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Horse Floor Mats

horse floor mats

    floor mats
  • (Floor mat) A mat is a term for a piece of fabric or flat material, generally placed on a floor or other flat surface, and serving a range of purposes including: * providing a regular or flat surface, such as a mousepad.

  • Provide (a person or vehicle) with a horse or horses

  • provide with a horse or horses

  • a padded gymnastic apparatus on legs

  • solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times

horse floor mats - Tumbling Around

Tumbling Around the Mat: The Book of Gymnastics (Pommel Horse, Floor, Vault, Balance Beam, Trampolining, and More)

Tumbling Around the Mat: The Book of Gymnastics (Pommel Horse, Floor, Vault, Balance Beam, Trampolining, and More)

Gymnastics involves the performance of flexible and agile routines that exhibit balance and grace through physical endurance and strength. Men's events include the pommel horse, still rings, and parallel bars, while women compete at the uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercises.

Stick the landing with this book as it takes you through artistic gymnastics, trampolining, rhythmic gymnastics, power tumbling, Scandinavian TeamGym, and much more.

Project Webster represents a new publishing paradigm, allowing disparate content sources to be curated into cohesive, relevant, and informative books. To date, this content has been curated from Wikipedia articles and images under Creative Commons licensing, although as Project Webster continues to increase in scope and dimension, more licensed and public domain content is being added. We believe books such as this represent a new and exciting lexicon in the sharing of human knowledge.

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KOC 2527

KOC 2527

straw ware
Rice straw or, less frequently, barley or wheat straw have traditionally been employed in Japan to make both utilitarian and sacred objects. The religious significance of straw is best demonstrated by the shimenawa, sacred straw ropes used in Shinto shrines to set apart a holy space or to suspend offerings to the deities. Adorned with purificatory paper strips (gohei), such ropes are also used to decorate gateways during the observance of the New Year's festivities.

Straw has also played a significant role in traditional Japanese architecture. Straw or pampas grass is employed in the large thatched roofs or kayabuki of Japanese peasant houses (see minka), splendid examples of which may be found in the village of Shirakawa in Gifu Prefecture. The straw mats or tatami in Japanese houses are made in large part of thickly wadded straw matting (toko) covered with rushes. In ancient times, prior to the development of tatami, wooden floors were typical, and straw cushions (enza), wadded sitting mats (okidatami), and sleeping mats (shikidatami) were used. Simple straw mats called mushiro are still in use today.

Straw and grass were also once widely used, especially in rural areas, for all kinds of utensils, such as baskets, boxes, and bags. Of particular interest are the boxes made with straw mosaic decorations. Straw was also used for traditional straw raincoats (mino) and rain hats (amigasa; see headgear) as well as for sandals, both light zori and sturdier waraji. In northern Japan straw boots (waragutsu) and gloves were once common. Straw folk toys, especially straw horses, are still found in all parts of Japan. See also folk crafts; mingu.

Encyclopedia of Japan©Kodansha

Ride on Horse - Large by Fine Toy - $20

Ride on Horse - Large by Fine Toy - $20

This ride on horse is NOT a rocking horse.
It has a steel frame and is filled with Poly Fibers

It has leather on the saddle and around the feet.
The foot holders are made of steel.

From the Floor up to the saddle is 22"
From Tail to Nose is 29"

The horse is in really nice shape overall. The tail hair is great shape.
The mane hair by the head is a little matted and a hole needs to be patched up.
Otherwise a great horse, in great shape.

horse floor mats

horse floor mats

36X60X1/4 RUBBER UTILITY MAT [Misc.] [Misc.] [Misc.] [Misc.] [Misc.] [Misc.]

mfr: QUALITY RUBBER RESOURCE Red, all rubber mat. Anti-slip top surface and secure ribbed bottom. Use to fight fatigue. Protects floor surfaces and reduces noise. Non-absorbent. Disperses impact and offers traction. Ideal for workshops, alleyways/entryways and wash areas. Can also be used as a pick-up truck bed mat, sports mat, and as a protection mat for horse/livestock trailers. Size=36 x 60 x 1/4 This item cannot be shipped to APO/FPO addresses. THIS ITEM CANNOT BE RETURNED. Please accept our apologies

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