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How Long To Cook My Turkey : Zutto Rice Cooker.

How Long To Cook My Turkey

how long to cook my turkey

    how long
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Another Smoked Turkey story

Another Smoked Turkey story

The first time we ever smoked a turkey was about 14 years ago. We had purchased a Weber charcoal smoker and since we had company coming for a few days thought a smoked turkey would save alot of cooking time.

We didn't know that you were supposed to 'cure' a smoker before using it. Our first butterball came out looking like a black plastic turkey if you can imagine that. When our company, ( my mom, Aunt Martha and her friend Fay) arrived, I noticed my aunt looking at the turkey on the counter suspiciously. Finally she couldn't stand it any longer and asked me 'What the hell is that?"

Because I was born a smart aleck I couldn't resist playing with her a bit. I told her that I wasn't much of a cook but that I wanted to bake a turkey in honor of her visit. [Keep in mind this turkey is solid BLACK.]

After I watched her eyes widen in horror, I told the truth that we had smoked it. Since we were new at smoking we didn't know it wasn't supposed to look like that. Once we pulled the skin off though it was heavenly instead. She loved it and talked about how good it was her entire visit.

We continued to smoke turkeys but never had one turn jet black again until a few years later. My aunt had suffered a stroke and the family in Louisiana was gathering before she was taken off life support. We weren't able to travel there but the day she passed away, we smoked a turkey and it was just as black as my first one. I couldn't help but think of her looking at the turkey and laughing when I did.

Eleven - Merry Christmas

Eleven - Merry Christmas

The festive season is upon us. We are all together round one table, first time in four months. This is very unusual for our family, it has been just us four for a very long time, and it's nice to be in each other's company.

George got back from Russia without any major problems, thankfully, so we all planned a nice Christmas Dinner, opened our presents and celebrated this day the English way. It was definitely fun dressing up!

I am so looking forward to New Years. I just want this year to be over. Christmas made me reflect on the past few hundred days. It feels like so much has happened in such a small amount of time. I'm just glad I have managed to actually do what I have always wanted to do, study Photography at a decent University outside of London. George achieved his Year Abroad and my parents are getting by, without us. No reason to fret, time flies so fast George will be back home for another few years probably, in about six months and summer holidays will come knocking by like I haven't even left home.

I am very anxious to find out how next year will pan out. How I finish my first year at University, whether I'll find a job which I genuinely enjoy, manage to maintain my relationship with Peter, where I'll be living, or who I'll be living with my next academic year.

Who knows.

I might just find myself round the same table, eating a home cooked Christmas dinner, wondering what 2012 will be like...

Fact #11 - I miss being in a big family.

Taken on 25th of December 2010

how long to cook my turkey

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