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Watch Latest Episode Of House

watch latest episode of house

Episode 13

Episode 13

Monday - 1st day back at school

At Selena's house

*Selena looks at her watch and it's 8:01am*
*She hears a car horn from outside. She opens the door & sees Joe & gets into the car*

Joe - Hey Selena *kisses her*
Selena - Hey *smiles*
Joe - Ready for school?
Selena - Yeah
Joe - Lets go *smiles*

*Jelena drive to school and meet up with Nick, Demi, Danielle & Kevin*

Selena - Hey everyone
Everyone - Hey!

*School bell rings*

Demi - And hell begins now
Nick - Don't worry about it *smiles*

*They all walk into school and find out they have all the same classes together. They make their way to their first class*

At Lunch

*Demi, Selena & Danielle are sat on the school field waiting for the boys. They are talking about how they spent the last few days of summer*

Demi - Nothing really
Danielle - Same. I've spent most of it on the phone to Kevin
Demi - Is anything happening between you two?
Danielle - Not really but I really like him *smiles*
Demi - So Selena, what have you been doing?
Selena - Well, I went on a date with Joe
Danielle & Demi - OMG!
Selena - *laughs*
Demi - Did you have a good time?
Selena - It was amazing and he asked me to be his girlfriend!!
Danielle - I'm guessing you said yes!
Selena - Yeah *smiles*
Demi - I'm so happy for you *hugs her*
Selena - Thanks *smiles*

10 Minutes later
*JB are on the field with the girls & everyone else at school is staring and taking photos*

Danielle - How do you guys live with this?
Nick - You get used to it
Demi - I dont think i could
Nick *laughs* * changes teh subject* Hey guys, what do you think i should do for my brithday this year?
Selena - When is it ?
Nick - Next Friday
Kevin - We should have a party
Nick - Great idea! Everyone free next Friday ?
Everyone - Yeah!
Nick - Great! So party, our house, next friday! *smiles*
Demi - Girls, we need to go shopping!
Danielle - I was hoping someone would say that
Selena - Shopping on Saturday?
Danielle & Demi - Yeah!
Joe - Can we come too?
Danielle - Yaeh, if you want too.
Kevin - 11am at the Mall ?
Girls - Yeah!

*bells rings*

Demi - Great! More lessons!
Nick - You really hate school don't you?
Demi - Yeah *smiles*
Nick - *laughs & puts his arm around Demi's shoulder & walk to class*

King's Theatre, ca 1921

King's Theatre, ca 1921

Established theatre came to Annapolis Royal in 1892 when eight local entrepreneurs joined forces to construct and operate the Academy of Music on St. James Street. Through varying degrees of success and failure, the Academy provided a venue for touring theatrical companies, lantern shows, local entertainment and musical presentations of all kinds. Eventually, seven of the initial investors sold out their holdings until Arthur M. King became sole owner of the property.

The advent of motion pictures found the Academy operating in a new dimension and under the new name of the Bijou Dream Theatre. Movie hungry patrons flocked in droves to watch films, catch up on the latest episode of The Lost City and enjoy the spirited renditions of the Annapolis Concert Band under the direction of Paul Yates. In 1921, the Bijou Dream fell victim to the raging fire that consumed almost half of the town's business district. Moviegoers were devastated by the prospect of living in a town without a theatre. But they had not counted on the Corbitt property on Lower St. George Street and the construction of a brand new facility. Ten weeks later, King's Theatre had risen, Phoenix-like, out of the ashes of the Great Fire.

A two-storey wooden frame structure, King's was complete with stage, dressing rooms, orchestra pit and a seating capacity of four hundred. The house boasted a modern metal ceiling, hardwood floors and interior trim of Douglas fir. With office rentals on the ground floor, the Oddfellows Lodge and a dance hall on the second floor, the theatre was destined to play a vital role in the social and commercial life of the town.

watch latest episode of house

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