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Furnace Filter Spray

furnace filter spray

furnace filter spray - Nu-Stat Permanent

Nu-Stat Permanent Furnace Filter Wash - 32-oz. Spray Bottle

Nu-Stat Permanent Furnace Filter Wash - 32-oz. Spray Bottle

Nu-Stat Electrostatic Furnace Filter Cleaner - Keep Your Furnace Filter Working Like New. Nu-Stat removes the tough grease, dirt, dust and allergens that collect on electrostatic furnace filters. Once-a-month treatment with Nu-Stat will keep your filter clean so it can perform at peak efficiency. And Nu-Stat is environmentally friendly - no chlorine, no odor, and 100% biodegradable. Just spray it on, allow to stand for a minute, and then rinse, leaving your furnace filter clean and working like new! Good for all makes of permanent, electrostatic furnace filters. 32-oz Spray Bottle.

81% (8)

Under Saint Augustine Pier

Under Saint Augustine Pier

A New Day (James watkins) not hdr

A new day begins-
flying around.

Unseen mists of morning-
open ocean green,
blue spouted spray queens-
darkened emerald dreams.

Violent moodiness of
ancient ocean floors.
Standing silent-
by solid sentinel gray doors.

Open your ears to
hear the ancient song-
we are a breath-
a whisper-
and then gone.

Gray white clouds in
measured morning light,
stretch forth ghostly hands
to distant horizon heights.

Flowing sands,
rich soft pillows rising,
foam waters rolled –
Reflectioned sweet-
blessings stormy,
and daggered deep.

Footpaths fallen-
though carefully called-
lie brooding-
silently enthralled.

Come, full- birthed,
appearing quickly
thing of ancient beauty-
aging stars of light-
bright brilliant singing,
resisting evil night.

Bring your watchers
high and steep-
strong on hidden walls,
soft from winters sleep-

unchained mystic music-
mighty opening keys-
darkened dormant dominions-
breath of living wings.

Blown now by fire,
frenzied furnace hot-
desperate with desire,
of beauty that is not.

Frozen mountain stars-
regal, reigning,
galaxies unfurled.
Swirling, dancing destinies-
on anxious alien worlds.

Future hope through
eyes that can not see-
guarded pathways of
mundaned revelry.

Massive mountain darkness,
night mystery and pearl,
deadly wicked wonders,
no heavenly theme

Dying dreams-
sprung to life-
soon escaped
from winters white.

Ephemeral future-
celestially veiled,
tossed and lifeless,
embattled and assailed.

Come forth now,
by seasons force,
to plans of old-
now lend your voice.

Creation sounds,
that groan and sway,
walking free forever-
with joy,
for one more,

James watkins 4/04

Worm condo

Worm condo

We put several inches of shredded wet newspaper on the bottom of a bin (a few air holes on the bottom). On top of this we arranged the worms with a good amount of soil, leaves from the garden, some coffee filters with old grinds, straw, some sticks, the base of a cauliflower head, more wet shredded newspaper, and more straw. We gave the worms plenty of room to work their way up, and tried to arrange the whole ecosystem as we had observed it in the garden, where it was almost as though the worms were in kind of wet, organic-rich islands between areas of looser, less dense material. We left the bin outside for several days until it started getting into the low 40s at night, then we moved it into our basement. We put it near our gas furnace, where it's always 50-60 degrees. We covered it loosely with a large piece of plexiglass and we spray it every day, turn it a little, and give the worms a light diet once or twice a week of coffee filters with coffee grinds, and maybe some carrot peels.

furnace filter spray

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