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Easy Flowers Australia

easy flowers australia

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Staghorn Frond.

Staghorn Frond.

Platycerium superbum
showing spores.

Our garden.

Maroochydore, Qld. Australia

Do consider the weight of these plants. It is popular to grow them mounted onto hardwood boards and hung up on a trellis or planted in a hanging basket suspended from a secure point on the ceiling. In warmer areas they can be attached directly to the trunk of a tree that does not shed its bark.Brush box,cassurina,bloodwood,palm tunks are suitable hosts.

Unlike many species P. superbum doesn’t produce plantlets (pups) which is normally the quickest method to produce new plants. If you wish to propagate new plants then spore propagation is the only method available.
Platycerium Superbum and p.bifurcatum may also be propagated from its spores. To collect the spores, place the part of a frond that is producing spores in a brown paper bag. Leave the frond in the bag until there is brown dust in the bag, which are the spores. Fill a plastic or terracotta pot with peat moss, and pour boiling water through the peat moss to sterilize it. Immediately place a glass or plastic sheet over the pot to keep it sterile. Once the peat moss has cooled down, spread the spores evenly over the surface of the peat moss, then immediately replace the glass or plastic sheet over the pot. Stand the bottom of the pot in an ice cream container with a shallow layer of water, and place the pot and container in a warm position receiving indirect sunlight. Once the spores have germinated, a green scum will initially appear over the surface of the peat moss. After a period of weeks to months, the fronds of the fern will begin to appear and the glass cover of the pot can be removed. Once the new plants have grown larger, they can be transferred to a tree trunk.

The basic principles are to firstly ensure all material is collected fresh and ripe. The spores change colour through their life, starting off green (unripe), shiny brown (ripe) to fuzzy/ dry brown (spores dispersed). Collect the section of frond with spores into a paper bag. Sow onto a layer of sterilized coir based compost. You could try sterilizing broken down fern material; preferably of the same species as if it is not adequately sterilized you may find the other species growing in competition with your fern.

The easiest containers to use are full sized seed trays. They have a few drainage holes and can be easily sterilized with hot water. To ensure they stay sterilized wear disposable rubber gloves and place the spores on the compost mix as soon as sterilized. Then place under a glass sheet (for light).

Gran's Garden - 25 crochet flower patterns

Gran's Garden - 25 crochet flower patterns

This rug (afghan) is made up of 25 flower patterns - each flower pattern has a base round from which the main square is then worked - I've used the humble granny square simply because it's an easy start for the less experienced but there is no reason why you can't used a favourite (square) of your own - I used 8 ply Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn but here again use what you have or favour - the 4.50 hook is my preference but if you're more comfortable with a 4.00/5.00 then go for it - Patterns (for both the complete rug & individual squares) are in written & diagram form & include abbreviations, special stitch drawings & instructions....

easy flowers australia

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