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American waltham pocket watches - Japanese watches for men.

American Waltham Pocket Watches

american waltham pocket watches

the pocket watch

the pocket watch

Rummaging through a box of old knick-knacks I came upon a pocket watch. Pocket watches seem to have gone out with the Lindy and the speakeasy. It’s a shame, isn’t it? There is a certain dignity invoked when one is asked for the time and fashioning a response first begins with a knowing, slightly superior glance followed by a gentle tug of a chain, not unlike the gimp scene from Pulp Fiction. Nowadays, the knowledge of time is so freely available. We look at our wrist, monitor, microwave or some mobile device thingy. It is much more convenient, yet it sure feels as if something has been lost. (As an aside, for reasons unclear, I always think when a man carries a pocket watch he probably speaks with a refined British accent. But then again I think jell-o was intended to be served from a small bowl, not a belly button, so my cultural awareness is suspect at best.)

This particular pocket watch no longer works. I can say this with absolute certainty because I turned the stem knob and it snorted at me as if I were some kind of rube. Oh, the irony of someone so young being called a rube by something so old! (Be kind and just go with it, please.) This from a piece of jewelry manufactured, at the very latest, in 1957. I know this because the American Waltham Watch Company folded in 1957. I ask: would a rube use these kind of Sherlock-like, googlesque powers of deduction? I think not, old chap!

The name John Brennan is clearly inscribed on the face, but I’m fairly certain it wasn’t my watch. Perhaps it was gifted in anticipation of my eventual arrival, but that’s unlikely. My family wasn’t known for its planning skills. That leaves two ownership possibilities: my brother’s father or my aunt’s husband. I guess there may’ve been another John Brennan floating around in those days, but for the sake of keeping an already complicated tale simple, let’s go with those two.

You see my mother and her sister both married men named John Brennan. Unrelated John Brennans at that. Imagine the odds! But since all of the principals have moved on (and I don’t mean to Florida) the original ownership of this particular pocket watch is a mystery which will forever remain a mystery. Unless ghosts are real. In that case if one of those John Brennans suddenly appears before me in the middle of the night I imagine the question of the watch won’t immediately pop to mind. More likely it will be preceded by me dashing from the room, out the door and down the street screaming like a wild banshee. Preferably, fully clothed. Ghosts may be scary, but an image of an unclothed me is positively terrifying.

I've babbled on long enough. Doesn't matter who owned this watch. It’s pretty neat. And I’m glad I stumbled upon it.

August 3, 2010

Grandpa's watch

Grandpa's watch

This Waltham watch was produced by the American Watch Company in Waltham, Mass. The company produced watches, clocks, speedometers, compasses, time fuses and other precision instruments between 1850 and 1957.

american waltham pocket watches

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Hamilton 992b Pocket Watches - Watch Tv On Ur Computer

Hamilton 992b Pocket Watches

hamilton 992b pocket watches

Hamilton 992B

Hamilton 992B

Hamilton 992B Railway Special 23j 16s



Hamilton 992b C32187; Dial Signature

hamilton 992b pocket watches

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casio orange watch

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Casio wave ceptor radio controlled watch. Watch uefa champions league live free.

Casio Wave Ceptor Radio Controlled Watch

casio wave ceptor radio controlled watch

Radio controlled drake

Radio controlled drake

This took some ingenuity. Someone took this deke and turned it into a radio controlled duck. Hollowed out inside and added an electric motor powered by battery. Propeller located under the tail feathers.

Radio Control Remoto

Radio Control Remoto

A simple vista el radio control parece sencillo, pero les aseguro que tiene un par de botones escondidos por ahi que merecen aprendizaje.

casio wave ceptor radio controlled watch

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Mens black strap watch - Philippe charriol watch - Watch television stations.

Mens Black Strap Watch

mens black strap watch

Navy Tradition

Navy Tradition

Model: Kyle A. Avila

As Kyle and I are an admirers of Cruzan Rum, we thought it would be fun to do a collection of photos dedicated to Cruzan's product line.

Starting out with one of our favorites, we decided to start with Cruzan's Black Strap Rum. Since Black Strap is a Navy tradition we thought it was only appropriate to place the background of this photo on the docks of the USVI - home of the Cruzan distillery.

The drink Kyle is holding is a cocktail offcially entitled "dark and stormy". Since Gosling's owns the right to the name "dark and stormy" we felt it was only right to rename the cocktail "black and stormy" to celebrate Cruzan Black Strap's superior taste.

Note: This is not official Cruzan marketing.

01/26/11 - Now viewable at a higher resolution.

Police watch orange 12738JSUS-02A - pret: 580ron

Police watch orange 12738JSUS-02A - pret: 580ron

MODEL- 12738JSUS-02A
PACKAGING- Police Gift Box
WATER- 10 ATM / 100 meters / 330 feet
CASE SIZE- 45mm x 53mm
TOTAL LENGTH- Mens Standard
MOVEMENT- Analog Quartz
CASE -45mm X 53mm
DIAL- Sunray Black Dial, Three Sub-dials With White And Orange Details, Day Date And 24h
Display, Luminous Stick And Arab Numeral Display
GLASS- Mineral
HANDS- Luminous Black Hands And Sub-dial Hands
STRAP- Men's Standard
BUCKLE- Stainless Steel Buckle
WARRANTY- One year - Manufacturer and Seller combination

mens black strap watch

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French Designer Watches

french designer watches

I've been obsessed with Haute Couture Lately

I've been obsessed with Haute Couture Lately

After I watched the BBC Documentary on the Secret World of Haute Couture
I can't stop thinking about it.

It's grand there's like these old rich ladys that are part of this hush hush secret club and they make couture a daily lifestyle It makes me feel like such a peasant

A model presents a creation by French designer Franck Sorbier as part of his Spring-Summer 2007 Haute Couture fashion show in Paris January 24, 2007. REUTERS/Charles Platiau (FRANCE)

watch poster

watch poster

please leave comments GOOD or BAD it all helps with my AS level qualification in photography.
this is an advert which i have made for a watch by phillipe starck i have only used a little bit of photoshop to give this effect.

french designer watches

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heart rate calorie watch

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Top watches for men - Watch the office basketball episode.

Top Watches For Men

top watches for men



In my wonderful life as a journalist/writer/filmmaker I have come across interesting people from all walks of life. I have encountered the quirkiest of quirks. My experiences have taught me to embrace diversity in all its form and color, which in turn makes my life absolutely enriching. So nothing fazes me.

But when I met this young man (in the picture) I was speechless for a moment. Just a tad :)

It's not everyday that you encounter a young man in skinny jeans, leopard print tank top and any-girl-would-kill-for-sky-high-heeled red boots.

But that's not what made me stop in my tracks. What did the trick was his confidence. He was absolutely comfortable in his own skin and with who he was and what he was. He reveled in his persona.

In this world filled with prejudices it must have taken him a long time and an arduous walk on fire to reach where he is now -but now that he is here, he is nothing but a joy to watch.

What I saw was not a screaming-in-your-face-superficial confidence, but a quite one, an assured one -one that was going to stay with him till the end.

Sometimes, when I do things or behave in a certain manner or pursue certain activities which does not conform to society it makes me a little self-conscious doing it. I am plagued with self-doubt and some more. In the end I might end up doing what I want because I believe in it, yet there is always that tinge of self-consciousness about it -what will others think or are they thinking something....

Here was this young man, courteous, soft spoken, well-mannered, good at his job, living his life just like anybody else. AND absolutely comfortable wearing the clothes that he wanted. Confident and comfortable to his true self. The rest of the world be damned!

How many of us can honestly say that we are true to who we are -the real us??? Not many I guess, because that takes extraordinary courage.

an ordinary man

an ordinary man

he was just an ordinary man who went for a walk in an ordinary park along an ordinary path which led up an ordinary hill to two ordinary holly trees, but when he reached the top and stood between the trees something extraordinary happened.

he was both blinded and warmed by the blaze of light and he felt the world tilting to his left. he stayed like that. everything stayed like that until the light shrunk in on him, fitting tightly around him like a suit of clothes. he felt cocooned in the skin of light and knew he needn’t strle.

then he was being lifted, as if by a hand – not flying – and as he rose above the town he looked down on the lines of houses and saw his own house and watched as its roof became transparent and its floors also, and there beside the phone, his wife was saying:

-a missing person. i suppose so. he went out. he hasn’t come back. he never hasn’t come back before. the meal is ruined. I don’t know what to do.
-age? he’s 42.
-name? paul keyes. k.e.y.e.s.
-yes, my husband.
-description? average height, dark hair. he was just an ordinary man…

… and held there in the air above the house, he tried to attract his wife’s attention but he couldn’t and he knew that he would never be able to again, as the roof became solid, blocking his view, and the invisible hand that held him in his suit of light began to lift him higher

top watches for men

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Quartz Diving Watch

quartz diving watch

quartz diving watch - Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid 1" to 1 1/4".

Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid 1

Delicately cut into a pyramid with carefully faceted sides and a fine point, this quartz crystal is a fantastic aid for channeling energy. With quartz functioning naturally as a wonderful aid in channeling multiple sources of energy, it can also be used as a balancing stone, helping to bring peace and harmony in energy even for scrying and divination purposes. This, combined with the pyramid shape, makes for a potent focus for healing energies and protective magic that balances out, or cleansing negative energies and curses. The stone sits approximately 1.0" to 1 1/4" square, varying slightly in size between each piece. Since it is natural gemstone the clarity will vary from stone to stone. All are beautiful pieces.

88% (12)

broadarrow & carronade...

broadarrow & carronade...

the black watch is a broadarrow prs 3 designed by eddie platts of timefactors..
the gold coloured one is a carronade, valjeoux based chronograph..
both use swiss movements...

Seamaster on 2-piece Zulu

Seamaster on 2-piece Zulu

The most comfortable way to wear this watch, bar none. I think I'll leave it this way for a while.

quartz diving watch

quartz diving watch

Brazilian Large Healing Amulet Crystal Point Rough Rock Quartz Gemstone Lucky Charm Pendant Necklace

Large Crystal Point made from Genuine and Natural Rough Rock Quartz Gemstone. Each Crystal is Handcrafted and Naturally Unique and no two pieces are ever alike. Genuine Crystals are used and may have natural specks and inclusions. Gemstone Size: Approximately 1 ? inch. Comes with 24 inch Cotton Cord necklace and has Loop to Loop easy to use cotton buckle. This is Naturally Unique and One of the Kind Crystal Point Gem Charm Necklace made from Rough Rock Quartz Gemstone. This Crystal is made from Genuine Gemstone and may have natural specks. It is tied to Cotton Cord and looks absolutely Gorgeous. These Crystals are Handcrafted from Brazilian Gemstones and made exclusively for Best Amulets. Stay Lucky and Unique with your Own Individual Crystal Amulet. Definition about Stones and Crystals for Healing and Insight For Centuries Healers and Native people have used Gemstones to direct Energy in order to Balance the Mind, Body, and Spirit. While this might seem mysterious, modern Science has shown that Gemstones are "built" with well-ordered atomic structures. Already stones and crystals have been used to filter or funnel energy for a wide variety of uses. Crystal healing is the belief that crystals have Energies and Properties that are able to Improve Health. Crystal healers say that it works because everything is Energy and Vibrates at various frequencies and that crystals work via these vibrations. Every living thing has a Vibrational Energy System, which includes Chakras, Subtle bodies and Meridians. By using Crystals, they can allegedly retune an energy system or rebalance a body's energies, thus Improving Well-Being. Crystals have been used for Healing Divination, and by those seeking a Spiritual Awakening since Time immemorial.

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Vintage Chronograph : Pasha De Cartier Chronograph : Quartz Pocket Watches.

Vintage Chronograph

vintage chronograph

Vintage Seiko Chronograph

Vintage Seiko Chronograph

This Seiko I believe dates from some point in the 70's. It is unusal I think in having the two lugs on the left hand side of the watch.

Angelus Vintage Chronograph

Angelus Vintage Chronograph

I love vintage chronographs. This angelus is a present from to me on my wedding day.

vintage chronograph

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Watch Latest Episode Of House : How To Watch Your Computer On Your Tv : Watch Full Episodes Of Gangland Online.

Watch Latest Episode Of House

watch latest episode of house

Episode 13

Episode 13

Monday - 1st day back at school

At Selena's house

*Selena looks at her watch and it's 8:01am*
*She hears a car horn from outside. She opens the door & sees Joe & gets into the car*

Joe - Hey Selena *kisses her*
Selena - Hey *smiles*
Joe - Ready for school?
Selena - Yeah
Joe - Lets go *smiles*

*Jelena drive to school and meet up with Nick, Demi, Danielle & Kevin*

Selena - Hey everyone
Everyone - Hey!

*School bell rings*

Demi - And hell begins now
Nick - Don't worry about it *smiles*

*They all walk into school and find out they have all the same classes together. They make their way to their first class*

At Lunch

*Demi, Selena & Danielle are sat on the school field waiting for the boys. They are talking about how they spent the last few days of summer*

Demi - Nothing really
Danielle - Same. I've spent most of it on the phone to Kevin
Demi - Is anything happening between you two?
Danielle - Not really but I really like him *smiles*
Demi - So Selena, what have you been doing?
Selena - Well, I went on a date with Joe
Danielle & Demi - OMG!
Selena - *laughs*
Demi - Did you have a good time?
Selena - It was amazing and he asked me to be his girlfriend!!
Danielle - I'm guessing you said yes!
Selena - Yeah *smiles*
Demi - I'm so happy for you *hugs her*
Selena - Thanks *smiles*

10 Minutes later
*JB are on the field with the girls & everyone else at school is staring and taking photos*

Danielle - How do you guys live with this?
Nick - You get used to it
Demi - I dont think i could
Nick *laughs* * changes teh subject* Hey guys, what do you think i should do for my brithday this year?
Selena - When is it ?
Nick - Next Friday
Kevin - We should have a party
Nick - Great idea! Everyone free next Friday ?
Everyone - Yeah!
Nick - Great! So party, our house, next friday! *smiles*
Demi - Girls, we need to go shopping!
Danielle - I was hoping someone would say that
Selena - Shopping on Saturday?
Danielle & Demi - Yeah!
Joe - Can we come too?
Danielle - Yaeh, if you want too.
Kevin - 11am at the Mall ?
Girls - Yeah!

*bells rings*

Demi - Great! More lessons!
Nick - You really hate school don't you?
Demi - Yeah *smiles*
Nick - *laughs & puts his arm around Demi's shoulder & walk to class*

King's Theatre, ca 1921

King's Theatre, ca 1921

Established theatre came to Annapolis Royal in 1892 when eight local entrepreneurs joined forces to construct and operate the Academy of Music on St. James Street. Through varying degrees of success and failure, the Academy provided a venue for touring theatrical companies, lantern shows, local entertainment and musical presentations of all kinds. Eventually, seven of the initial investors sold out their holdings until Arthur M. King became sole owner of the property.

The advent of motion pictures found the Academy operating in a new dimension and under the new name of the Bijou Dream Theatre. Movie hungry patrons flocked in droves to watch films, catch up on the latest episode of The Lost City and enjoy the spirited renditions of the Annapolis Concert Band under the direction of Paul Yates. In 1921, the Bijou Dream fell victim to the raging fire that consumed almost half of the town's business district. Moviegoers were devastated by the prospect of living in a town without a theatre. But they had not counted on the Corbitt property on Lower St. George Street and the construction of a brand new facility. Ten weeks later, King's Theatre had risen, Phoenix-like, out of the ashes of the Great Fire.

A two-storey wooden frame structure, King's was complete with stage, dressing rooms, orchestra pit and a seating capacity of four hundred. The house boasted a modern metal ceiling, hardwood floors and interior trim of Douglas fir. With office rentals on the ground floor, the Oddfellows Lodge and a dance hall on the second floor, the theatre was destined to play a vital role in the social and commercial life of the town.

watch latest episode of house

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Watch Dexter Season 3 Episode 4

watch dexter season 3 episode 4

"Yes, I Have an Addiction" (4/365)

Yes, I do have a new addiction, and that addiction is Dexter! I cannot stop watching this show! I was considering going out to a Bosnian party tonight, and I really did want to go. My friend Hasnija invited me. I adore Hasnija, and I have so much fun hanging out with her...but I was feeling tired and like socializing would just be too much of a drain. Hasnija has no understanding of my social discomforts. She's more the type who never meets a stranger, and lives on going out and interacting with groups of people. It seems like she knows everyone. But for me, an evening out meeting takes a lot out of me. Lately I don't feel like I have a lot in me to be taken, at least not when it comes to that. So, I stayed home tonight and spent time with someone who's often at least as antisocial as I am, Dexter. I started, I think just last week, watching the season one episodes available on the Showtime On Demand channel. They have all three previous seasons on there. I'm pretty happy about that because this show is SO phenomenal! I can't believe I haven't been watching it! It's absolutely amazing! This is my newest delicious show addiction... It's not just a casual thing, like Heroes almost always is for me, but instead joyful consumption, that delicious escape and delight and need to constantly know more... I was thinking that I might be missing that feeling for a while with no new True Blood episodes until next Spring or Summer. I'm glad to find I was wrong. I've been so addicted to this show that I've been watching three to four (or more) episodes each night! My whole family is that addicted to it as well -- my mother, my brother, even my dad now. My aunt in Texas is starting to watch it too. I've been very surprised by what this series is -- it's suspenseful, thought-provoking, funny, even touching.

Also, I must admit that I identify with Dexter quite a bit... No, I don't kill people and chop them up into bits. But his feeling of "otherness" and of having to fake being a normal human being, feeling that he's just an observer looking in from the outside, his loneliness...I really relate to those aspects of his character. His worldview doesn't fit with those around him, and so he has to fake it in order to survive in the world.

"People fake a lot of human interactions, but I feel like I fake them all, and I fake them very well. That's my burden, I guess."

Ok, so I don't feel like I fake them ALL...but then, I don't think Dexter's character really fakes them all either. I suppose, with me, I just feel like I have to fake a hell of a lot more of them than most people. Also there was a time in my past, for quite a while, when I worried that I didn't really feel anything...something else I have in common with Dexter. Although now, I fear at times that I feel entirely too much. Though I suppose that other side is still there, it's just no longer dominant. My other Gemini side is more like Dexter's sister, Deb...who feels too much (or she thinks she feels too much) and tries to constantly hide it.

"My sister puts up a front so the world won't see how vulnerable she is. Me, I put up a front so the world won't see how vulnerable I'm not."

It's weird to say that I relate to both of these characters pretty deeply, but I do. I'm a very contradictory person. I guess that's two reasons I love this show right there! I'm constantly hiding how vulnerable I am, and how vulnerable I'm much I understand, and how much I don't, how much I don't care, and how much I do...

Anyway, I'm absolutely delighted by this series. I love the characters, the plot keeps me on the edge of my seat, and the unexpected humor has been a great surprise too. I've read that it's at least partially based on some novels, which are now definitely going on my to read list as soon as I locate the titles.

I'm still stuck on collages. I'm trying to do each of them a bit differently though. These are shots I took while watching the intro sequences on the show, as well as the "previously on Dexter" clip for the first episode of the second season.

"I dream. I dream I'm floating on the surface of my own life. Watching it unfold. Observing it. I'm the outsider looking in..."

"Everyone hides who they are at least some of the time. Sometimes you bury that part of yourself so deeply you have to be reminded it's even there at all. And sometimes you just want to forget who you are altogether... I'm not the monster he wants me to be, so I'm neither man nor beast. I'm something new entirely... I'm Dexter. Boo."


September 26, 2009

186/365: June 26th, 2010

186/365: June 26th, 2010

I'm just realizing how long my day was. Gawsh!

I woke up at 8:30, threw on a bathing suit, and went to Katrina's. We all agreed to be ready and leave by 9. But NO... Katrina and Julie were not ready. Me and Felicia were. We didn't wind up leaving the house until around 10:30, and we had to stop by Walmart. Somehow we wound up being in Walmart for like an hour and when we walked outside it was all cloudy and ish. And I had to go to work at 3, so it didn't leave us too much time so we just went home.

I worked from 3 to 5. (So sick of these two hour shifts, I need hours and I need money. Bwalls!)

I came home and started watching season 4 of Dexter online. I just finished episode 3 and I can tell this season is going to be my favorite. Anilda stopped by for a little while. Then I got bored and decided to clean my closet (while listening to Cleaning Out My Closet by Eminem, naturally). It's clean now. AND I FOUND MY SHANIA TWAIN PERFUME! HALLELUJAH! I missed her.

Today wasn't bad.

watch dexter season 3 episode 4

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Watch movement cufflinks. Patek philippe womens watch. Remove watch band link.

Watch Movement Cufflinks

watch movement cufflinks

TIME LORD Steampunk Vintage Watch Movement Cufflinks by 19 Moons

TIME LORD Steampunk Vintage Watch Movement Cufflinks by 19 Moons

The Swiss brought us clocks then miniaturized versions like these- with amazing little gears, gizmos and rubies! Made from genuine 1930’s-40's era watch movements set onto cuff links. These are embellished with our patented "time shift" knobs. Get your sleeves geared up in style with these Steampunk beauties!

Size: 3/4" H x 9/16th” W (20mm x 15mm)
Line: X-Machina
(c) 2008 19 Moons

My New Cufflinks

My New Cufflinks

My New Cufflinks - made from mechanical watch movements!

watch movement cufflinks

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Wenger pocket watches. Womens swiss army watch

Wenger Pocket Watches

wenger pocket watches

Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife

This is my trusty Breitling pocket knife. It has probably been more useful to me than the Breitling watch that came with it.

Seiko H558 "Arnie"

Seiko H558

The Seiko with its new partner, the Wenger swiss army knife.

wenger pocket watches

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Watch sons of anarchy episode 7 - Top gps watches.

Watch Sons Of Anarchy Episode 7

watch sons of anarchy episode 7

Body Part Theater, Episode 7: Shoulder: August 3, 2008

Body Part Theater, Episode 7:  Shoulder:  August 3, 2008

Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Four: 365 Days

My shoulder, featuring a favorite Hawaiian dress and a new whale magnet worn clipped to my dress as an accessory.

I had such a relaxing day. I alternated between reading, swimming, and eating all day and finished the day off with a viewing of Doom on TV with Stephen and his roommate. That wasn't planned--it just sort of happened. I guess that says something about how relaxed we were.

Reading: Suzy Mckee Charnas's Walk to the End of the World and a recent issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine.

Hi Tea with Sima Ved - Episode 7 - Madhur Bhandarkar

Hi Tea with Sima Ved - Episode 7 - Madhur Bhandarkar

Watch host Sima Ved and Madhur Bhandarkar chat about his movies, rize to fame and their fun in the kitchen, only on Hi Tea with Sima Ved on Star Plus Middle East at 8:30 PM GST

watch sons of anarchy episode 7

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watch golf live

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