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Steel floor system. Cascada evacuate the dance floor free mp3. Kids foam floor tiles.

Steel Floor System

steel floor system

Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

YS-1000 Floor Decking-Roll Forming Machine is designed for manufacturing high quality steel decking. This machine contains our experiences in 35 years and many times improvements by our engineers.
Steel floor decking is used as both a form during construction and as the positive reinforcing of the concrete slab. Standard profiles type D, E, F, and G contain the embossments on the surface of floor decking panels. Embossments as added to provide a mechanical bond between decking and the concrete.
In our service, we support the equipments and profiles that customers really need and including our most sincere recommends.
Our roll forming machines are driven by chain in hydraulic system. Chain Drive System can save the power compare with other system. That also means that customers do not need to pay the extra power fee during production of steel decking.

IMG 0719

IMG 0719

note steel beam recessed into floor system. this means that the window can go all the way to the ceiling (ie no drop beam). the four LVL's on the left are supported by the cantilevered LVL's on the overhangs on each side of the cottage. the front (west) overhang is four feet, the south is six feet and the north is two feet. very little hot summer sun will get into the all glass family room.

steel floor system

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