Pictures of flower cakes. Artificial flower bouquets

Pictures Of Flower Cakes

pictures of flower cakes

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This is a popular "deconstructed" magnolia cake flower that has been in many bridal magazines. Now you can have one for your wedding cake and have it as a keepsake too! The magnolia flower can be pink and yellow with a gold center or it also comes in ivory. This particular flower pictured has a yellowish orange and hand-painted with metallic gold paint center, the petals are a soft pink that are also hand-painted with yellowish orange hues to a deeper mauvish pink. Absolutely gorgeous.

The base of the flowers have floral wire and are wrapped with floral tape. Please advise your pastry chef to insert the flowers in the cake just before it is put out for your reception. It should not be refrigerated with the flowers on the cake. To clean, simply take a damp towel to wipe of frosting/cake residue and let air dry.

All the flowers were handcrafted by the artist featured on the Martha Stewart Show, utilizing CLAYCRAFT by DECO Soft Clay to form lifelike flowers one petal at a time. The artist's work has been featured in In Style Weddings magazine, TheKnot.com, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Brides.com, Southern Weddings Magazine and more.

Tinkerbell Tiered Cake

Tinkerbell Tiered Cake

A tiered Tinkerbell cake I did. The lady brought in lots of pictures of different flowers that I was supposed to try to make out of icing. She also wanted blue and purple tye-dye on the cakes themselves.

pictures of flower cakes

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