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Normandy clarinet : Johnson mandolin ma.

Normandy Clarinet

normandy clarinet

Saint Vaast La Hogue

Saint Vaast La Hogue

The Battle of La Hougue, also known as the Battle of Barfleur, took place at Saint-Vaast La Hougue near Barfleur in the Cotentin peninsula, Normandy, France between 27 May and 3 June 1692 (in the Gregorian calendar, corresponding to 17 May– 23 May in the Julian calendar then in use in England). It was the decisive naval battle of the War of the Grand Alliance.

In May 1692 the French fleet of 44 ships of the line under the command of the Comte Anne Hilarion de TourvilleAnne Hilarion de Contentin, comte de Tourville ( 1642 1701) was a French naval commander who served under King Louis XIV. In the War of the Grand Alliance he defeated an Anglo- Dutch fleet at the Battle of Beachy Head in 1690 but was later defeated by the was preparing to transport an invading army of Franco- IrishThe island of Ireland ire in Irish, Airlann in Ulster Scots) is the third-largest island in Europe. It lies on the west side of the Irish Sea, close to the island of Great Britain. It is composed of the Republic of Ireland in the south and Northern Irelan troops to restore James IIJames II of England and VII of Scotland ( 14 October 1633 16 September 1701) became King of England, Scotland and Ireland from 6 February 1685. He would prove to be the last Catholic monarch to reign over England, Scotland or Ireland. His subjects distrus to the English throne. The French victory at the Battle of Beachy HeadThe Battle of Beachy Head or Beveziers took place on the south coast of East Sussex, England on 30 June 1690 in the War of the Grand Alliance; Beachy Head is a promontory near Eastbourne. The battle was fought between an Anglo- Dutch fleet under the Earl two years earlier, in June 1690Events Giovanni Domenico Cassini observes differential rotation within Jupiter's atmosphere. January 6 Joseph, son of Emperor Leopold I becomes King of the Romans January 14 The clarinet is invented in Nuremberg, Germany May 20 England passes Act of Grace, had opened up the possibility of destroying the allied fleet and landing an invading army.

On 27 May the French set out from Bertheaume Bay and in the English ChannelThe English Channel is the part of the Atlantic Ocean that separates the island of Great Britain from northern France, and joins the North Sea to the Atlantic. In French it is called La Manche ("the sleeve"). It is about 350 miles long and at its widest i encountered the Anglo- Dutch fleet of 99 (or 98) ships commanded by Admiral Edward Russell. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the French attacked, and would have been destroyed, but poor visibility allowed them to escape after sinking one English and one Dutch ship.

Action was rejoined on 29 May and the allies gave chase westwards that day and the next. On 1 June the French ships Soleil Royal , Admirable and Triomphant ran aground near Cherbourg and the rest of the French fleet sought shelter in the Bay of La Hougue. On 2 June, Russell attacked with boats and destroyed the three ships at Cherbourg. On 3 June the allied fleet made its way into the bay and burnt another twelve French ships of the line.

The battle ended all threat of a French invasion of England for the remainder of the war.
But as you can immagine this bunker is quite more recent.....



Remnants of prefabricated docks installed at Normandy Beach after invasion.mostly destroyed by storms.

normandy clarinet

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