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Ile de tahiti tiare flower. Florists in tucson. Pale pink rose bouquet.

Ile De Tahiti Tiare Flower

ile de tahiti tiare flower

  • An island in the central South Pacific Ocean, one of the Society Islands that forms part of French Polynesia; pop. 116,000; capital, Papeete. One of the largest islands in the South Pacific, it was declared a French colony in 1880

  • (tahitian) of or relating to or characteristic of the island of Tahiti or its residents or their language and culture

  • (tahitian) a native or inhabitant of Tahiti

  • an island in the south Pacific; the most important island in French Polynesia; made famous by Robert Louis Stevenson and Paul Gauguin

  • Induce (a plant) to produce flowers

  • a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms

  • reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts

  • Be in or reach an optimum stage of development; develop fully and richly

  • bloom: produce or yield flowers; "The cherry tree bloomed"

  • (of a plant) Produce flowers; bloom

  • Gardenia is a genus of 142 species of flowering plants in the coffee family, Rubiaceae, native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, southern Asia, Australasia and Oceania. Several species occur on Hawaii, where gardenias are known as nau or nanu.

  • a variety of Gardenia, Gardenia tahitensis. It is the national flower of Tahiti. See also: monoi.

  • Iles is a town and municipality in the Narino Department, Colombia.

  • Ear of corn — Ainsworth

  • Forming nouns denoting a value of a variate that divides a population into the indicated number of equal-sized groups, or one of the groups itself

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ile de tahiti tiare flower - Bath &

Bath & Body Works Ile De Tahiti Moana Tiare Flower Body Wash with Tamanoi 8.5 oz

Bath & Body Works Ile De Tahiti Moana Tiare Flower Body Wash with Tamanoi 8.5 oz

Bath & Body Works Ile De Tahiti Moana Tiare Flower Body Wash with Tamanoi 8.5 oz.
Discover the world's richest blend of hydration and healing. Tahiti's native secret for beautiful skin. Moana means ocean. Transport skin and senses daily with this rich, moistruizing body wash.
This gentle cleanser is infused with sacred Tamanoi, a blend of two island secrets - Tamanu nut oil, a native healing ingredient, wildcrafted from the "Tree of 1000 virtues," and the unequaled moisture of Monoi oil. Cleanse your skin and soul with this exotic daily ritual.

77% (11)

Domos Go Shopping (31/365)

Domos Go Shopping (31/365)

I had some time to kill on my lunch break today, so I ended up wandering over to Bath & Body Works. I can be a bit of a Bath & Body Works junkie, you see, and because of this, I'm pretty much set for life as far as lotions, shower gels, and candles go. Seriously, I was sad when they discontinued the Temptations line, but it's been SO MUCH EASIER on my wallet. (Although I'm almost done with my Sunset Mango 3-in-1, and I'm kind of sad about that.)

I've been feeling especially proud of myself for skipping the recent Semi-Annual sale and hadn't been in the store for awhile, so I decided to drop in and see if they had the new spring candles. (I want to sniff Caribbean Salsa, because I am an addict who needs a candle fix.) They didn't have it, but instead had a table with the Ile de Tahiti line, which I'd heard great mystical things about. I sniffed both Coconut Vanille and Tiare Flower, and hello, LOVE. I ended up with both. The sales associate who rang me up mentioned that both are limited edition and stocking up would be a good idea, which is the LAST thing I need to do, but I'm kind of tempted to go back and buy the other stuff in the line. Maybe. I LOVE the smell of both. I think I might have found a couple of new scents to wear on a regular basis.

The moral of this story? I will never ever ever smell bad. Ever. Ha.

Tahiti - View from a friend's house in Puunui

Tahiti - View from a friend's house in Puunui

Tahiti's shape looks like one bigger circle linked to a smaller circle. This shot is taken from a friend's house with a great view of where the two circles touch. The foreground is Tahiti Nui (big Tahiti - the bigger circle) and the land on the horizon is Tahiti Iti (little Tahiti - the smaller circle)

ile de tahiti tiare flower

ile de tahiti tiare flower

Tiare in Bloom: A Novel

Now that Materena is a big star with her radio talk show, Pito can't help noticing some changes in his wife. She's spending more and more time at work and with her girlfriends instead of coming home to cook for him. And why does a Tahitian woman need to know how to drive, anyway? He tries to shrug it off, but when Materena gives him the silent treatment and doesn't come home after a night of dancing, Pito has had enough! How is he supposed to fix things with Materena when she doesn't even give him a chance?
Luckily for Pito, his opportunity comes when a threemonth-old girl named Tiare--rumored to be their son Tomatoa's daughter--is left on the Mahis' doorstep. Anxious to pull his weight and set things right, Pito embarks on a hilarious and noble mission to prove himself to his granddaughter, his wife, and--most importantly--himself. TIARE IN BLOOM is the heartwarming story of a couple facing big changes on a small island--and a love that outlasts it all.

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