case

50 Gram Capacity Balance Scale in Case

This Balance Scale comes with a case that is also used as the base of the scale. In just a few seconds you can assemble the scale and you're ready to use it. The scale is solid brass with a certified capacity of 1.8 ounces (50 grams). The twin bowls measure 2 3/8 inches (6.0 cm) in diameter, and the balance arm is 4 1/4 inches (10.8 cm) long. A needle indicates when the weights of the two bowl's contents are equal. The scale is 8 inches (20.3 cm) tall when assembled, and neatly fits into the 8 3/8 inch (21.3 cm) wide, 5 inches (12.7 cm) deep, and 1 1/4 inches (3.2 cm) tall velvet case. The balance scale comes with a large 13-piece brass weight set and a pair of tweezers. The weights weigh 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg, 1 gm, two 2 gm, 5 gm, two 10 gm, and 20 gm.

86% (19)

Briwax Staynwax

Briwax Staynwax

A waterborne product which seals stain and waxes in one coat. Stayn Wax is a combined stain and wax sealer. Used on bare timber and especially recommended for stripper pine or similar substrates. The "antique pine" shade produces an aged effect on new pine, very similar to caustic stripped old pine. StaynWax will give an antique effect, such as stripped pine, when used on new timber.

Product Tip: Briwax Spirit and Water Based Stains can be applied before the StaynWax directly to the wood, if a deeper color is required. For a high sheen finish follow with a Briwax wax polish. 16 oz.

Old Peanut Butter Warehouse

Old Peanut Butter Warehouse

Sign says: Coffee Roasters Manufacturers of Candy and Peanut Butter


The 1895 Peanut Butter Warehouse, once used to store candy and peanut butter, is now a 25,000 square foot complex featuring an array of antiques, furniture, Depression glass, Thomas Kinkaid furnishings, souvenirs, unusual gifts, Circle E candles, jewelry, homemade confections, and - of course - fresh ground peanut butter.

antique furniture manufacturer

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