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Bubbles Window Cleaning

bubbles window cleaning

    window cleaning
  • (window cleaner) someone who cleans windows for pay

  • Interior and exterior window and glass cleaning services.

  • An air- or gas-filled spherical cavity in a liquid or a solidified liquid such as glass or amber

  • A state or feeling that is unstable and unlikely to last

  • (bubble) house of cards: a speculative scheme that depends on unstable factors that the planner cannot control; "his proposal was nothing but a house of cards"; "a real estate bubble"

  • (bubble) form, produce, or emit bubbles; "The soup was bubbling"

  • A thin sphere of liquid enclosing air or another gas

  • (bubble) a hollow globule of gas (e.g., air or carbon dioxide)

BD 1978 Datsun 620 Kingcab -01

BD 1978 Datsun 620 Kingcab -01

What a clean ride this turned out to be. Datsun was hip to their market and began offering paint and trim levels in the late 70s, early 80s that were a little jazzier than the normal "fleet" look. Some years it worked, other years it didn't.

This factory stripe treatment worked very well, so I had a head start on the overall look. I painted the grill black (stock was a blah grey), added the usual banner tint at the top of the windshield, smaller side mirrors. The previous owner had already added the dark bubble windows and the turbo-fan wheels.

Flush mounted the side marker lights, lowered the front torsion bars a little.

That air dam/fender flare set up was quite unique. The usual at the time was a air dam that ended at the edge of the bottom valance, and standard flares hanging off the sides. This one blended together giving an uninterrupted line across the entire front, I never saw another truck with that configuration.

Built a bed cover out of plywood and had a local upholstery shop add color matched naughyde.

The license plate was the only variation of "Radar Love" left available that made even a little sense. Still, I got asked a lot by older folks what it meant.

Sky Bubbles

Sky Bubbles

Well not in my usual habbit of just one post per day ~ Took this one today as I was given a tube of bubbles from my partner (as a freebie from work).

Tricky trying to get the detail & all components into one!

This photo was achieved using my D200 and 50mm Macro set to shutter priority to allow a fast capture & sharpness of bubbles yet making sure the f-stop was low enough to gain sufficient sharpness. I focused on a piece of removable tape on a window, then focused in by a fraction to counter for the small distance between window & camera, then set my camera to high continuous shoot. The exposure comp. set to +0.7ev. Then as I blew bubbles from one hand I fired the camera with the other! ~Bloody complicated but hopefully I succeeded!?

~ Some parts of the photo you can see bits of "popped" bubbles!

Hope you enjoy this picture! ~ Im off to clean my camera of sicky bubble solution...

Any critique is appreciated ~ Thank you!

bubbles window cleaning

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