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How To Cook Lobster At Home - Sugar Cookie Pie.

How To Cook Lobster At Home

how to cook lobster at home

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Seafood Fusilli

Seafood Fusilli

I love seafood pasta. When I’m at an Italian restaurant, I usually go for seafood pasta, either clam spaghetti, lobster angel hair or mussel fusilli. I’ve been fortunate enough to eat at some good Italian restaurants in London and having been to Italy a few years ago, I think I know what good pasta tastes like. Frankly, I find myself not ordering seafood pasta anymore. Why? Because I can make it at home. It’s so easy it’s idiot proof. Just get the seafood you like, pan fry it with some white wine, garlic and lemon zest and then toss in your al dente pasta. And the ultimate secret? Seafood stock to intensify the flavors. I make my own seafood stock with leftover shells from lobster, prawns, crabs, mussels (see my lobster bisque post). So why pay a premium at an Italian restaurant when I can make it at home (to my liking every time)? So here’s how I made my seafood fusilli:

1.olive oil and diced garlic in pan
2.boil De Cecco Fusilli in pot until al dente
3.pan fry prawns and scallops until almost cooked
4.toss in Fusilli
5.add secret home-made seafood stock (see lobster bisque recipe)
6.season with salt to taste
7.sprinkle with herbs

Citrus Marinated Pepper Wrapped Scallop Skewers

Citrus Marinated Pepper Wrapped Scallop Skewers

Nikki the Foodie shows you how easy it is to prepare gourmet meals in the comfort of your own home. In this video, Nikki is preparing Citrus Marinated Pepper Wrapped Scallop Skewers with Lemon Pepper Rice. Check out this easy and delicious recipe and more at the Lobster Gram Blog! With dock-fresh Seafood and Recipes, it's Lobster Gram!

how to cook lobster at home

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