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Electric Gear Pump

electric gear pump

    gear pump
  • A gear pump uses the meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement. They are one of the most common types of pumps for hydraulic fluid power applications. Gear pumps are also widely used in chemical installations to pump fluid with a certain viscosity.

  • A small pump consisting of a casing enclosing a driven gear wheel in mesh with a second gear wheel, the fluid being carried from the suction to the delivery side of the pump in the spaces between the teeth.

  • Gear Pumps are used for some engine oil pumps and hydraulic pumps. The concept involves generating oil flow by two gears meshing together in a relatively tight enclosure. The size of the gears and the tightness of the enclosure will determine what the pump is capable of generating.

  • (of a situation) exceptionally tense; "an atmosphere electric with suspicion"

  • An electric train or other vehicle

  • using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity; "electric current"; "electric wiring"; "electrical appliances"; "an electrical storm"

  • a car that is powered by electricity

Sewer Shark

Sewer Shark

Came across a really fun book the other day which made me take a break from my Foundation series (by Asimov) reading. Here's an excerp from the book:

Servant in tow, Joan went back to get Hartower and Prohaska, and Eddie, who had finally gotten all his gear on but still looked uncomfortable with it. A cargo elevator lowered them to the barge staging area, a concrete dock on an artificial lagoon situated some forty feet under the Javits Center. There were seven barges, armor-plated flatboats with searchlights and holographic cameras mounted fore and aft. They boarded the one with “M. Team 23” scrawled in white paint across its keel; Prohaska fired up the engine while Hartower cast off the lines and Joan checked the stocks of the barge’s first aid kit. They had enough gauze and disinfectant to handle a bad nosebleed; anything worse and they’d better hope they were right under a hospital when it happened.

“Enjoy it while you can,” Hartower said, seeing the way Eddie was looking at the lagoon. “That water’s half fresh; they pump in extra to make sure the barges stay afloat. Out in the main tunnels, though, the problem’s not too little but too much. You ever see a river of human effluvia before?”

Eddie declined to answer this question. Instead, observing the size of the tunnel mouth Prohaska steered them towards as they left the dock, he said: “I didn’t realize it would be so big down here.”

“Didn’t used to be,” Prohaska told him. “Back in Teddy May’s day you could walk or crawl through most of the system, no need for boats or flotation devices. Some of the secondary tunnels are still small enough to just hike through. But the buildings kept getting taller, more and more waste coming down, so they had to bore the primaries wider every year…”

“…and then," said Hartower, “there was the big genetic engineering boom in the late Nineties, after which the effluvia got strange, all sorts of wildlife wandering in and doing cute little overnight evolution tricks, adapting themselves to the conditions down here. Hence the Zoological Bureau.”

“You just want to hope you’ve got a good immune system,” said Prohaska. “There’s bacteria loose in the tunnels they don’t even have long names for yet.”


Joan took aim with the can of repellent; Hartower ducked. Eddie Wilder raised his hand to forestall a fight and an invisible orchestra launched fortissimo into Ravel’s Bolero, scaring the hell out of everyone.

“Sorry, sorry,” Eddie apologized. He groped at something bulky on his wrist, beneath the sleeve of his body suit.

“What is that?” shouted Prohaska, who’d nearly spun the barge into the tunnel wall. “Somebody bring a marching band along this morning?"

“It’s a going-away present from my folks,” said Eddie. “A Timex Philharmonic. They mail-ordered it special from L.L. Bean.”

In the prow of the barge, the Automatic Servant pointed at the water and said something, but no one heard it over the thunder of bassoons.

“It can play ten different classics,” Eddie continued to explain. “It’s got sixty-four voices.”

“We can hear that,” said Hartower. “The question is, can you make them shut up?”

“Well I’m working on it,” Eddie said. He tried to remember where the mute button was, but before he could, a shark came out of the water and ate him.

- Sewer, Gas & Electric (Public Works Trilogy) by Matt Ruff

319 Lagonda M45 (1934-35)

319 Lagonda M45 (1934-35)

Lagonda M45 (1935) Engine 4467cc S6 OHV Production 410
Registration Number BU 8558
Powered by a Meadows 6 cylinder engine with magneto and coil, 12 plug head, and twin SU carburettors fed by an electric pump. Crash style gear box, vacuum servo brakes and dual friction shock absorbers
Shot at the VSCC Curborough Sprint 01.05.2011 Ref 66-319

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electric gear pump

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