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Top watches for men - Watch the office basketball episode.

Top Watches For Men

top watches for men



In my wonderful life as a journalist/writer/filmmaker I have come across interesting people from all walks of life. I have encountered the quirkiest of quirks. My experiences have taught me to embrace diversity in all its form and color, which in turn makes my life absolutely enriching. So nothing fazes me.

But when I met this young man (in the picture) I was speechless for a moment. Just a tad :)

It's not everyday that you encounter a young man in skinny jeans, leopard print tank top and any-girl-would-kill-for-sky-high-heeled red boots.

But that's not what made me stop in my tracks. What did the trick was his confidence. He was absolutely comfortable in his own skin and with who he was and what he was. He reveled in his persona.

In this world filled with prejudices it must have taken him a long time and an arduous walk on fire to reach where he is now -but now that he is here, he is nothing but a joy to watch.

What I saw was not a screaming-in-your-face-superficial confidence, but a quite one, an assured one -one that was going to stay with him till the end.

Sometimes, when I do things or behave in a certain manner or pursue certain activities which does not conform to society it makes me a little self-conscious doing it. I am plagued with self-doubt and some more. In the end I might end up doing what I want because I believe in it, yet there is always that tinge of self-consciousness about it -what will others think or are they thinking something....

Here was this young man, courteous, soft spoken, well-mannered, good at his job, living his life just like anybody else. AND absolutely comfortable wearing the clothes that he wanted. Confident and comfortable to his true self. The rest of the world be damned!

How many of us can honestly say that we are true to who we are -the real us??? Not many I guess, because that takes extraordinary courage.

an ordinary man

an ordinary man

he was just an ordinary man who went for a walk in an ordinary park along an ordinary path which led up an ordinary hill to two ordinary holly trees, but when he reached the top and stood between the trees something extraordinary happened.

he was both blinded and warmed by the blaze of light and he felt the world tilting to his left. he stayed like that. everything stayed like that until the light shrunk in on him, fitting tightly around him like a suit of clothes. he felt cocooned in the skin of light and knew he needn’t strle.

then he was being lifted, as if by a hand – not flying – and as he rose above the town he looked down on the lines of houses and saw his own house and watched as its roof became transparent and its floors also, and there beside the phone, his wife was saying:

-a missing person. i suppose so. he went out. he hasn’t come back. he never hasn’t come back before. the meal is ruined. I don’t know what to do.
-age? he’s 42.
-name? paul keyes. k.e.y.e.s.
-yes, my husband.
-description? average height, dark hair. he was just an ordinary man…

… and held there in the air above the house, he tried to attract his wife’s attention but he couldn’t and he knew that he would never be able to again, as the roof became solid, blocking his view, and the invisible hand that held him in his suit of light began to lift him higher

top watches for men

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