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Yang Can Cook - Rice Cookers In India.

Yang Can Cook

yang can cook

  • Yin Yang Yo! is an animated television series created by Bob Boyle (also the creator of Nick Jr. series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!). It is produced in Burbank, California and Toronto, Ontario. It is the third Jetix-original show.

  • the bright positive masculine principle in Chinese dualistic cosmology; "yin and yang together produce everything that comes into existence"

  • YANG is a data modeling language for the NETCONF network configuration protocol. The YANG data modeling language is currently developed by the NETMOD working group of the IETF. The data modeling language can be used to model both configuration data as well as state data of network elements.

  • (in Chinese philosophy) The active male principle of the universe, characterized as male and creative and associated with heaven, heat, and light

  • Prepare (food, a dish, or a meal) by combining and heating the ingredients in various ways

  • Heat food and cause it to thicken and reduce in volume

  • prepare a hot meal; "My husband doesn't cook"

  • someone who cooks food

  • English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain and discovered several Pacific islands (1728-1779)

  • (of food) Be heated so that the condition required for eating is reached

am i in love?

am i in love?

below is the conversation between me and the very sweet guy i met recently in hk, since i was thinking i need a quiet space for me to have a drink and small bites before going home , i was in central,so alone

there are tons of restaurants & bars there
they are all so full
finally i ended up in a place's a members only bar/restaurant
it's a hk's a members only place
everyone wants to be the special "paid" to get in one
so it is empty...when i was there

i was there around 8 or 9...dying for a drink after all long walk in hollywood gallery area

i ordered myself a white wine n a cheicken something i forgot
chicken n veggie cooked in a way i don't like it at all

since red one is too "hot" for body can only drink something "cold" ...according to chinese medicine point of view...
they categorized food into cold and hot segements
anyway...this is where i met this guy
since he was sitting next to me, quietly
and they were already sat next to me without my invitation....
i told to the white guy.....led them to my table...
have i invited you?

so that night i had 6 ppl's numbers
including one girl
basically, i did text all of them, except one french guy
cos..i didn't talk to him a word
but, only sweet guy and another guy replied
i found out one numbers miswritten at a night with HSBC guys/girls
anyway..most of them work at hsbc
(since i told the hsbc guy i didn't want to tell me his love story...anymore.. ..cos he said..everyone knows he was with a sh girl...okay..i won't write at this moment.......but..i'm trying hard to get more story from him cos i love stories......since sex & the city stories has more hits in internet...... he's coming to twn soon....)

some of them are from some other investment banks
i didn't ask them in that night..cos i left too early
and i usually don't ask ppl i don't know well what they are doing
unless i do wanna know them
but i found out after few times hangouts

the hsbc guy..basically is the boss of that crew we hung out at M1nt
but..too camera juice totally ran out...i took some by my phone cam..but my not working at the moment..and i don't think i know how to fix it..and i don't wanna fix it...come on we live in a consuming world..just get a new easier)

it's the first time i have no doubts that he's the sweetest guy for me for this moment....and he is sweet to all my friends
n he has great sense of humor
thest are the most important my entire life

we got a saying
love the you love the birds resting in the house/roof...
so...i basically hung out with him...too many to count
when i browse those pics in my canon digicam..
i am can he be so ........entertaining/funny/caring/loving/sweet/neat/organized........
ah......this gotta be joking...

(and he just text me this afternoon don't forget to vote..he knows nothing about chinese and taiwan...i showed him my bepemefe in my cell ..he was laughing so hard..what the heck is's our culture la .....)

and i found out he has the most beautiful hands i've seen.....
his friends always joke about his girly fingers...but i do love his pretty..........
i do attract to guys with beautiful hands/fingers
they do turn me on

i think all my friends in hk love him now
this is why they keep asking me why he's single
(it's like why mani's is single...i don't know...i am cursed la...)

i told them..cos he is only here for months la...
or he's gay la
and he told me he is gay when i first asked him..he's definitely not gay
no gay friends will keep seeing me in this way
he definitely likes me in some ways
at least we can get along and hang out so many times...
keep each other laughing....

i told him...i was is why i'm still single
maybe i belong to my

i even told him i dated guilo fom 2005..(white guys or foreigners..and i don't think i'll go back dating asian....cos i found out ..outside world has more fun...)

okay....back to subject i'm i in love

or should i be in love
or is this one is love
or does he love me
or is he my little prince (i'm so happy that he's not being murdered....)
or ......or ...

my godness
he's catholic as well
( i told him i am not religious...but i went to a catholic pre-school when i was so i always hide myself in tamsui catholic church when i got hurt...i'm more familiar with catholic...and he told me about the church next to his work....and i told him i's so peacefull...)

maybe i should go out to the living room to count the rose pedals my mom bought
i saw them when i arrived home
they are pink...big pedals..
i love flowers....
am i in i not in love am i in love......
i saw the flowers...when i was home with lisheng(she came to help n bring something home)
my dad 've gone for almost one month..
i visa expired..i

brown pudding

brown pudding

The crowning achievement of my undergraduate career was a paper in which I took the position that there is a huge cultural component to feces disgust (my title was "Death and the Stercus, or How the Common Turd Came to be So Reviled") . This picture was used to illustrate a Korean folktale in which dog poop is eaten (and relished). The whole story won't fit here, but I can include the relevant episode:

Once upon a time there lived a poor man who had a little dog, a persimmon tree, and a bugle.
One day he went out into the mountains to cut wood, and chanced to find a bees’ nest full of honey. He took the honey home and put it in a closet. Then, in the night, while he was asleep, his little dog found it and lapped it all up. When he found what had happened the man was furiously angry and kicked the little dog with great violence. It was terrified and excreted a small amount of dung. The dung smelt remarkably sweet, so the man dipped his finger in it and tasted it. He found to his surprise that it was very sweet indeed. So he took the little dog out into the street, and shouted, ‘Sweet dung! Won’t you buy some sweet dung? This little dog makes sweet dung. Come along and buy some! Very cheap!’ People came by and tasted it and then they bought some. Then a gentleman came by and offered to buy the little dog. So its owner sold it for one thousand yang.
Next day the gentleman invited a crowd of guests to a special feast of sweet dung. When they were all seated he drew the little dog from his sleeve, and served them all himself. He squeezed its belly with his fingers, so that it excreted dung into each dish. But when his guests started to eat it they all pulled wry faces and cried out angrily. The little dog had been fed on cooked rice and its dung smelt as unpleasant as usual. The gentleman realized that he had been swindled, and rushed off to find the man who had sold it to him.

And then, of course, the poor man goes on to swindle the rich man twice more, using the persimmon tree, and then the bugle. I have never seen anything like this in western folktales. Especially given that the remarkable thing was the taste of the poop, and not that fact that it was being eaten--as if the bad taste were all that was keeping us from digging in and enjoying an endless feast. It turns out that there are or were lots of other cultures who do/did not share our (contemporary western) attitudes towards shit (so it probably isn't the case that our reactions are just hard-wired). The ancient Israelites were (one of?) the only exceptions to this. Their attitudes, however, had theological motivations that we no longer share. Through the influence of the church, however, those attitudes were passed on such that our disapproval of shit goes far beyond what a simple disease avoidance strategy would entail. The possibility of social mobility in western cultures played a role as well.

It's fake, by the way.

yang can cook

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