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Personal mini fridge : Samsung bottom freezer refrigerator

Personal Mini Fridge

personal mini fridge

  • a short newspaper article about a particular person or group

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  • A refrigerator

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  • electric refrigerator: a refrigerator in which the coolant is pumped around by an electric motor

  • Fridge is a 2006 television and print advertising campaign launched by Diageo to promote canned Guinness-brand stout in the United Kingdom. The campaign was handled by advertising agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. The television piece was directed by J J Keith, and shot in the Czech Republic.

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493/731 - Go Ahead, Ask About My Day...

493/731 - Go Ahead, Ask About My Day...

Booo!!! Work sucked. I already had a ton of work to do, and what does my boss tell me as soon as I get in? I have to fix 3 days worth of paperwork because my coworkers can't do their job properly. These are people who have been working there longer than me, making STUPID mistakes on shit they do EVERYDAY. So instead of doing the shit ton of work I had in front of me (2 audits, 4 reviews, my personal review, employee scheduling, AND daily paperwork), I spent literally all of my free time trying to clean up after these dolts. And the boss keeps coming in to check up on me, and yelling about stuff he doesn't even understand. UGHHH.

I waited 45 minutes for a bus. I'm fucking glad I got a seat. Boo. As soon as I walked in the house, I reached in the mini-fridge and pulled out this can of Sparks. Ahh... yum.


On a completely different note, I want people to talk to on AIM. I can sign on on my phone now, but I don't really have a lot of people to talk to on there. I totally have unlimited everything, so I can chat. Please? Be my AIM friend! My screen name is photodyanna which is totally unoriginal. :D

mickeys in the fridge

mickeys in the fridge

My little sister is crazy .. This was her personal fridge. Mickeys, tomato juice(for bloody Marie's) , and pork snacks ... seriously ... wtf I think I would die if I lived like her, but we are all different, I still love you sis, even though you remind me of a genetic mutation of a pig, cow, and a human. lol ... yope you get off your liquid diet some day, and join reality again .

personal mini fridge

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