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Discount Pub Tables. Antique Chocolate Table.

Discount Pub Tables

discount pub tables

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Executions for Bristol & Gloucestershire

Executions for Bristol & Gloucestershire

Listed are just some Executions for Bristol & Gloucestershire. Just a small number of hangings out of 100s that have taken place.

January 12th 1874 : Edwin BAILEY (32) Ann BERRY (31)

Hanged at Gloucester by Anderson for the murder of May Jenkins

Bailey was the manager of a shoe shop in the Clifton area of Bristol, whose wife had left him due to his adultery. In the summer of 1872, he seduced one of his customers, a servant girl named May Jenkins, and when in January 1873 she gave birth to a child, she took a summons out against Bailey after he refused to admit to being the father and to pay any maintenance. The court ordered him to pay five shillings per week for the child, which he sent to a police officer at Horfield.

Ann Berry worked for Bailey and was much enamoured by him; they began an affair while her husband was serving a prison sentence. She paid May Jenkins a visit and persuaded her to accept a health tonic for the baby. When the child began teething, the young mother administered the medicine. It contained a lethal dose of arsenic. Bailey & Berry were caught, convicted and hanged, together. At the time of their executions, Ann Berry's husband was still in Gloucester Prision for petty theft.

April 26th 1875: William HALE

Hanged at Bristol by Marwood murder of his wife. A barge-owner, with a successful business, sentenced to death by Mr Justice Lush on 5 April, for the murder of his wife at their Bristol home in August 1874.

In 1872, Mrs Hale’s alcoholism soured their previously happy mar­riage and soon they were constantly quarrelling. On 28 August 1874, Hale returned home from the pub at midnight and found his wife sitting on the doorstep. They were both drunk, and she told him she wouldn’t come into the house with him. Despite his persistent requests she refused to go to bed; finally, Hale went inside, returned with a table knife and stabbed her twice in the neck.

He pleaded provocation through drink but was convicted, and hanged by Marwood.

April 24th 1876: Edward DEACON

Hanged at Bristol by Marwood murder of his wife. Deacon, a shoemaker, had been married for nine years but had been separated from his wife at various times in the last five years, due mainly to his drunkenness. Shortly before Christmas 1875 they made another attempt at a reconciliation, but no sooner had they got back together than she threa­tened to leave if he didn’t curb his drinking.

On 23 February, he borrowed an axe from a neighbour, at his wife’s request, and began to chop some logs for the fire. Whilst engaged in the chore, his wife began to curse him, and in a rage he struck her with the axe. He pleaded that he had acted in self-defence after she had attacked him with a kettle, but the testimony of his step-daughter was enough to convince the court of his guilt and he was hanged by Marwood.

November 27th 1880: William Joseph DISTON (35) Hanged at Bristol by Marwood murder of Eliza Daniels

On 27 August, Eliza Daniels, a widow who lived with Diston as his wife, stormed into the local public house and dragged him home for his dinner. They were joined by a friend of Diston’s and sat down for supper appar­ently on good terms.

Soon after the friend left, Mrs Daniels, bleeding from a wound to the shoulder, staggered into their landlady’s room, where she collapsed and died. Diston was recommended to mercy at the trial on the grounds that the crime wasn’t premeditated but he was hanged by Marwood.

March 16th 1893: Albert MANNING (37)

Hanged at Gloucester Murder of Jane Flew. In 1873, Manning took up lodgings with a Mrs and Mrs Flew at Kingswood Bristol. He became very friendly with his landlady, so much so that her husband left borne and emigrated, leaving them to carry on with their relationship. Ten years later, Manning returned to his native south Wales and married his long time sweetheart but he soon left his wife at home and returned to Mrs Flew.

By 1890, he was very jealous of another man who vied with him for her attention.

On 28 September he left work and called at her shop, which he had helped her to purchase. Soon after he entered, a passer-by heard a shot, and moments later Manning ran from the shop as Mrs Flew staggered outside and collapsed. Manning returned to the shop and hid upstairs but was discovered, arrested and charged with murder. He refused to plead at his trial at Gloucester; he was found guilty, and hanged by Billington and Thomas Scott.

March 19th 1913: Edward Henry PALMER (22) Hanged at Bristol by Thomas Pierrepoint and George Brown. Murder of Ada James

A semi-professional boxer convicted of the murder of Ada Jones (20), his sweetheart, by cutting her throat on 27 January at Purdown, a lonely part of Bristol. She was found bleeding heavily from a gashed throat and was able to identify her attacker to the police, naming Palmer, a former boyfriend. She died in the early hours of the following morning, where upon Palmer was charge

discount pub tables

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