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Morphy Slow Cooker - Dalek Cookie Jar.

Morphy Slow Cooker

morphy slow cooker

    slow cooker
  • Am electric duck oven or casserole used to cook stews and soups slowly. Also known as a crock pot.

  • A slow cooker, Crock-Pot (a US trademark that is often used ally), or Slo-Cooker (a UK trade mark that is often used ally) is a countertop electrical cooking appliance that maintains a relatively low temperature compared to other cooking methods (such as baking, boiling, and frying

  • A large electric pot used for cooking food, esp. stews, very slowly

  • A countertop electrical cooking appliance that cooks food with low, steady, moist heat. It consists of a lidded round or oval cooking pot made of glazed ceramic or porcelain, surrounded by a housing, usually metal, containing a thermostatically controlled electric heating element.

  • King Morpheus is the king of Slumberland as depicted in the Little Nemo comics, the anime movie in 1989, and the Nintendo game. His name comes from the Greek God of dreams Morpheus.

  • Morphine (INN) (MS Contin, MSIR, Avinza, Kadian, Oramorph, Roxanol, Kapanol) is a potent opiate analgesic medication and is considered to be the prototypical opioid.

  • Paul Charles Morphy (June 22, 1837 - July 10, 1884), was an American chess player. He is considered to have been the greatest chess master of his era and an unofficial World Chess Champion. He was a chess prodigy and called "The Pride and Sorrow of Chess".

Paul Morphy

Paul Morphy

Hello my friends todays painting is someone who is my favorite chess player , you see playing chess is something I enjoy as much as I do painting, I've been playing chess before I discovered girls so you can say it was my first love, chess causes less trouble than girls and doesn't tax the mind as much haha , but this site isn't about chess its a art site,so I wont go on and on about chess,anyway this guy name is Paul Morphy and he was Born to a well-to-do family in New Orleans, Paul Morphy became quite a strong player (thanks largely to the fact that his father – a Judge who also served in the House of Representatives from 1825-1829 – was an avid chess fan) by the age of eight. His uncle Ernest, known as the “Chess King of New Orleans,” played the young Paul often, and this undoubtedly had a major impact on his nephew’s quick rise in strength. In fact, Paul became so strong that he was able to blindfold himself and still beat Ernest (who had full sight of the board) at the age of twelve! Paul wasn't only skilled at chess, he also excelled in his academic pursuits and, by the tender age of nineteen, he had earned his law degree and admission to the bar (he had memorized the entire Civil code of Louisiana!). Unfortunately, Morphy’s scholastic success was a bit too quick for his own good – it wasn’t legal to practice law at that age. With time to kill, he decided to travel and play chess.
Morphy was, perhaps, the most famous person in the world (it’s been said that he enjoyed greater notoriety than the Beatles did in their heyday). Courted by royalty, politicians, and the “in” crowd, Paul was invited to endless functions, balls, dinners, operas, and who knows what else.I wish I could report a happy continuation to this genius’ life, but that wasn’t the case. Viewed as a chess professional (though he stridently insisted that chess could never be a profession, and that it was merely a pleasurable game, not to be taken too seriously), his career in law never got off the ground. Depression followed, and when a woman refused his offer of marriage by telling him that he was “a mere chessplayer,” he retreated farther into isolation. In time he began to manifest symptoms of deep paranoia, and insisted that someone was trying to poison him and that others wanted to set fire to his clothing. At this point he would only eat food prepared by his mother and he had little to do with anyone other than family members and a small group of friends.Bobby Fischer said that, given time to study modern theory and ideas, Morphy would beat any modern player (except Fischer, of course!).Morphy's final years were tragic. Depressed, he spent his last years wandering around the French Quarter of New Orleans, talking to people no one else could see, and having feelings of persecution. Morphy was found dead in his bathtub on the afternoon of July 10, 1884 by his mother. The doctor said he had suffered congestion of the brain (stroke), brought on by entering cold water after being very warm from his long mid-day walk. He died at the age of only forty-seven.on a interesting sidenote where Paul Morphy lived or known as the The Morphy mansion, sold by the family in 1891, is today the site of Brennan's, a famous New Orleans restaurant.

15Ş SECOM: Galera do Calco com a equipe da Morphy :)

15Ş SECOM: Galera do Calco com a equipe da Morphy :)

No dia 23/09/2010 o diretor de negocios e planejamento da Morphy, Marlon Souza, palestrou na 15? SECOM com o tema "A Internet de Gente Grande". A palestra foi um sucesso, gerou muita discussao de alto nivel sobre mercado, pessoas e tecnologia. Todos receberam o palestrante e a equipe da agencia muito bem. Foi um evento muito especial.

morphy slow cooker

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