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The first years mipump single electric breast pump : Pump it up richmond.

The First Years Mipump Single Electric Breast Pump

the first years mipump single electric breast pump

    breast pump
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Single DJ Deck Cake

Single DJ Deck Cake

Single deck created for a friends boyfriends 40th camping trip. This was way more challenging than I expected it to be, getting the circles right and getting the stylus and headphone band to dry, running out of silver paint, running low on black paste aaaaggghhhhh!!! One of those cakes where you feel like crying through the process because it's not coming together as you'd envisioned it in your head!!!!
Thankfully it turned out ok in the hand and I was fairly happy with the results.

~ happy new year ~ 2 0 0 9 ~

~ happy new year ~ 2 0 0 9 ~

Today is

Another Year ,, Another Smile ,,

Another Tear ,, Another Winter ,,

Another Summer too But there'll Never ,,

Be Another You ,, Have a LoveLy Year ,,


All by ; me ..

the first years mipump single electric breast pump

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