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Anonymous Photo Upload. Clava 0040614 Travel Photo Book Quinley Black.

Anonymous Photo Upload

anonymous photo upload

    photo upload
  • Ability to upload photos automatically from the handset to a home PC when handset arrives home and display the photos to a digital picture frame.

  • Having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal

  • having no known name or identity or known source; "anonymous authors"; "anonymous donors"; "an anonymous gift"

  • (of a person) Not identified by name; of unknown name

  • Used in names of support groups for addicts of a substance or behavior to indicate the confidentiality maintained among members of the group

  • not known or lacking marked individuality; "brown anonymous houses"; "anonymous bureaucrats in the Civil Service"

  • (anonymously) without giving a name; "she wrote these letters anonymously"

[marilyn monroe was a fun guy]

[marilyn monroe was a fun guy]

This is the Marilyn Monroe of the fungi world. Anyone under 40 years old probably wont understand.

Had a photographic failure tonight. I am convinced I need to join "Photographers Anonymous" ......'my name is Neal, and I am a photographer...'

I left for home early tonight, and was driving home when I saw an amazing red sunset. It was unbeleivable. I broke several local bye-laws trying to get home before the sunset faded.

I rushed into the house to grab my camera and kit bag, rushed out and sped down to the Causeway to see if I could shoot the dying remnants.

Why is it at these moments when time is of the essence, that you end up following Mr. Bean at 20 mph down narrow country lanes !?! ...... I swear there was no-one in the car, as all I could see through the back window of his car was the top few inches of a Trilby - how was he seeing out of his windscreen??

I managed to get past Mr. Bean eventually, and as the red sky was fading to a murky orange I raced the car onto a dirt bank on the side of the road, hit a massive pot hole and did some damage to the underside of the car.

I leapt over a 5 bar gate into a farmers field (couldn't see any angry bulls), trod through (it seemed like) every cowpat in the county, got stung by stinging nettles that I couldn't even see as it was so dark - and then sank my right leg into a bog above my boot.

I fired off about 30 shots of what was still an amazing sunset (no thanks to Trilby man) and paused to admire the view (trying to ignore the smell of the cowpats clinging to my boots).

I rushed home to upload the photos to check my handywork, and it seems that as I didn't have time to set up my tripod, even though I shot at 1600 iso, my hand must have been shaking from all the rushing, because every shot was blurred.

Anyway, here's a shot of a mushroom I took yesterday.....

dreamy look of winter · explore ·

dreamy look of winter · explore ·

explore! feb 23, 2009 - #390

another one for mondyay. (: i have so many photos to upload here but i can't seem to find the time and i don't want to just upload 10 in a time or so. i might leave some so i can upload when there's nothing new to upload but with the huge amount of photos i've got processed and just waiting to be looked through.. it looks like it won't happen soon. :D

anonymous photo upload

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