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Watch Brothers And Sisters Online Season 3

watch brothers and sisters online season 3

    season 3
  • The American situation comedy television series Friends was broadcast in 236 episodes over 10 seasons from 1994 to 2004. The series was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, developed by Crane, Kauffman and Kevin S.

  • Songs from Season Three is the working title for the third soundtrack album by The Naked Brothers Band, it is the soundtrack for the third and final season of The Naked Brothers Band. The album was previously unreleased but now will be released October 2010.

  • Aloha Airlines 243 · Baghdad DHL attempted shootdown · Japan Airlines 123 · FedEx 705 · Iran Air 655 · Philippine Airlines 434 · Bristow 56C · EgyptAir 990 · Aeroflot 593 · Ethiopian Airlines 961

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(1488) "seven sisters" waterfall, Knivsflĺ /norway


large and high waterfall /
Knivsfla by the Seven Sisters waterfall, 250 metres above the Geiranger fjord.

Syv Systre waterfalls (in Syv Systre (waterfalls, Norway))
...“seven sisters,” is derived from the seven separate streams that join at the top of the falls. East of the falls, on a small plateau about 800 feet (240 metres) above the fjord, is the Knivsfla farm, which can be reached only by aerial cable car; also nearby is the Prekestolen, or Pulpit Rock, formation. The Syv Systre have made Geiranger Fjord a popular tourist attraction. /
Knivsfla lies on a mountain ledge just beside De syv sostrene waterfall in Geirangerfjorden. Before it was called Knivsfla it was known as Knivsfossene. The farm lies at about the same height as the neighbouring farm of Skagefla on the other side of the fjord. Knivsfla is an old farm which was mentioned in written sources as far back as 1603. At that time Knivsfla was an abandoned farm.

There are indications that the farm may have been cleared many generations earlier. In the olden days, Knivsfla was reputed to be the best farm in Geirangerfjorden. It lies in a suntrap. Spring comes early and the pastureland is excellent. At its best the farm could keep 15-18 cows and up to a hundred goats. The farm also grew corn for its own use. Even in bad years the people at Knivsfla had plenty to eat.

However, accidents and premature death have affected Knivsfla to a greater extent than at other fjord and mountain farms. In the forty years from 1831 four people died on the farm - two daughters, one hired man and one servant girl. The last to die was Oline Marte, aged 15. One day she was on her way home from the summer farm and took a short cut across the river above De syv sostrene. With her milk pail in her hand she slipped and fell over the waterfall, and died.

The land around the farm is dangerous with steep drops and riverbeds, but it was the danger of a rock fall that meant that Knivsfla was abandoned as early as 1898. The municipal council in Sunnylven decided that a huge boulder balanced above the farm was so dangerous that the people living at Knivsfla had to move. The boulder is still hanging there today. Even though the people moved into Geiranger, the two farms at Knivsfla were still used for pasture up until the 1960s. Hay was dried at Knivsfla, brought down to the waterside using aerial cables and then rowed to Geiranger, where the livestock was kept. In its heyday, seven aerial cables were used to get the hay down from the summer farm./


Im Geirangerfjord streben die kahlen Felswande aus dem Wasser direkt in den Himmel.
Auf nur wenigen Quadratmeter gro?en Felsabsatzen duckt sich der Hof Knivsfla.

Die Sieben Schwestern in den Fjord hinabsturzen, liegt Knivsfla, ein jetzt verlassener Bauernhof, in Schwindel erregender Hohe. Wie mag wohl in dieser exponierten Lage das alltagliche Leben fruher verlaufen sein. Schon seit vielen Jahren haben die Besitzer dieses schwierige Unterfangen aufgegeben und den Hof verlassen.

Das Leben im Fjord war kompliziert und hart, wenn auch auf den fruchtbaren Flachen dank des milden Golfstrom-Klimas Aprikosen und Tomaten wuchsen: Die Bauern lebten von der Schafzucht, vom Lachsfang und vom Kase. Erst 1963 verlie?en die letzten Bauern ihre Hofe, die heute von einem Verein erhalten werden.

....als die Bauernhofe noch bewirtschaftet waren, gingen Leitern vom Fjord aus nach oben. Die Leute mu?ten alles, was sie uber den Seeweg brachten, denn einen anderen gab es nicht, uber die Leitern nach oben schleppen. Kleine Kinder wurden angebunden, damit sie nicht in den Fjord fallen. Aber die Leute hatten fur diese wirklich winzigen Hofe wirklich viel Vieh und es ging ihnen trotz des mehr als harten Lebens wohl erstaunlich gut. Wenn Leute kamen, die die Bauern nicht als Besuch wollten, z.B. Steuereintreiber, wurden die Leitern einfach hochgezogen.



Sister Mary Media looking into the lips of Sister SoAmI formerly known as Sister Mish, or Sister Missionary Position (THE founding member) seeing another sister with her glasses.

Thanks for the info Sister Titania... now can you help me sort through 4000 more pictures. :)

watch brothers and sisters online season 3

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