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Cheap Mud Tire

cheap mud tire

PX-10 Mudguards removed?

PX-10   Mudguards removed?

A current photo (September 4 2009). Yes, while fidgeting with this bike at 3:00am. last night I decided to remove the fenders. They really were quite tight - especially with these rather large wheels and tires... 630 x 28mm. (27" x 1-1/8"). One serious issue I had noticed was that with the non-French style steel "v-stays" of the cheap plastic fenders which I was using, the upper rod of the stays were rubbing against the chrome at the back of the fork blades. With the chrome so uncommonly nice on this bike I really did not want to risk any damage to the finish. To be honest, I had not entirely committed to fenders on this bike and had never even added my typical mud-flap - which I think is really necessary if you decide to go the full-fender route on a bike...

The MAFAC "Racer" brake pads on this bike are all moved to the upper (shortest) limits of the brake adjustment slots. In fact, the front brake caliper is not well suited to these wheels at all. The pads must approach the rim at an awkward angle. The correct size 700c rims for sew-up (aka: sprint or tubular) tires intended for this bike would be 4 mm. shorter in radius and this would allow a slightly better fit but would still be pushing the limits of these brakes. Mafac "Competition" calipers from this era may have allowed a very slightly shorter reach... maybe some day. Until then, I'll just continue to eat up inexpensive replacement brake pads with uneven wear. These brakes work well enough, anyway.

I suppose I really "Should" finally build up a better wheelset for this bike. I do have a perfect set of Normandy "Luxe Competition" hubs and Robergel French spokes which would be perfect - and in fact "correct" for the bike. But, I'm still reluctant to commit to tubular rims which would be ideal. ... Always so many options and minor decisions to make for any bike.


First time I went off roading was an epic experience and got me so excited that I needed a truck for myself. So I spent three days looking for a 4WD that was cheap so I could get out there and experience the great out doors. I found a Nissan Terrano but did not win the auction. I then got offered $1800 dollars for it.

I took the deal and found it to be in fantastic condition. With Army green paint professionally prepped and sprayed by pros and borrowed 31inch mud tyres I was ready to roll. Very surprised with the performance of the Terrano and the power of its V6 engine. We had 9 trucks attend and a lot of guys. 4WDing is one of the manliest and deadliest activities that I have taken up and I love it.

This is definitely man time. No women in our group attend 4WDing so the amount of banter, laughing and mechanical talk is heightened. Plenty of a mans life is spent thinking about women or in fact being whipped by one. I believe 4WDing is healthy for all the men that came along. A splash of mud in the face and dash board, loud sounds of engines, smell of smoke and clutch and bits of truck getting destroyed. Being able to head out to Woodhill and just be a man is something that is highly important.

I believe this whole expedition will lead to great out door times camping and hunting perhaps. Getting back down to our masculine, barbaric and cave man like abilities. I was behind the wheel this time so I didnt get any good action shots or much at all really. Which kind of sucks... But being able to experience driving is a bonus and just a small peek of future man days.

cheap mud tire

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