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Photo Editor Airbrush

photo editor airbrush

    photo editor
  • providing you with Digital images, which can be used within the program as textures and backgrounds.

  • Microsoft Photo Editor is an image-editing application found in Microsoft Office 97-XP versions for Windows, classified as one of Microsoft Office Tools. It has been replaced by Microsoft Office Picture Manager, although some Photo Editor features are not available in Picture Manager.

  • In computer graphics, graphics software or image editing software is a program or collection of programs that enable a person to manipulate visual images on a computer.

  • an atomizer to spray paint by means of compressed air

  • Represent or describe (someone or something) as better or more beautiful than they in fact are

  • An airbrush is a small, air-operated tool that sprays various media including ink and dye, but most often paint by a process of nebulization. Spray guns developed from the airbrush and are still considered a type of airbrush.

  • Alter or conceal (a photograph or a detail in one) using an airbrush

  • Paint with an airbrush

  • paint with an airbrush; "The old car looks like new now that we airbrushed it"

Heart Shaped Box as of February 7, 2010

Heart Shaped Box as of February 7, 2010

Today I finally got back to this heart-shaped box that I am covering with collage and decoupage designs created from printed metallic ribbons. This afternoon, I filled in the last of the gaps on the underside of the box. This has a brown center and a floral border, and because the center is relatively plain, I think it might make a useful image for February 14. In any case, there is more to be done on the inside of the box, but at least the outer surfaces are now done. I took some photos when I finished today, around 3 PM, and I loved the light in this shot, with the afternoon sun coming through the blinds. But I later realized that I had cut off the very tip of the box when I took the picture. I thought about using a different photo, but kept coming back to this one. So I decided to try to salvage the situation. I opened the image in Painter, copied it, and then added pixels to the bottom, creating a "blank space". Then I used cut and paste as well as digital airbrush to recreate the tip of the box and the small strip of table-top that I needed to make the image whole again. Then I cropped the image, and it was ready to upload. But once I got it into Flickr, I decided the shadows needed to be lighter, so I used Flickr's on-line editor (Picnic) to lighten the shadows. And here it is! That's a lot of trouble I suppose, but to me, it was worth it to capture the light and shadow playing on the heart-shaped box.

Florida's Skunk Ape

Florida's Skunk Ape

Now this was a once in a lifetime illustration request from an editor. I get a call and the voice on the other end says, "Hey Jason, you think you can create a Skunk Ape in a swamp holding a gas nozzle?" I said, "Sure, no problem." For those of you not aware, a Skunk Ape is Florida's answer to Bigfoot. So after a day's labor, a Skunk Ape was born. This photo illustration had so many layers and so much hand touching and airbrushing that the master PSD file was over one hundred megabytes. And believe me, that's huge for a photo file on a single processor Macintosh G4 tower circa 2005 or so. But hey, this was a fun job to create and I can easily say that I have not been asked again for a Skunk Ape and a gas nozzle since. I keep hoping for the request yet the call never comes.

photo editor airbrush

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